HD Maps Cinematics


Here are the cinematics from each of the upcoming HD maps that WG kindly sent over:

These could not be coming in better time, World of Tanks is starting to not age very well and here’s hoping that the Map makers bring new maps in a close future too, the game needs desperately more diversity. At this point, I wouldn’t even mind seeing the likes of Dragon ridge again as problematic as it used to be.

I’m not keeping my hopes high, however. Unfortunately, unlike other companies (smaller ones at that), WG’s map department works far too slow and for the past years they have delivered into Test Server half arsed map creations, most of which thankfully never made to the live server but slightly over a year ago WG brought back one of their ex-employees -map maker- that was regarded positively in the past even by SilentStalkerĀ and he’s currently overseeing the map department, by the looks of these HD maps, this was a good move by the company.

But seriously… more maps already!

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