Figured I’d chime in and say hello to the readers. Some of you probably already know me from my ongoing work putting together an Israeli tech tree for World of Tanks. Expect to see more from me both in regards to Status Report, and on Israeli stuff in particular.

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22 thoughts on “Greetings!

  1. Babylon89 says:

    this game depend or ww2 tank and at that time there was no Israel we all know isreal formed in 1948 from where they had tank ????? all there tanks amarecan and British and they are in game already wold of tanks only made for mobny

  2. known.rebel says:

    Hi. You can start by ceasing to write about “Israeli tanks” and other nonsense. Nobody is interested in post war up-gunned Shermans and such.

    1. None of your business :P says:

      Did you know that a lot of the tanks in game are post WWII tanks? and some are even up-gunned Shermans. (M4A1 Revalorisé)

      1. known.rebel says:

        You already have a H39, Shermans, Chaffees and all that in WoT. Go play them if you want to. No need to add a new tree for that.

  3. KJC says:

    I’d say… if you don’t want to read about the tanks of a certain country… then don’t.

    If you don’t want to play the tanks of a certain country… then don’t.

    At least the Israeli tanks are actually important to the history of armored warfare, unlike certain countries who already have trees in the game.

  4. KJC says:

    I’d say if someone doesn’t want to read about the tanks of a certain country… they should skip those articles. If someone doesn’t want to play the tanks of a certain country, they don’t have to play that tree in the game.

    At least the tanks of the country in question… actually have some impact and importance in the history of armored warfare… unlike a couple of trees already in the game.

  5. KJC says:

    I’d say… if someone doesn’t want to read about the tanks of a particular country, no one is taping their eyes open and chaining them to a chair. If someone doesn’t want to play the tanks of a particular country, no one is grabbing their mouse and clicking on that tech tree.

    On the other hand… at least the tanks of said particular country are actually significant to the history and development of armored warfare… unlike the tanks of a couple countries that already have trees in the game.

  6. Mark Bevis says:

    Is their a link to your Israeli tank tech tree? Without looking it up it should be:
    SHerman 75mm Krupp howitzer
    Sherman 75mm
    M4A1 Sherman 76mm
    M50 Super SHerman
    M51 Isherman
    IT67 (T-55 with 105mm NATO gun {OP with OP?})
    Centurion 20pdr
    Centurion 105mm
    Centurion UG (Centurion 105mm with better engine)
    Chieftain Mk.4 (this would have been the production one after they tested the Mk.1)
    Merkava 1 (400mm equivalent spaced armour, nice)
    for other what-ifs: Hetzer (they toyed with the idea of building it)
    As has been said, not much unique stuff, and probably not all tiers.

    1. Life_In_Black says:

      You have several issues with this. For one, the IDF and Israelis have never used the names Super Sherman or Isherman to ever refer to the M-50 or M-51. The names are not historical in the slightest. The name “Super Sherman” only referred to a batch of 76mm armed Shermans received from France in early 1956, and no other model of Sherman. The R-35 is in my tech tree, but was not a main tank of the IDF, you’re most likely thinking of the Hotchkiss H-39. The AMX 13s were never modified, as they were only a stopgap and were phased out of service as soon as possible. The M48A2 and M48A5 aren’t necessary, as the Magach 3 more than suffices. The Ti-67 is a meaningless designation, and only refers to the Tirans (both T-54 and T-55) captured in 1967. The upgraded T-55 with the 105mm L7/M68 was known as a Tiran 5Sh, with the basic unmodified T-55 model being the Tiran 5. To thatt end, there is no such things as Tirans 1, 2, or 3. The Centurion UG, you mean the Sho’t Kal, and the Israelis did not test the Chieftain Mk. 1, they tested the Chieftain Mk. 2. And it makes little sense to give them a model of the Chieftain they never had anything to do with. And lastly, but probably most importantly, the Merkava doesn’t have 400mm equivalent of armor, anywhere. The armor is actually quite bad, but would be more than adequate for WoT. My thread can be found here:

      1. Mark Bevis says:

        Like I said, off top of my head without looking through my wargaming notes. Plus using common names not official IDF ones.
        I read that the Merkava 1 was designed to withstand T-62 ammo (115mm BM3 FSAPDS, 38cm/100m/90*, 115mm BK4 HEAT, 43cm/90*) which would need something like 400mm level of protection, including slope of course, eg two 60mm thin plates at 12* slope or whatever. I have most of the sources you mention and none of them indicated the Merkava 1 had poor armour. Yes I know, propaganda alert and it’s all still classified really, but I’d like to see a reference to it’s armour being poor. After having used or tested Is-3, T-62, Centurions, Chieftains and presumably knowing about T-64, T-72 and T-80s, they wouldn’t have made a tank with worse armour, especially given the Israeli objective of minimising tank crew casualties.

        Ah, yes knew it was an early Chieftain, sorry, couldn’t remember which one.

        Back in the 1980s we heard rumours of a tank called Sabra, as part of the test beds (which we later knew to be the Merkava), which involved allegedly a T-10M or Is-3 turret on a Centurion hull. I think it was a myth, but you never know…..

        Nice tech tree, it’s perhaps unfortunate you had to include Arab stuff, but then other tech trees are notorious for captured/lend-lease/local variants and such like. For early artillery there is the sIG33 on Panzer II that Egypt used in 1948 as perhaps another option.

        Overall, I do like the idea of individual nation tech trees, and a pan-Arab one, which could bring in OF-40s (UAE) for the Arabs for example, perhaps their Tier 10? And I don’t think it matters if a tech tree includes existing US/UK/Russian/French tanks unmodified, it will still create a different progression between vehicles, a different type of grind if you like.

        I also don’t think it is essential that a tech tree has to have every tier and all branches, just a partial one would be fine. What is wrong for example, with starting at tier 2, and perhaps if need be for a nation, skipping a tier? (Other than a longer grind 🙂 )

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