thank to sp15 for bringing this to my attention, will just leave this creation here:

I have no idea what’s happening in the game but what an abuse… 😀


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16 thoughts on “HMS Cabbage SUPER TOG II LANDSHIP

  1. Glenn A says:

    You should watch all those episodes in his series rita because he uses some ridiculous tanks like
    • ST1 with 2 guns
    • E100 with dual 88mm guns
    • T58 heavy which is the T57 with 155mm autoloader
    • KV6 land battleship
    • P1500 landcruiser which is bigger version of the P1000 Ratte tank but with a massive rail gun.
    • Japanese Heavies
    • Waffentrager Auf E100
    • Tortoise and other casemate TDs like the T95
    • 183mm autoloader TD which in the video dies fairly quickly
    • Grotte tank which is more or less an artist’s rendering of a russian version of the P-1000 Ratte tank.

    He even used one suggestion I requested which was the Chrysler TV-8 nuclear powered tank which didn’t end well because it blew up half the map. A lot of the tank models were taken from World of Tanks while some were custom made mods.

    1. Xavier says:

      ST-II (ST-I with dual 122mm guns) was a real thing (paper i think) and that’s what SerB wants first when they get dual cannons working.

      Flakpanzer E-100 was also a real project.

      WoT has the P1000

      If you think about it, the P1500 is more real than the P1000, they at least had the guns built, although not for the P1500

      1. Glenn A says:

        ST2 for the most part wont ever be done because its a gimmick and would be just broken.

        the “Flakpanzer E100” was a completely fake tank that was drawn on a paper napkin by wargaming and to this day nothing even comes close to how fake it is.

        WoT has the P1000 but that was wargaming taking a usermade mod for another game and using the model from it for an April Fools Joke.

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