Grille 15 Stats Update


these are the current stats for the Grille 15 which will be replacing the WT E-100 next patch:


Stock shell damage: 563-938
Stock shell penetration: 209-349
Rate of fire: 3,79
Reload time: 15,8
Gun traverse rate:20,86
Gun depression/elevation: -8/+14
Gun traverse angle: 50/50
Aimtime: 1,4
Accuracy: 0,26
Average DPM: 2845
Hitpoints: 1800
Hull armor: 30/16/20
Weight/maximum weight of the vehicle: 40/45
Engine horsepower: 900
Power to weight ratio: 22,5
Maximum speed/reverse: 60/20
Hull traverse rate: 25
Camo rating of stationary vehicle: 7,87/0,83
Camo rating of moving vehicle: 4,73/0,5
Viewrange: 390
Radio range: 751

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Grille 15 Stats Update

134 thoughts on “Grille 15 Stats Update

    1. Benjamin Murowchick says:

      That dpm is just barely lower than the obj 263 and its higher than every other t10 TD. Its slightly lower than the wte100 150mm dpm, but it has 50 more pen and 400 mps faster shell velocity. This tank is a long range sniper that perfectly fits as the t10 in this tank line unlike the wte100. This tank should play like a wtpz4 with a better gun and more mobility. The only thing I think needs changed is the camo values which might need a little buff but otherwise this tank should be a joy to play.

      1. Benjamin Murowchick, you forgot one key factor, which will limit this TD much more than Tier9 waffle – Grille 15 has limited turret traverse angles. So – no flexibility for you, no peek-a-boo’s and no advantageous possitions behind rocks/houses/anything. That alone is giant flaw for this vehicle in playstyle.. 🙁

      2. breeeze says:

        No it doesn’t, here’s why:

        – limited traverse severely limits flexibility
        – garbage camo
        – arty like dispersion values, so you have to sit in the back and preaim
        – traverse speed of a boat

        Both Borsig and WT PzIV are pretty flexible allowing them to sort of keep up, this is the purest possible redline sniper in a meta where sniping is as dead as it gets.

      3. Sorry, but are you iditot. This tanks without shooting gold is a crap. Not enough penetration for a TD on teat X. If you play this TD you will complain that you can’t snipe tear X tanks cause not enough pen.

        A TD is all about pen and is intended to take the big boys. So this is not a TD, this is a crap on caterpillars. And it will have the same ridiculous problem of other tear X german TDs, not enough pen. That 750 of alpha is not real, it is fake cause if you do not pen you do not have nothing.

        Would be better a 560 alpha with 310 pen and the same rate of fire. Much much better than this crap.

        They should put an option gun with a decent penetration.

    2. I don’t think it will be so bad. On todays maps it is all about exposure time. And the aiming time and accuracy of this tank will make it really short, that this tank will also be competitive in close combat.
      Compared to other tanks like T34-2 or the “any arty can aim faster” FV215b 183, the Grille 15 will have it much easier.

      1. You are wrong, Henry:

        Let’s see why:

        1. Low penetration. Much lower than FV 215b 183.
        2, Any amor at all. FV has a good turret armor.
        3. Not real accuracy. Because it has the same FV 215b 183 gun dispersion factor on turret traverse: 0.384.
        4. A low turn turret: 20.9°s
        5, Bad mobility: just some speed. But low chassis traverse, not fully arc, Bad terrain resistences, so low acceleration.

        All stats show it is great. All hidden stats make’s it a crap. I can take care of all stats but can’t the 0.384 dispersion factor on turret traverse. This is indecent and ruins it’s accuracy and playability.

        It is all about the gun, but the gun just do not work well in dynamic tier x gameplay.

        Another factor:
        6; Awful penetration for a TD with regular ammo (279) and with gold(334)
        Let’s see T-62A stats (264 / 330).

        What? A TD with about same pen than a mediun… yes… And some mediuns and heavies have 270pen.

