HD Highway map Pt II

We have a video comparing the Supertest HD version with the 2017 SD version plus the mini map of the new HD version.

The map is set on Route 66 in the 1940’s. There is also a new visual effect a huge Tornado, fortunately this is outside the map border.


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HD Highway map Pt II

11 thoughts on “HD Highway map Pt II

  1. heinz says:

    They added one more city and made the houses so high, the arty will not be able to prevent camping… i dont like these changes but its good the map returns.

    1. Partybooper says:

      You just pointed out something positive, not negative. But you mixed something up.
      Arty will not stupidly punish those who are brave enough to lead a charge, so there will be less camping. That’s good, not bad.

      If I would be the lead designer of WoT, I would put gigantic invisible shields over the entire maps so that arty simply can’t shoot at all anymore. But that’s just me who doesn’t like this broken, boring, unbalanced und skill- and knowledge-ignoring mechanic aka “arty” in this game.

      1. heinz says:

        Fact is: its easy to avoid the artillery. And those who lead a charge only die to arty sometimes because the rest of the team does not move with them. Its as simple as that: weaker arty –> armour counts more –> russian op meds and heavys profit.

        and i dont like that.

      2. Partybooper says:

        I prefer ANY real tank which has real gameplay and can easily be countered over a broken game mechanic aka arty which you cannot counter until the actual fight is already over and which can splash and hit you the entire game when you try to actually push a side instead of camping.

        Easy and simple fact. Want to avoid artillery? Camp. It’s the only solution to prevent getting harassed and permastunned from this broken mechanic.
        That’s why matches without any arty are over much faster usually. The good players can actually be good (no matter which tank they use) and use their skill by using the entirety of the maps (you can never use hulldown positions in the open as long as there is one artillery user in the game), which will not get counter-clicked by red arty players. I know artillery players disagree on this, but it’s the reality.

    1. Anonymous says:

      There used to be many Asian maps and they were all damn enjoyable. But they died long ago because a few loud voices in the community. Damn shame really, even if they were not “balanced” the verity was nice.

      1. wolvenworks says:

        yeah agreed. like Hidden Village and Pearl River was playable but nooooo….those whiners need to understand that plains china is super boring compared to the hilly, scenic china

  2. I really like this map. The tornado is cool and the way it’s now set up to look like an early version of Route 66 is my kind of battlefield. I remember the old camp spots in the old map and it looks like the same spots are still there. So well done WG on putting this on supertest and I hope it would eventually return better than I remember it.

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