Grille 15 Stats Update


these are the current stats for the Grille 15 which will be replacing the WT E-100 next patch:


Stock shell damage: 563-938
Stock shell penetration: 209-349
Rate of fire: 3,79
Reload time: 15,8
Gun traverse rate:20,86
Gun depression/elevation: -8/+14
Gun traverse angle: 50/50
Aimtime: 1,4
Accuracy: 0,26
Average DPM: 2845
Hitpoints: 1800
Hull armor: 30/16/20
Weight/maximum weight of the vehicle: 40/45
Engine horsepower: 900
Power to weight ratio: 22,5
Maximum speed/reverse: 60/20
Hull traverse rate: 25
Camo rating of stationary vehicle: 7,87/0,83
Camo rating of moving vehicle: 4,73/0,5
Viewrange: 390
Radio range: 751

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Grille 15 Stats Update

134 thoughts on “Grille 15 Stats Update

  1. George H. says:

    I think the Grille 15 will be pretty awesome if it’s anything like the tier 9 WT. Love that TD, even though a lot of people hate it for some reason. I rarely ever play the WT E-100 these days because I find the 54 second reload time quite boring.

  2. SlayerBR says:

    soo, this line went from grind it to a tier 10 TD autoloader that with skills is fun to play, to, grind it to the borsig and forget the rest….. but lets see how grille 15 will be after some weeks in the game if ppl complain enough maybe WG will buff it, like they nerfed the japanese heavy line to trash, cause ppl could not play without auto aim and flanking……

  3. Faxie says:

    This would be a great replacement for the waffel e100 if the turret could traverse at least 180 degrees. Now this tank is almost useless in citymaps where everyone will shoot the living crap out of you as soon as you are spotted, cause you have 0 armor and you cannot dive into cover fast. At least, I don’t see how I could manage that. Perhaps one of the unicums can give us some advice on how to achieve that.

    1. Waff E 100 is only playable at cities. Sorry to inform you. If mediuns can hull down and with so few points to stay shooting cause crap gun dep of Waff E 100 is is playable only ate cities when you put, receive one and pray to hit the enemy tracks. And pray to him to be alone.

      This is the fan part of the Waff E 100 and it is what people complain about. But nobody has pity of you when you are in a 56s of reload; when the shoot you He and have full damage; when you shoot and bounces every heavy and midiun turrets…

      Sorry man, Waff E 100 is not people say it is. Who plays it know the crap it is. It is the most dificult tank to do something in the game. Normally it is a lucky game tank. Almost uselless.

      I could change mine for a T-62A and giver you one milion of credits if a could change. And will get out saying you are stupid in doing so bad change.

    1. LOL. Slightly better camo than the T9, and significantly better than the WTE. And the mobility more than makes up for the traverse.

      Can’t quite tell if you are trolling.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Can’t tell if you are trolling or just clueless.

        Waffenträger Pz. IV 15.67 camo, Grille 7.87, that’s a huge difference and advantage for the WT IV. The grille is more of a sniper tank like the WT IV with a camo rating live a heavy tank, unlike the WT100.

        Also having a 90 degree gun traverse then just 50 degree ist also much important in city maps then having a better mobility.

  4. I’ve played north of 2k games with the WTE 100. Though I initially liked it, got very tired of the long reload, and sent it to the back of the garage.

    Started playing the WT pz IV in anticipation of this, and forgot how much I like the play-style.

    This thing has very similar camo to the T9 ( 7.87 stationary / 4.73 moving for the Grille 15 vs 7.84 stationary / 4.70 moving for the tier 9), and a proportionately better gun.

    TBH, the only thing I am disappointed on is the premium round on this is HEAT vs APCR on the WT pz IV. They change that, and I’m in love!

    1. RazmatazHD says:

      The Wafflentragger Panzer IV has 15.9% camo when stationary. The Grille 15 has merely half of that. It will suck

  5. James Hannible says:

    Not the E 100 heavy I’m hoping I’ve been grinding forever trying to get it I don’t want some pos artillery tank

  6. Played it is test server, owner of a Waffle. As a tank other than a replacement it would be good but armor as a arty it will be shit the BC 155 58 has more armor, plus no 360 deg turret is another drawback. And the reported ” there will not be a skill reset during the WT E-100 – Grille switch” just sucks even more. People grinded or spent gold to convert XP to get the Waffle and train a crew just to be totally crapped on by WG. When the FV4202 switch came we got the Ax and not a bad trade but this thing as a trade feels like getting a IS 8-Ball joke tank.

  7. Lance Barrett says:

    How can a tier 10 have less HP, less DPM, less ARMOR than some tier 9 TDs.

    It is useless, no tier 10 other than maybe meds should have under 2K HP!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Grill has no armor and no view range, They Nurfed the use of camo, so it looks like to me Grill is a one shot coffin.

  9. WTE100 USER says:

    Fucking wpt they shpuld have ask us first before removing the wte we have fuckimg grind that tank for ages just for a autoloader tank even tough it has no armor BUT they f ing change it to grille wHICH SUCKS!!! RETURN THE WTE IN WOT AND MAKE A NEW TD LINE FOR GRILLE

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