        It has all gun stats worse than FV 215b 183, Turret traverse factor is equal and dispension after shot is lower. But with those reloads this factor means nothing.

        All in this vehicle is fake.
        I will not play mine anyawy. I tried a lot and only got pissed. It is frustrating. If you move your gun to aim some spot you can’t shoot. It is just unusable, can only be used for killing noobs. You put your gun in some position and stay there until that you could shot. It’s the only use for a gun sat like it is.

        And it has not the pen of FV 215b 183. And it’s alpha is far beyond. Give a 1750 HE alpha; and, a 1000 alpha with 310mm of pen and I will not complain about gun hangling. But any armor, any super pen, any super alpha and the shit gun handling like 183? Sorry Wot, I wanna my credits and XP refunded.

      1. Kauris says:

        Then don’t move while shooting!
        Aim ahead, let it aim for a split second, then boom! you hit that dime from 1,000,000 miles away!(exaggeration)

      1. Anonymous says:

        And every tier 10 td does 750 or has something else to make up for that. 750 isn’t big, it’s standard.

  1. what the!
    utter garbage T10 German TD now
    feels like its been hit with a huge nerf-hammer so badly its barely a shadow of its former self
    jeez man, I nearly got WT E-100 over last weeks 5x celebrations, but its replacement made me doubt it was going to be worth it
    good job I avoided getting the WT E-100 I would be so very, very angry if I then ‘received’ the Grille 15 in its garage slot as a replacement

    3.8 rate of fire!!
    aim time and accuracy pointless with that lousy dpm (remembering what it did have as the WT E-100 auto-loader

    lol must be the worst nerfed tank ever in WOT

    1. Anonymous says:

      That’s just how WG works though. If it isn’t a soviet tank then when they decide to nerf it they nerf it so hard it’s nearly unusable.

  2. nocomment says:

    Again great on 2 or 3 maps. pitifully bad for anything with streets or corridors.
    now if it had an SU or OBJ in its name…it would have about 280 effective armour, 50 degrees of traverse and a 360 degree turret.

  3. x says:

    .26 accuracy in a game where accuracy stats mean nothing and most maps favor brawlers….Meanwhile IS6 got an armor buff…. Bwahahahahaha… Russian bias lives forever.

    1. Teknokraatti says:

      The funny additional thing is, it will have problems actually even keeping that accuracy due to its roflworthy terribad dispersion stats. They might be buffed and I truly hope they are buffed, because if not, they will single-handedly neuter this tank. Truth be told, Russian T10TDs aren’t that good either and the 268V5 that is currently on supertest didn’t look that good either. I guess WG just got tired of powerful TDs in general.

    1. Hellcat has a 50 degree gun arc? I dont think so. This thing will be somewhat similar to the FV4005 barn – giant paper crap with non-usable turret.
      TD’s like these simply have way to small role in the modern day brawling meta. 🙁

    2. You are idiot. NOthing counts if you do not pen. And a TD that can pen a mediun turret is not a TD, is is just a crap. Fake promises with that alpha, You will bounce shot after shot with that crap TD and long reaload time.

      Would be better a 560 aplha in a 310 pen gun. It has almost the same pen of tear IX TD and the same of tear X mediuns and heavies. For a no armor tank, low traverse speed and no fully turn turret. Are you kidding me about stats?

      You never played the crap that Waff E 100 was turned after the nerf. Unpractical tank.

      A TD is all about penetration. Sorry, but you do not play tear X.
      It should be like Waff E 100: unpractical if you do not load only gold.

  4. MetzgerBen says:

    I miss him: i_imgur_com/WQxtvRD.jpg already, but I think this is the natual successor of the Pz IV TD. Only thing that is not nice is that the turret is not fully 360°, but I think there are seasons – like it would trip or so.

    1. WTpz4 at tier 9 is a better tank.

      With the 128mm gun it has better dpm, same penetration, full turret, good enough mobility, and good enough accuracy.

