Hello everyone, I’m DecoNoir. You may or may not have noticed me popping up in the comments here from time to time, and if you frequent Rita’s streams you’ll know me as a moderator there.

I’m foremost a World of Tanks player on the Xbox One console, and I frequent the console forums and other community sites, so I’ll be providing news and updates on the Console edition of World of Tanks, as well as lending a hand with other things when possible. So if you’re wondering where these screenshot with X and Y buttons are coming from, now you know!

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16 thoughts on “Hello!

    1. That’d be cute if we didn’t now have multiple exclusive tanks and maps, including the Chieftain and actually getting to drive the Mark 1, as well as the latest update providing an in game armour and module viewer.

  1. VladCelTroll says:

    Heyo Deco! Glad you could join Rita’s team! 🙂
    I hope you’ll stay around for a long while and post some good, quality stuff.
    Cheers, man! Good luck.

  2. Le Consolé Scrub says:

    I welcome the new contributor to RSR. The problem with Rita is she is a PC Gaming Master Race elitist and trashes everything that WG does on Console. It is good to have a Console Scrub on the site to fairly report on Console-related news.

    I do feel sympathy for DecoNoir. Most of the commenters are also among the PC Gaming Master Race. I’m sure most of their hate is that WG has allows us Console Scrubs to play their game. Additional hate is created because WoT Console is *different* than PC, and anything non-normative should be hated. Oh, and some of the hate is because Console has things that PC doesn’t, e.g., weather effects maps, Console-exclusive maps, Console-exclusive tanks.

    I will wager that every post by DecoNoir will result in a majority of replies trash-talking from the PC Gaming Master Race.

    1. I will let your comment fly by But you clear havent been reading RSR and are talking out of your ass.
      I’ve written countless times that Consoles has done great things, things which I hope WoT PC could one day have.

    2. Make no mistake, I have zero intention of brown nosing to WarGaming West. If they do something good, I’ll give them credit for it. If they do something stupid, I’ll call them out for it. While the latest news from them has been largely good, there are still plenty of things they do I and many console players disagree with.

  3. wheeledtank says:

    Nice to see you here officially Deco. Keep the variety rolling. I don’t see why the Console keeps getting hate. I enjoy it alot more than my PC time. Only (real) problem I have with the Console edition is that you get forced to research components that you wouldn’t get normally because of the way researching works there (its all in pre-set packages with no individual modules)

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