Halloween 2020: Your Guide to Mirny-13

On October 26, a game event dedicated to Halloween, code-named Mirny-13, starts in World of Tanks. The events unfold in a secret town. You have five special tanks to fight against Guards and other dangerous enemies, all while collecting a special matter and bringing it to a specific collector. With every subsequent stage, the task gets increasingly harder, but the reward is worth it. Complete missions and receive coins that you can exchange for valuable resources. Get ready for the most mysterious World of Tanks event of 2020!

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Halloween 2020: Your Guide to Mirny-13

6 thoughts on “Halloween 2020: Your Guide to Mirny-13

  1. Peter says:

    I don’t mind the actual game-play of the Hallowe’en mode, BUT….
    Maybe it’s a glitch, maybe I’m just an idiot and am missing something, but I’ve played a won games in phase 3 and 4 and got (apparently) no reward! I finished 3rd on damage, 3rd on kills, apparently delivered 0 ‘Murium’ (which I don’t understand, I don’t know what I’m not doing?) but got 0 credits, 0 XP, 0 free XP and 0 event coins.

    Th whole process seems a complete waste of time.

    1. Das_Flamingo says:

      There is a known bug in the game mode apparently, where players get no xp, or rewards.The forums are talking about it as well. WG says they are “looking into it” (whatever the hell that means) but really, the pay to play part of the mode makes it sort of worthless.

  2. Mika says:


    Quand est prévue la mise à jour pour l’event Mirny-13.
    On ne peut pas avoir le solo modpack depuis que l’event est jouable (26/10/2020)
    Merci à vous 😉 😉


    When is the update for the Mirny-13 event.
    We can’t have the modpack solo since the event is playable (26/10/2020)
    Thanks to you 😉 😉



    Когда запланировано обновление для мероприятия “Мирный-13”?
    Мы не можем получить соло модпака, так как событие можно проиграть (26/10/2020).

    Благодаря тебе 😉 😉

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