      This Grille15 could make a good tier 8 yeah. Without armor, turret, with that low pen and that bad of a DPM, ISU-152 still is better. Accuracy means nothing in this game because of RNG, a KV-2 will hit its target as much as this thing.

      Thar crap is terrible. It has no reason to be in the game as it is. Either buff its pen a real lot (Obj268 has 303mm with good accuracy, mobility, and armor. Dafuq pls ?) either buff its dpm a lot (tanks before have 3k dpm I think. Both tier 8 ans 9. Why would 250k xp and 6.1M credits lead to a downgrade ?)

      And this is supposed to be a turreted TD line with good dpm guns. This tanks is the opposite of it, it’s just a fast sturer emil at tier 10 exept the gun isnt impressive anymore.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I wonder how did you get 3k dpm on borsig or wafle4. I mean with top gun they have 2250 HP/min and 2647.5 HP/min (2557.8 and 2647.5 in stock). Increase in penetration is rather good and in combination with accuracy (even tho it doesnt mean anything to you as I understood) and aimtime it shoul be hitting very reliable.
        I would like to see a bit more HPs (+50-150) – in order to be a slightly more forgiving to mistake and/or a bit more camo for glasscanon.

    1. Alex says:

      (by OP pen I mean like Toaster or Nashorn for their respective tiers, that’s what makes these TD’s somewhat competitive)

      1. Here are someone that really plays TDs. Are you absolutly sure. Alpha with no pen in high tear is like a woman whta wanna sex with you but she is in the moon and you are in the earth.

        This tank without pen will be a shit like Waff E 100 is. You shoot, shoot and nothing, just bounces. And you will never forgot a bounce with that Waff E 100 reload, that no armor turret, and that big and slow machine that everybody shoots HE in with full damage and arty loves. Do not forget it has just any cammo.

        A TD without pen is not a TD. Over underpowered this TD. 279pen is a joke in tear X.

    1. Anonymous says:

      209-349 with an avg of 279 pen – Look at your tanks shells they all have low-high pens, then you see the avg. on the gun module, fyi 279 pen is better than the WT E-100 which is 276 avg pen.

  5. killswitch95 says:

    same caliber gun as E-100 lets compare…

    Acc. 0.4
    Aim time. 2.9
    DPM. 2250
    Pen. 235
    View Range. 400

    Grille 15
    Acc. 0.26
    Aim time. 1.4
    DPM 2800
    Pen around 261
    View Range. 390

    Damage same…
    +1 degree of gun depression over E-100
    better mobility (of course)

    People are complaining about its DPM, but its a 150mm… it takes time to reload, and at the distances you’ll be fighting from with that laser, the DPM is less of a burden because you can run away…

    WT Auf Pz IV (just for giggles)
    Acc. 0.38
    Aim time. 2.5
    DPM. 2647
    Pen. 235
    View Range. 370

    still better 150mm stats than the other TD in this line using a 150mm…

    do I see this doing well in pubs? not at the moment, because of corridor maps, but if WG is truly working on fixing this, then in the future yeah, it might be good in pubs… right now for CW, its workable for a few maps… like Sand River, El Haliuf etc…

    I think as a text book TD, this thing fits the bill exactly, accurately fire from extreme distances, without being seen, or with the ability to relocate quickly… I say extreme distances because with that accuracy, you could pull off some sick out of view range shots if you pay attention to the minimap…

    all and all, i’m very interested to see how this tank performs, I just might grind one up if it does anything over mediocre…

    – killswitch95 NA Server

    1. Compare this gun to WT4’s 128 now.

      -worse dpm
      -worse pen
      -no turret

      And with RHM ?

      -better pen (hurray, oh wait its 2 tiers difference)
      -worse dpm
      -no turret

      The thing of that TD line is the turret and the big dpm and penetration.
      This tank has none of that, it’s only purpose in the game is to make the Obj268 look good next to it.

