“Goodbye friends”


Ectar, the Community Manager for EU has left the following message on the EU forum:


Hello folks,

There never really is a good time to say something like this, and it’s took me a few attempts at writing it. Without further ado I’ll just cut straight to the point. One week after Tankfest 2016 I will be leaving Wargaming.net.

Why has this came about? Well recently I’ve been working on various different projects to broaden my skillset and work on various community initiatives. With one of those projects I found that I really enjoyed doing something different and wanted to do it more, this has resulted in getting an offer I simply couldn’t turn down.


I’ve been working with Wargaming.net for the past 4 years now, starting out as a Community Coordinator and then becoming a Community Manager. From my first post back in May 2012 it’s been a rollercoaster full of ups and downs. You’ve shown me all how passionate you are about our games and how much they mean to you. From watching the World of Tanks community continue to grow, to watching the Warplanes, Console, Warships and Blitz communities grow from scratch to get to where they are now, it’s been a pleasure to be involved in it all.
I feel especially privileged to have played a big part in the Community Contributor initiative, helping grow and promote the various Youtubers and Streamers we have who make content for our games. I’m proud to see streamers like CirconflexesRitaGamer and Quickybaby get partnered with Twitch and grow their communities to where they are now. Lots of other great streamers are now following in their footsteps and have also got partnerships and grown their respective communities.

I would like to say a special thanks to everyone for your energy over these past years and thanks especially to those people who would send random PM’s with things like “Hey man, keep it up” or “Hey thanks for being around” etc.  You guys have no idea just how much little things like that really lift up someone’s spirits and make a rough day just fade away. It was always impressive to see when people noticed my posting style change and took it upon themselves to message me something positive.

As I have Tankfest to prep for and various other tasks to do and hand off before I leave, this will be my last post on our forums other than to answer any questions in this thread. I’ll try my best to answer all existing PM’s I have waiting for a reply. If you don’t get a reply by the end of this month then please message Cynd3r, Ph3lan, MrConway and Brynd.

It’s never easy moving on, I’ve never had to write to a wide audience to say goodbye like this and I have no idea how it will be taken or even if it will be noticed much.  As I’ve worked with you all for so long I felt it was right to say goodbye and I also wanted to quash any rumours that may come about as to where or why I’ve gone.

Good luck out there on the high seas and on the battlefields. It’s been a pleasure to represent you all.



This news genuinely makes me sad, Ectar and I may have had our little differences in the past but I admit that always secretly liked the guy nevertheless. He will be a great loss to Wargaming and will be surely missed.

Thank you Ectar for all this years, specially the last one. I owning you a beer at Tankfest and don’t worry, pretty sure if we can get your ass safely in a taxi if necessary. 🙂

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“Goodbye friends”

54 thoughts on ““Goodbye friends”

  1. RagnarokBazil says:

    Rita.. Could you ask WG if i could play the Sandbox mode? I dont complain and try new things out.. I dont complain if something gets changed, Hell i like the new things they involving. Id like to test em out right now, I got Scout arty and Heavys.. I just wish to Try and help the game.. and not complain about it XD Thanks for listioning 🙂

      1. RagnarokBazil says:

        Well Rita i want to test not complain i welcome the changes so, I just wish to test and just enjoy my self, to be frank the game needed this for a very long time, this will let lights back as a great important role like they used to 🙂 So.. ask em.. i got lots and lots of lights heavys and so forth i really want to test.. Again i will not complain i want to help not whine XD

    1. Anonymous says:

      being a faceless person with no opinion or criticism towards wargaming is as bad as all those idiots crying about the slightest changes

      1. @shade01982
        Because he like other mods at the time treated people like rubbish. Deleting posts they did not like, banning people they did not like, responding only to posts only they liked, what so ever. This faking and acting now, since he got attention makes me sick. Same goes for many of the older generation of mods on forum.

      2. Well, I’ve never seen him actually do that. And how do you know he was the one deleting posts, assuming they were deleted without just cause at all?

