Hey, Who is The New Guy?


Hello Guys and Girls!

I wanted to swing in here before this weekend picks up and introduce myself here really quickly. Some of you might know me as I have worked with Rita in the past to publish some articles (Over US Medium Vehicles of the 1950’s and 1960’s, hint hint). My name is Eric, but I go by CK16 in World of Tanks, my home is on the NA servers since I reside in the USA. I am here as I have offered to help Rita as she needs it for the foreseeable future, digging into what I can, writing/posting information, and holding the fort down when needed.

I have been playing World of Tanks since 2011, where I spend a majority of my time in US tanks, usually Mediums (big surprise I know!). Other games I play range from World of Warcraft to Mechwarrior Online and more. I have spent a decent amount of time diving into researching US tank development post Sherman, and writing several articles and threads on the subject. I plan to help out as much as I can Rita here and provide her with another keyboard if you will too keep the information flowing while she is away this weekend and during NA prime hours (usually late evening in the UK by this time).


Eric (AKA CK16!)

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Hey, Who is The New Guy?

36 thoughts on “Hey, Who is The New Guy?

  1. Yukikaze88 says:

    Welcome, Eric! Looking forward to see more of your stuff on here. Always nice to have a breath of fresh air and perhaps a different perspective to things. 🙂

  2. heldermartins1 says:

    You’re in for a world of trouble…. (this is a vespa’s nest).

    Welcome and enjoy your stay… while you can!!!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    “Other games I play range from World of Warcraft to Mechwarrior Online”

    Well there goes the neighbourhood.

    1. I usually collect the resources I need in books,articles, other resources ect. I do not have access to the archives though, like the The_Chieftain does. Would love the opportunity though!

  4. ndiver says:

    Greetings Ck16 🙂
    I hope you will publish here one of the articles concerning the potential US branches for WoT 🙂

  5. hello, what ever people might say dont take any thing personaly, and thanks for your time and effort in advance. now any idea how the French manged to up gun a sherman when the brittish had already squeezed the 17-pounder in, (I play the sherman and the french version, tier 5 and tier 8 ? but its still competative)

    1. Culloden Muir says:

      Several things. First, the Israeli M-51 project is from 1961 when the Israelis asked France for help with a 105mm armed vehicle, so the French used the then brand new 105mm cannon developed for the AMX 30 as it was designed to fire HEAT, thus it didn’t need to be as powerful of a 105mm as say the Royal Ordnance L7. Second, they shortened the cannon from L/56 in length to L/51 in length (it’s not L/44 in length as is commonly reported, the 105mm CN-105 57 from 1957, which was used on the AMX 13 105, is L/44 in length), and third, they also added a muzzle brake to the cannon. All these things, combined with the fact that all M-51s used the “T20” turret (of note is the fact the name “Revalorisé” is made up by Wargaming, it’s really an M-51 prototype or testbed) allowed for the fitting of such a large cannon in a Sherman.

  6. Welcome aboard! What’s you preferred medium tank and tier in World of Tanks?

    I noticed you mentioned playing Mechwarrior Online as well. Do you go by CK16 there as well? And what’s you preferred Mech? I play on occasion and would love to either deliver an AC/20 to your backside via my Hunchback or gang up with you against an enemy King Crab.

    1. Well being an honorable true born Ghost Bear warrior, I would have to go with Timberwolf’s, but I do have a good size spot in my bays for Kodiaks as well 🙂

      AS far as WoT?
      Well the M48A1 was my first tier X so it holds a special place. But I have been enjoying the M46 KR when I have been able to play lately.
      favorite tier? Anything 8 to 10, I like some of the early Cold War designs 😀

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