      1. If you can’t pen with 279 pen AP with soft stats before equipment/crew/food you’re just a bad tanker, and dpm isn’t a huge issue when you don’t have something lit to actually dps down. (if your bouncing, missing dpm means nothing)

      2. Anonymous says:

        All the tanks before the RHM want to have a word with you about the turret being part of their line.

    2. I agree with your points, but the 15cm gun in the E-100 is really badly screwed for no real obvious reason, especially with regards accuracy.

    3. Lolz…you must be a fucking retarded. How about trying to compare to another tier 10 td buddy? Ohhh it’s fucking shit that’s what.

      This tank’s is an utter piece of fucking shit. And accuracy???? Hahaha this game accuracy is worthless because rng not to mention this thing gets worse dispersion values than a T-34 prem heavy tank. So you can fuck off with your sniping ideas.

      Oh and not to mention at long range the one on this is utter shit, even more so than it is shit for close range. Not to mention all the fucking close range knife fight corridor fucking maps.

      Oh and as a td having a barely better gun than a same tier heavy and having a worse gun than the td before it is fucking stupid.

    4. Are you a bit idiot. If you have not enough pen has not sense be accurate. You will pride of a lot of accurate bounces. When we see a guy that do not play TDs it is easy to notice, immediatly.

  6. Enigma says:

    This is going to be a fun tank to play and I will enjoy my time in it, why?

    Much faster than Waffle.
    Better penetration but not much.
    It has some sort of camo.
    Aim time and shell velocity are much better than waffle.

    Armor, if you played the waffle line at all you would be used to snipers with no armor. Why people are complain about this thing having no armor. Has more armor than Waffle’s turret. Waffle E100 had no armor if you shot the turret which everyone did. The waffle 4 having the best armor with 80mm.

    The worst part about this tank is the traverse speeds for the gun and hull and the camo, if the camo was better this would be amazing but with that 8% camo its going to be hard when you get out spotted by most mediums.

    I don’t mind the DPM. At one point it had better DPM than all of the Russian Mediums.

    The most horrid stats of this tank are more an likely going to be the Dispersion while moving. From the last changes a few weeks ago, it was better to turn the hull then the turret since the Dispersions values where so bad. I look forward for this tank when the Test Server drops maybe next week or the following week.

    1. “glass cannon” implies that it can deal a shit ton of damage instantly… ISU-152 at Tier 8 nearly has the same DPM as this, this is just glass with a cannon: it shoots once and gets instantly penetrated by the whole enemy team

  7. seanpwnery says:

    So we’re losing one turd for an even bigger turd…. remind me why I even bothered grinding that line so long ago just to have my shit taken away again? Oh yeah.. Wargaming logic – almost forgot we’re being led by idiots.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The camo is the real weakpiont. I thought it’s going to be much better. I could have lived with sniping from the background. But if you are open after the first shoot you will be down instantly. That thing is crap and I will miss my WFT.

    1. Haha gun handling? Maybe you don’t know about it’s gun dispersion values. They are utter fucking shit. And worse than the T-34 prem heavy. So you think you can snipe? You think you can move and shoot? Think again buddy. Because is soviet fucking Belarusian is tank game German must be fucking shit. Oh and the terrain resistance are also fucking shit so that hp ton is almost worthless too. Not to mention utter shit track and ‘turret’ traverse. Oh and yeah, not a full turret. Shit dpm. Shit camo rating. Shit armour. Shit penetration. This tank simply exists for tier 8 to farm bug damage with HE shells. Gg….fkn gg…

      1. killswitch95 says:

        do you feel like actually contributing to the discussion, or just going to rant about how this tank doesnt fit YOUR playstyle, looks to me like you want a TD thats a pseudo-medium… you’re not going to get that at tier 10, you want a medium, play a medium, you want a TD, play this thing, seriously… learn to play the tanks for their strengths instead of forcing the tank to fit your style and even a underpowered tank will beat out a shitter who cant play an OP tank…

      2. Playstyle….ahahah

        Nothing to do with playstyle. The tier 8 and 9 before it have pretty much identical playstyles. I have no problem playing them…

        The problem is that this tank is utterly shit in every single department. It literally is worse in every way to other same tier td. In fact it is worse than most tier 9 td when looking at some of these stats.

