Hoaxer Shenanigans


I present you the RU Youtuber that last year, created 90% hoaxes and hate-wagons towards WG: https://vk.com/video_ext.php?oid=-61570680&id=456239022&hash=0ac20863676321cf&hd=1


And WG gave a job to this genius…

Best bit, I’m not even being salty, this is actually good news! 😀I agree with Wargaming giving him money for a signed contract that obliges him to shut his “matraca mouth”. This is natural, gaming companies do that in a occasion or another, they offer a job and if the nuisance signs the contract, he/her has to shup up and in trade the company gives him a very didactic desk and a gaming “career”.

“TD block goes here…HT block goes there…”

Its less headaches for the company and to be honest for myself as well. RU pages were feeding from his hoaxes like kids on a sugar rush, most of the things were so ridiculous I didn’t even had to check with my sources but still, often had to delay other work to check for confirmations. Things been more peaceful since then.

And by the way… I drive quads and know how to give them a good mudding and for those who do as well, you can agree with me that is so easy even a toddler could drive one. The fact that he couldn’t control such simple vehicle, it worries me that he is allowed to circulate on public roads.

GGWP Wargaming, but please give him also a personal chauffeur, before he hurts someone besides himself!

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Hoaxer Shenanigans

27 thoughts on “Hoaxer Shenanigans

    1. I cannot access VK page now, and Rita didn’t mention who is he, but I think it is this guy, as he is the only one bashing WG in every single video in last year, and I somewhat remember that he was getting a job in WG:
      All vids are in Russian, but trsust me – all he did in those (at least some months ago, when I still watched them) was reading every change WG did in WOT and telling how bad those changes will be.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Can’t denie official.
        Part of the contract.

        Just like Jingles.
        At least ss got away… /kinda…
        He s open about it. Prefer that.

  1. SMGJohn says:

    I would give him a job and then build a special service outpost in Siberia were he has to act as tech support for Siberian region. A small hut in the middle of nowhere with 500kbps internet speeds.

  2. We actually endorse him to do more .Stop trying to manipulate the public reactions Rita.We HATE WG. We like this guy because hes doing hes best to piss them off. I LIKE HIM.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well, it is not Murazor. It was prank by administration of his VK group. And yeah, he was i sulting on WG. And it was reasonable. Despite being blogger, he is also good player in WoT from the begining.

  4. Rick says:

    Well I guess in Russia there is no free speech so buying a guy so he wont talk fits right in with their true values which are none.If you think its right to give people money to keep them quiet,then you are too far gone yourself.

  5. Anonymous says:

    haters gonna hate.. and yes I mean Rita is hating on that guy because he got a job at WG.. just read what you wrote.

  6. CoreOfLive says:

    I love driving qauds. I’ve 45km/h qaud (a bit on the broken side, tires and a relay need replacing)
    The only thing difficult on driving those buggers is that you have to put your weight on one side when tacking a turn.

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