HD Collision Model Changes 9.20

Good day everybody,

A few comparisons with the HD collision models coming in 9.20. Not all of them are available yet, but if anything new comes out we’ll update for you.

Bat-Chat 25t

Churchill III



Pz.Kpfw 38H

Matilda Black Prince


Object 140

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HD Collision Model Changes 9.20

23 thoughts on “HD Collision Model Changes 9.20

    1. SquishyStar says:

      Might be wrong with this, but generally the new models seem to simplify the where-to-shoot areas for beginners, thus reducing the time and effort of analysing weakspots on each and every vehicle. However on the other hand, this sorta kills the proposed versality in the game.

      1. Steve says:

        Space armour absorbs shots, not bounce. Also the front gets stronger as you can see, so more bounces coming to your way.

      2. Eqro says:

        hardly any batchats even fire heat apcr is much more better option cuz of the shell velocity and accuracy of the tank
        most of times you see batchat fire heat its cuz of it has ran out of apcr ammo

  1. SquishyStar says:

    Hmm… Basically removing several weakspots from the model seems to be a bit lazy. :/
    Wonder how the rest of the Soviet mediums’ “versatility” is going to be applied.

  2. Anonymous says:

    WG is obviously doing this “simplify” process for all collusion models, can see any real reason though. This action is clearly messing with balancing, removing weak spot on some tanks while making larger target on some other tanks.

    1. SquishyStar says:

      Right. Yet looking at the other prospective changes, World of Tanks tends to take the best of what Armored Warfare had, in an attempt to eliminate it and leave only War Thunder as their competitor, in order to attract more players to their own gains. Although considering that copying content from rivals doesn’t usually bring any good name to a title, we can only wait and see what version 1.0.0 is going to look like, in hopes of having them knock their past mistakes into oblivion.

      1. SquishyStar says:

        Moreover, considering the opinions are mainly shared within the RU region, it’s undeniable that we’ll barely have a play in this, unless they’ll think of splitting all of the “opinions” into each and every region. But considering that they’re going to release the Chinese TD line to all servers, disregarding the feedback from the US / EU community, it may be too late for that.

    1. GlennA says:

      Frontally on the turret its a bit of a buff but nothing really noteworthy but on the sides and back of the turret they nerfed the armor a bit not that the T69 had any armor to begin with.

      Hull armor wasn’t really changed at all other than making the hatch above the driver weaker.

  3. Anonymous says:

    removal of could-be realistic armour differences in tanks.(even though there useless it triggers me) another small step to making this game less realistic and/or historic.

  4. Tiger88 says:

    The consistency with which WG is trying to buff the Obj 140 is surprising to be honest.
    First there was that new mechanic of the thinnest armour being able to bounce depending upon the angle of impact.
    When players got agitated that it would change the game too much, they decided not to roll it in the live servers.
    Now, they r simply buffing the roof any way and a big FU to the community.

  5. MakePz38HGreatAgain says:

    Wow, so they are buffing the Pz38H, one of – if not – the best tank tier-for-tier. Hope they don’t sell it again tho…

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