        And playing it to it’s strengths. ..let’s see…accuracy. ..hmm where to use…

        Maps are 5 cm across. RNG allows ISU 152 to out snipe E50M. Corridors. The accuracy of this game is a worthless stat. Gun dispersion and aimtime is what matters. The problem with the aimtime on this is that the dispersion is so bad that it won’t aim any faster than anything else anyway, in fact it aims much slower.

    2. No penetration. So you can clean your ass with this gun that really will not do damage where it is desired. A TD that can’t pen the heavies or even the midiun turrets will not do any damage rate at all.

      This tanks is just about promise sex without condons and no sexual deseases., it is just fantasy.
      It can be used by kidds. Just for kidds belive. sorry!

  9. Marshmellow says:

    The camo is the weakness. I could have lived with sniping from the background, but now after the first shoot you will be open and down instantly. I thought camo would be much better. It is half of a RHM after shooting. So even a lot of bushes won’t help a lot.

    1. killswitch95 says:

      its a panther hull… what did you expect… thats the same reason people who did well in the Aufklarungspanzer Panther knew you couldnt active or passive scout in it… no camo…

      you do however have decent view range, and a good radio, let others spot them, and use your radio to register the enemy on your screen outside of 500 meters, and you wont get lit… you have the gun accuracy to do that…

    2. Anonymous says:

      Wait are you serious? ^^ i can sit in a bush at 50m and not get spotted by a scout while not shooting in my rhm and shoot while hes 150-200m away, if it is half of that, you still shouldnt have any problem wit camo net + crew skills tbh…

  10. Viking says:

    I simply don’t get it why WTE-100 is being replaced.
    Yes, that tank CAN be OP, but it have the mother of all weakspots and to top it off: It have lousy camo rating, if it has it at all due to it size.

    1. Patata Caliente says:

      a) It is a fantasy tank
      b) People kept complaining about it because they felt that the burst damage was completely over the top. Which it pretty much was.

      There you go.

      1. Viking says:

        Ok, just think it fits in as we already have the “FV Deathstar”, the OBJ 268 and the T110E3 which are OP as fuck as well… So why this tank in particular is replaced while the others are left as they are is rather confusing to say it at least.

      2. pacer123 says:

        Death star is one of the most UP TD ever-good only as fear factor. 268 is even worse. E3 is a gold magnet-not really that durable against gold and the gun is the same as a certain tier 8. Whoever knows about double or tripple bushes and distance keeping can farm DMG easily in WTF. Whats more- its not utterly useless in city maps like many other TD

      3. JCWH says:

        Is the Grille 15 not a fantasy tank? Plus the gun alone would cause the tank to completely topple over…

  11. Patata Caliente says:

    The camo value is quite bad for a TD. On the other hand, however, 8° gun depression is not bad at all – better, at any rate, than either Rhm or the Tier IX/X Waffentrager. If I were to play the thing I guess I’d try to find a hill and do some peek-a-boo (Not sure that would work all too well, though, because of the gun dispersion). But then, I will probably never play it anyway because I don’t like the playstyle …

  12. Infernal969 says:

    Oh, the tears.
    As far as I’m concerned if you’ve played the CancerTragerE100 for at least one battle you deserve nothing more than a tier X Leichttraktor as a replacement.

