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so these past weeks -if not few months- I have been thinking about ways to improve not just the blog but also my engagement with the community.

The Status Report discord channel was definitely a good idea and a start. We have surpassed the 700 users and it has a surprisingly friendly atmosphere. Also, we have given and still are giving niches so that people can discuss properly different Wargaming products and even AW and WT among other miscellaneous channels (like #Foodporn, #memes, #music, #Historical and Rita’s shitty trivia, etc) so everyone feels and is welcome. I’m always connected there are tend to answer frequently and so do the RSR lads.

I also now started giving rewards to Patrons for their support (planning to improve it with time). For years I have run platoons with the Twitch Subscribers, RITA clan members and Viewers but I never really platooned with Patrons but I have corrected that now. WoT Patron Platoons are now a thing!

But I’m still not satisfied… In a conversation with Ph3lan at Tankfest2017 I realised that I currently no longer have a favourite tank after he asked about it. I still hold dearly the Tortoise and IS-3 but the game meta has changed so much so rapidly that I now find myself playing completely different tanks and most of the time I use them in different roles than they were initially and years ago intended for.

If I, someone who has been playing this game for over 5 years feels this way I can only imagine how it must be for the New Players! It doesn’t help that a lot of the information out there for newbies is very much so outdated but unfortunately it comes hand in hand with the game’s age and the fact that there are so many vehicles out there nowadays that such a task to update would be not only monumental but pointless because like I said, the game meta is changing very quickly.

Although I have and will always make time to answer questions to newbies and tomatoes I believe the best course of action is to take the matter into my own hands.


Launching the “Help a Newbie” program!

Planning to once a month platoon with newbies or tomatoes while on livestream. I will not do it more than 3 players at a time because I want to focus properly on their gameplay and spend a little bit more with them than the usual 5 battles I do per player.

This will be happening on EU and NA and there’s no need to worry about taking specific tanks as I can match with whatever they may have or are struggling with.

Will improving their gameplay by teaching the basics like map awareness and intricacies of ammo types and all other sorts like map positioning and what a lemming train is.

The conditions are simple:

  • Less than 3k battles for newbies (no Rerolls)
  • More than 3k battles but Win Rate of 49 Percent or bellow for tomatoes.
  • Ability to voice chat / Have Discord

So if you have a friend a familiar or friend or even yourself needs some intervention do feel free to apply.

I will be livestreaming tonight and opening platoon to those who fit such conditions!

Watch live video from RitaGamer2 on

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Help a Newbie Program!

18 thoughts on “Help a Newbie Program!

  1. PzBarkhorn says:

    Thats a great idea, Rita. I had my own pet… i mean, trainee newbie once, he managed to go from 45% to 49%. Still a long way to go, but it’s something

  2. DeanoGTO says:

    i thought you were gonna ask for some of the more experienced players in the community to assist you in teaching people to play the game better. it wouldnt be me i am very expeienced but im also very random i can go from exceptionally good to completely wortless at the drop of a hat XD

  3. Shrike58 says:

    You’re doing the Lord’s work!

    I know that when I started playing this game there was so much I didn’t understand that it was pathetic.

  4. Stormcloud says:

    Tomatoes are 47% WR or below for ~5K battles. Real tomatoes are 45%WR or below.
    The server avg for NA is 48.88% (from wotlabs).

    When you mentioned 49%@3K battles, they’re really yellow or better.
    @3K battles, it’s quite an accomplishment if you consider barely trained crew and non-elited tanks.

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      I am quite aware and I did deliberately chose 49% because it wont hurt if I can help to push one into the green stat area.

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      Unfortunately, I do not have a SEA account. Took me some effort to get my NA account to match every tier and honestly Im not sure I would do it again.

  5. Lovely idea.
    However if I see a single gold round fly during a training session (assuming you’ll do it while streaming) I’ll have to completely disagree with it.
    The best way to train a new player to improve himself is to teach him to do stuff the hard way, even if it means having a harder time doing damages. He will learn better how to flank and aim and his dmg and wr will improve a lot regardless. While if you teach him to fire gold at any point that’ll be useless: why bother learning when you can camp at the back of the map spamming gold and autopenning everything.
    Wanna make someone get better ? No gold allowed.

    And don’t forget that arty is part of the game. It takes some skill to be a useful arty player for the team, and even if you do not plan on training this class, it’s still better to learn to avoid it or deal with it rather than raging about it and ending up with another hater blaming everything on arty rather than his own playstyle.

    1. Camalbitboy says:

      Why hate the gold so much?

      For most tanks you get a new tank and you grind away for a while to get a new gun (as well as other components) which will have better pen. You buy this gun (extra pen) for credits.

      Why is this any different from occasionally, as needs dictate, spending credits on round that have extra pen?

      It’s the same thing. You spend credits for pen.

      People that spend credits on gold have less credits to advance, and so advance more slowly. So if you see it as a race to the top they aren’t really ahead.

      You can spend real cash on credits, gold, and even xp in the form of boosters so why whine about gold users? Pay to win can equally buy credits or xp really.

      Gold whiners are just people that want to whine.

      Gold is just a tool, just the same as that 46k top gun on a tier 9.

      You grind, you earn the credits, you buy the advantage.

  6. joel fernando da silva milhazes says:

    i enjoyed behing part of the first day, of the program, hope to do more times for sure always a pleasure platooning even if it was the first time whit rita

  7. My clan is doing the same thing on the NA server. We are the Warmongers tag is WARMG you would be amazed how much it helps even players like myself 27k battles 49 percent winrate to improve. Since we implemented what we call the mentorship program our average player has seen a jump of about 600 points. My last 3 tier 10 grinds have seen a better than 50 percent win rate on the way up to the tank. Also I have been putting Moe on tanks.

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