How to Fix Technical Game Issues


World of Tanks can be customized with mods. However, they can malfunction anytime, especially after an update. Also, outdated video card drivers and corrupted settings and cache can cause trouble.


  1. Make sure all your mods are up to date.
  2. If no luck, delete all mods.
    Default Mods folder: World_of_Tanks\res_mods\current_version*

INFO. *Leave the empty folder with the number of the newest game version.

Settings and Cache

  1. On your desktop, press Windows key + R.
  2. Type: %appdata%\\WorldOfTanks.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Delete the WorldOfTanks folder.

How to Update Video Card Drivers

Issues Persist!

  1. Uninstall World of Tanks.
  2. Reinstall World of Tanks.
  3. Still no luck? FOLLOW THIS LINK to contact Player Support.
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How to Fix Technical Game Issues

5 thoughts on “How to Fix Technical Game Issues

  1. Baldrickk says:

    You should add defragging if you suffer slow load times on a HDD.
    Use a tool that allows you to fully defrag the disk (Windows’ doesn’t)

    Doing updates can cause a lot of fragmentation.

    I use defraggler, but there are others

  2. OrigamiChik3n says:

    Well that’s pretty much the same should you contact WG support:
    Clear the cache
    Reinstal the game
    Reinstall windows
    Rebuild your house
    Start a new family
    Relocate to another planet
    Our game is still bug-ridden and laggy? Awwww, sucks to be you. Thank you for contacting customer support.

  3. Seth H says:

    WG if you experience technical issues:
    Update/delete mods
    Clear the cache
    Reinstall the game
    Update video drivers

    Also WG:
    We will be pushing out a micropatch that fixes “some technical errors”

  4. Rufus says:

    I’ve been crashing constantly since 1.2 and have given up on support. I have started to suspect my video card, though, to be fair (even though it’s only 3.5y old). I hope I haven’t been gaslit.

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