        Yes, some of the mods are like that, but I for one will not villify all of them for the actions of some of them. I’ve had some contact with Ectar and on all of them he was a really nive and helpful guy.

      3. Why you misinterpreted it? I didn’t say anything about all mods. You did not see him do that, well I did. I’m here since early closed beta, so trust me, I’ve seen a thing or two both ingame and on forum… Ofc he was friendly, he had to change is his style after he became well known.

      4. That was not a misinterpretation.

        Also, why did you feel the need to emphasize how long you’ve been in the game? That doesn’t impress me in the least (since I’ve been in about as long) and I really don’t care what you may or may not have seen. But since he obviously hasn’t done anything of the sort to me or anyone I know in the game (and considering the responses on the forum, there are plenty of others who like him as well), you must excuse me if I don’t judge him based on your opinion…

      5. Jesus… Could you look at the whole text instead of catching single sentences?

        I just posted my experience with him, what I have seen from him. Since he appeared here and said he did not ban anyone, probably I was wrong about him. He was editing the posts, but there was no other WG staff’s activity visible on that topic, so I was pretty sure, he was the one banning. Turns out he wasn’t, but somebody else, was also there, deleting posts, banning users and then removing the whole topic. I do not know if it is true or not, what he said, cas I can not look into it. But if he really took the time to come here and defend himself, then probably it is true. I know, I accused him with no evidence, but to me then, it looked like he was definitely the one banning. Since it seems like I was wrong I owe my apologies to him.

        But, to make everything completely clear, I never ever said, that you or anyone on this blog should dislike him, or even worse hate him, based on my story.

        About the time I have spent here, I do not get it, why you react to that. Seriously. I just stated a thing, that I am here for really long time, no idea why you believe I want to impress you or anybody else here. What’d it use for me? You really believe I live for impressing people on the internet? Damn I ain’t that cheap, and it is sad if you think I am, but even if you do, I do not care. We do not agree, but it doesn’t mean we have to take it personal and act like a grumpy kid.

        Looking forward for your reply, unless it’s the same like the previous.

      6. stormcrow99 says:

        Actually Grippin… Really the one and only reason anyone would ever be “just saying” their amount of experience and time spent somewhere doing something in a situation that in any way in the least even distantly resembles an argument is pretty much a try to shut the other guy up by telling him “MATE, have you got ANY IDEA how much longer I’ve been here? That means I by definition have more knowledge and experience, hence everything you say is about as valid as Deez Nuts presidential campaign.” by default.

    1. ThE_MarD says:

      Heyyo, eh same can be said about anyone who plays WoT or posts on the forums. I know I’ve got my share of good and bad moments. Ectar being EU community manager? I have no doubts that he pissed off some people but that’s just community interaction.

    2. @Thegrippenchannel – The only people I even banned from the forums were spam bots. I wasn’t a moderator for Wargaming. I had moderator rights as a forum admin, but I never spent time actually sanctioning players. I would occasionally close threads that were off topic or against the forum rules, but that was obvious to everyone why it was closed (as I’d always have a message in the thread to say why). I would also never hide a post without good reason, mainly this was only due to serious forum violations. If you’re assuming I was just a moderator then I can only say you have a pretty skewed view of what I did on the forums the past 4 years. I can assure you that banning players was straight up something I never did and I challenge you to find a single player who was banned by me (and would have a resulting e-mail to say why they were banned).

      1. I was pretty sure, you woudl appear here sooner or later. At least now even I see cleaner. There was 1 topic, where loads of comments were removed, edited, and the players’ whose comments were completely removed got banned afterall. That was the the first time I saw you as a WG staff member on forum. Since you were there also in that topic editing, I assumed you were the one behind the banning. I don’t know then, who it was, but posts just disappeared, and they were normal acceptable stuff in them. Some of the posts was sure questionable, I admit, but many were not, but end up the same way. Topic got locked and edited, then removed completely. That was the reason I didn’t quite like you.

