Grille 15 Stats Update


these are the current stats for the Grille 15 which will be replacing the WT E-100 next patch:


Stock shell damage: 563-938
Stock shell penetration: 209-349
Rate of fire: 3,79
Reload time: 15,8
Gun traverse rate:20,86
Gun depression/elevation: -8/+14
Gun traverse angle: 50/50
Aimtime: 1,4
Accuracy: 0,26
Average DPM: 2845
Hitpoints: 1800
Hull armor: 30/16/20
Weight/maximum weight of the vehicle: 40/45
Engine horsepower: 900
Power to weight ratio: 22,5
Maximum speed/reverse: 60/20
Hull traverse rate: 25
Camo rating of stationary vehicle: 7,87/0,83
Camo rating of moving vehicle: 4,73/0,5
Viewrange: 390
Radio range: 751

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