How it Works: Vehicle Spotting

WarGaming Europe has released a video explaining World of Tanks Spotting mechanics. Interesting.


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How it Works: Vehicle Spotting

12 thoughts on “How it Works: Vehicle Spotting

  1. dziugas says:

    its, like, the very basics of the game. not knowing these makes the game way harder. although tips about spotting with turret from behind objects and corners are nice.
    they still forgot something – spotting frequency can allow an enemy tank move within your spotting range and not get spotted – if enemy tank moves from cover to cover at the exact moment between the spotting “pings”. cant really do that on purpose, but a scout might make it into a bush before it gets spotted.

    1. The pings are very brief even at distance since they improved the system in the last patch, generally this will happen only if a small piece of the tank is present or its relative camo value is high enough to keep the tank hidden at those extreme ranges. Maybe this is something they will help explain in the camo part of their video but when I hear something game breaking or magical happens I tend to think it the fault of the driver’s superstition or the state of their pc/graphic settings ie. Terrain settings can make some false gaps appear if they are not set high enough.

    1. 28K games, purple stats and I didn’t know that!! Shame on me 🙁
      But that does exlpain very well all those cases, where a spotted tank was lost from the sights, even if it had a corner of the tank sticking out of a wall or building.
      Same about viewpoint on the gun. It explains things and helps to do scouting more effective.
      Thanks WG, really nice video.

  2. Ah that explains a lot. After failing active scouting, I quit light tanks for a while. I’ll have to train up a good crew and find a better light tank to complete my missions.

  3. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    what the hell, WG EU produces something actually extremely informative and useful!?
    I didn’t know that increasing your view range beyond 445 actually did something

    1. Anonymous says:

      I don’t think they explained that bit terribly well – maybe in the next video on camo. Reductions to your view range affect the calculated range, which has no effect until that gets below 445m.

  4. Laserguided says:

    Good video.
    One issue not covered in the video is delay in rendering. At least the recent update addressed this issue.
    Wish next episode on camouflage will give reasons why certain tank is assigned with certain camo values initially. I always wonder about whether weight affects camo value. Anyone know?

    1. gpc_4 says:

      The height of the tank has a big effect on its camo. That’s why tanks like the ELC and Obj 416 are very stealthy. I don’t think weight or width has anything to do with camo.

    2. kunexar says:

      Type of muzle at your gun matters. There are 2 types, “with holes” and “without them”. IIRC one with holes gives you less concealment. Anyway, you can toy arount spot mechanics at There you can see it right now with camo included (i hope that their next vid on camo will be as good as this one, only thing i learned tho was about point that stays in default place of gun and that 2nd spot point is at gun mantle level (always tought about driver/commander view ports:P))

  5. siralexice says:

    Yeah, that is full of bullshit, tanks still just teleport. And I live in Romania, my ping is 30ms and I have a gigabit internet connection.

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