Hidden Chinese Premium tier 8 TD

Hidden in 9.20 Test client: WZ-120-1 FT

This Td is not in the Tech tree and can be reached only through the comparison tool. Here is a Garage screen cap with most of the stats.


Click to see full size.

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Hidden Chinese Premium tier 8 TD

14 thoughts on “Hidden Chinese Premium tier 8 TD

  1. CLAYM0RE says:

    Typical, brought on of the most OP russian prem TDs known as “Stalin’s hammer”, and painted it green, I expect it’s as OP if not even more.

      1. Nigga please!
        With rammer it’s still 8.6 secs of reload! Even lower if you get bia. This thing is going to dish out 440 dmg every 8 seconds to your T10 weakspots (cuz pen and accuracy) and it’s almost as invisible as a godforsaken Rhm! Hell, put on a camo net and a skilled crew and you’re the new T8 E25! Cuz this shit is MOBILE! I tell ya, with ground resistance 1/1 with the T7 SU!

        “Hey, I don’t like invisibru kemp bush!”
        Worry not, my friend!
        How about with that 6 degrees of depression we start working ridgelines? You get almost 260mm of effective! That’s not half as bad for a TD at Tier 8!

  2. Pedalpowered says:

    This puppy is way better than the “Cannon d’assault” french prem TD. Still not as good as the Skrop G but hey, its my favourite OP tier 8 for a reason.

  3. Anonymous says:


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