Halloween Tank XP and Equipment

Good day everyone,

Brief post, according to an admin on the WoT RU forum, the Halloween event tanks will be removed from players garages with the release of update 9.21. Equipment from both tanks will be transferred to the Depot. The tanks will be hidden from the tank selection carousel before then apparently.


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Halloween Tank XP and Equipment

10 thoughts on “Halloween Tank XP and Equipment

  1. jetcannon says:

    And what happens to the xp we won for them? It would be nice if it just became free xp but I don’t suppose we’ll be so lucky.

    1. wolvenworks says:

      the last time we were this lucky the KV was split into 3 tanks, and you GET ALL 3 OF EM. bonus AMX 13 tanks if you did that line too

  2. ShoterPipe314mm says:

    Somebody can tell me why the shell is vanish (T28 Pro/T95/T30/T110E4/T110E3). This problem started from the update 9.15?


    Ping and Fps is good.

  3. DickherMax says:

    XP will most likely go to French Tier I. Franken and Stein seem to be French tanks mechanic-wise and for years now, xp from event-tanks was being transferred to Tier Is of the same nation.
    In the old days, it happened that sometimes the XP would go to free xp, but we can forget about it. Today WG won’t give you a single point of xp without conversion for gold.

  4. furussianmongreldogfilth says:

    “Hello tankers! We have some fantastic 5,000 exp rewards for completing events!

    **Unstated but critical information provided after the fact**

    “You have to spend gold to get these exp rewards.”

    FU sideways and FK Soviet bias Vodka powered fantasy tanks you rode in on WG.

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