  13. fighting_falcon93 says:

    Hmm interesting. Amazing accuracy but I had hoped that the camo values would have been atleast along the lines of Borsigs 🙁
    @Rita: WG wrote in the 9.15 sneak peak post that there would be new tank characteristics in the garage, and here you mentioned the camo values of a completely new tank. Have WG made the camo values public now? :O

  14. Mainfriend says:

    … some ppl need to learn that dispersion stats are modifiers to the main accuracy. A gun that is super accurate but has mediocre dispersion can be just as accurate on the move as an average accuracy gun with good dispersion.

      1. If you think Waff E 100 is OP you are really a bad player. See the whole statistics of the TD and you will see a crap it is. Play it and you will sell it before you can speak ‘massachussets’.

  15. Ramenrasengan says:

    OK WAIT A SECOND HERE: WHY ARE PEOPLE CALLING ITS DPM SHIT? 2845 is better than literally almost all other TD’s (even the Obj 268), only behind really the Obj 263. It has better aim time, better gun dispersion, really amazing gun depression, best Camo rating, its the fastest TD (faster than the Foch 155), its small, 100 degrees of gun arc. IT’s literally amazing. Hell, if you really wanted to, you could probably play this as a freaking flanking TD.

    Really, I just think people are too used to TD’s being these unpenetrable monsters that turn corners and just DERP people through their gun mantlet. This one actually takes a bit of skill, having such low HP and armour. I think it will be unique addition to the tier 10 TD galleria.

  16. InvaderNat says:

    Finally! I’m sick of being obliterated by that fictional, auto-loading monstrosity every time I take a wrong turn. I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve rushed to kill arty in a LT/MT only to find some camping a-hole in a waffle guarding them – BAM!BAM!BAM! you’re dead and you barely got a single shot off…. great…..

    The only good thing about it was the fun you got from flinging HE into it’s stupid, gigantic paper turret.

  17. JCWH says:

    Having recently just finished grinding the Waffle, I must say this is disappointing. Personally, I had no qualms of the state the Waffle E100 was in. Load up HE, peak and repeat and dead. Waffle had no armour, camo and lack luster mobility. Yet it had the redeeming quality of its gun/s. This, whilst on paper the grille 15 has delicious stats, i’m betting wargaming have a plethora of soft stat nerf’s that are going to cripple this TD. Not to mention they’re taking a fairly novel tank out of the game for a (lets be honest here) another, generic sit bush and camp the whole game TD. At least the waffle had solid carry potential, and actually stood out against other TD’s at tier 10, which again being honest, aren’t particularly great at tier 10 anyway. And for those complaining about the Waffle being a fantasy tank, what do you think the grille 15 is? Not to mention the ridiculous length and weight of the gun would completely topple the tank, let alone, the recoil of actually firing the gun. At least, make a rebalanced waffle at tier 8 as a premium, as recompense for individuals that spent gold grinding this the Waffle.

    1. Ramenrasengan says:

      Well let’s be a little more honest here. The waffle was not very unique. The Foch 155 had the autoloader ability before the WT was added, that thing was unique. Plus, this tank fits the line much better than the waffle, and lets face it. Almost all tier 10 TD’s are assualt guns. They all have insane armour, with a few exceptions like the 268 and 155. Maybe the E4. But this thing would be the only true camping tier 10 TD.

      1. No it would be not tear X, it has a tear IX gun. Nothing counts if you bounce. Sorry, play Waff E 100 and you will sell it in one weak. Sometimes you die even before you can get you clip loaded.

        Waff E 100 has a crap pen, and with a 56s of reload you will feel each bounce and mishot. Cause Waff E 100 is not that accurate. A lot of flyers you be a pain in your ass, and it fully aimed stoped and with no turret turning. Waff E 100 is a crap, specially because it riddiculous low penetration and any armor. So, that DPM and all statistics are really fantasy.

  18. Anonymous says:

    What a total piece of crap, it’ll fire once, & die, doesn’t have armour to survive a scout hit much less anything else, you’re taking my WT Auf E-100 & giving me this BS??

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