HD Maps Gameplay WOT

GamesCom 2017 | by QuickyBaby 

A couple of captures from Quickybabys GameCom streams showing the new HD maps and some Sabaton game play. Also a third one from Svings which covers the the first 3/4 s of QB’s second video without the overlay. Enjoy.

Source, WoT Express

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HD Maps Gameplay WOT

11 thoughts on “HD Maps Gameplay WOT

  1. Mkoo says:

    Hey, we have anything between 100 and 1000 gameplay problems and even core gameplay problems. So let’s pretend they don’t exist and make new graphics.

  2. Do the maps look fantastic? Yeah!
    Does the gun effects and environment look great? Absolutely!
    Did they improve the map itself from the original? Heck No!

    I could care less about nice looks and effects when they can’t even take this opportunity to fix the 6 year-old maps. >:O

  3. Morganator says:

    While these new graphics look nice for sure (especially the environment reacting to gunfire) i have to say that they are focusing their worktime and money on the wrong part. The game really needs new and maybe even bigger maps to bring fresh wind into the stale old corridor meta and other things. I really have to give them credit for these awesome graphics but the game needs something else right now.

  4. OpaKnobbi says:

    Buzt when you put all the (quite serious, in some cases) problems with WOT by side for a moment:
    These maps are looking totally awesome!! Especially Mountain Pass is stunning, not only the map itself but also the new backgrounds, really really beautiful.
    All the new physics/gun effects look really promising too…
    You can say what you want, but this graphical update was looong overdue, I really can’t wait to see all of this going live!

  5. SCARed says:

    well, it could also be, that there are different persons responsible for different things in the dev team. so the map designers might be someones else than the guys reworking the maps to HD.
    but that could also just be me and my optinion …

    plus we haven’t seen enough of the maps so far to judge, if the changed the maps in regard to gameplay as well.

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