    3. You know how some of the WoT players act in the forums? The vast majority of them are subhuman scum, that don’t even realise that the person receiving their message is a normal breathing human being. It would leave anyone pissed off. I have no problem with Ectar, at all

  2. Infernal969 says:

    I wouldn’t want to deal with the community once the “global rebalance” is out too.
    Last one turn off the light.

    1. First ever “public” sandbox testing of the global rebalance. So very first tries from WG and almost everything in here will be different by the time it goes live.

      Problem with people like you is that for you, if it appears somewhere on the internet it is true and final…

      If you dont get picked for a further sandbox test after you apply, dont look any further, this is why.

      1. Infernal969 says:

        Yeah, WG is famous for making good changes for the game.
        Oh, wait.
        Maybe I’m just not a delusional idiot. They WILL fuck it up in one way or another.

    2. Anonymous says:

      I think a lot of players will like how sandbox is going right now. I have acsec to it and im loving it how its changed. Its almost like the way when i started playing WOT. You cant feel any stress even when there is 3 artys or enemy team because they cant 1 shot you. And without gold amo armor sudently become real.

      1. Infernal969 says:

        Yeah, because there’s going to be no gold ammo on the live server. Rotfl.
        They just turned it off for the testing so retards to burn off their credits on spremming like it is on every public test. Enjoy while it lasts.

      2. crazy5982 says:

        I like the changes as well.

        However there are some changes I don’t agree with (see leo 1 45km top speed).

  3. Anonymous says:

    This means you’ll be the closest thing to Ectar now. Other than the fact you won’t get paid by WG Rita

  4. Anonymous says:

    WoT EU staff is the worst of all clusters.

    Ectar and BigBadVuk are part of that incompetent team that never supported the WoT EU community properly and they both deserve to be sacked.

    I am very happy that Ectar has been sacked and I hope BigBadVuk follows soon.

    Maybe now WoT EU can improve its performance towards their costumers.

    Ectar is bad any day of the year, leaving does not make him better.

    Bye Bye Ectar and never cross my path again.

  5. WoT EU staff is the worst of all clusters.

    Ectar and BigBadVuk are part of that incompetent team that never supported the WoT EU community properly and they both deserve to be sacked.

    I am very happy that Ectar has been sacked and I hope BigBadVuk follows soon.

    Maybe now WoT EU can improve its performance towards their costumers.

    Ectar is bad any day of the year, leaving does not make him better.

    Bye Bye Ectar and never cross my path again.

  6. Grimdorf says:

    @Red Baron,
    Get a real life and a proper job mate.
    You might be able to talk “grown up” then.
    Until then I’d suggest you keep your biased, bigoted trash talk to yourself.

    Ectar was a pretty good guy, practically the only one that ever took part in forum discussions or try to explain things.
    Sure he couldn’t slag off WG, he was employed by them after all, but he always came across as a standup guy. I didnt always agree with what he said but he deserved respect for putting in a crap load more effort than any else there and genuinely caring about things.

    Your comments about him are a disgrace. Grow up muppet.

      1. Patata Caliente says:

        They say the average community manager is burnt out after about three years’ time. That’s mostly because of trolls like you, mate.

        Of course, you are free to disagree with Wargaming, or even to hate them if you must – that’s perfectly fine. But slagging off community managers means you are shooting the messengers.

  7. hmn says:

    One of the reasons I left WoT was the horrible WG EU staff, won’t miss Ectar, in fact this gives me hope that one day WG EU will have a staff that actually creates good events and responds to cheating/illegal mods with hefty amounts of bans.

    1. Patata Caliente says:

      I think you might overestimate the role of community managers a little. A community manager’s work mainly consists of gathering community feedback and to pass it on to the publisher, and vice versa, too, of course.

      CM’s are not responsible for rule enforcement or for the organisation of game events (real-life community events might be a different matter). In other words, I think you are barking up the wrong tree here.

  8. People always remember all the negative & quite often very quickly forget anything else. I met Ectar at Tankfest so I will speak about my view of him, we all have our viewpoints. Ectar was polite & helpful in my experience. Thank you Ectar.
    All the best & GL Wellcold

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