How to play Panzer 58 Mutz


WG uploaded a “how to play” video about the Panzer 58 Mutz:

I’m curious, which tank you like the most, the 58 Mutz or the Ripper/ KR Patton?

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How to play Panzer 58 Mutz

38 thoughts on “How to play Panzer 58 Mutz

  1. My German crews from my leopard 1 and E 50M are both better than my Patton M48 crew, so I’d use my Pz 58 instead of the Ripper Patton.. On top of that I find the Pz 58 Mutz to be a beautifully balanced tank. That gun is a joy to use.

      1. The mutz is better in almost every way, as the turret on the patton kr sadly is nothing special. I prefer the way it looks massively and its gun handling is aswesome, but I cant imagine the mutz isnt better. (Dont have it, but I do have the patton kr)

    1. Although I prefer the Mutz over the Ripper Patton I should clarify that the go-to premium for me will always be the Type59. It makes more money, benefits greatly from preferential MM and my crew are at 71% on their 6th skill/perk.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I prefer the Mutz. It is a very well balanced tank and the gun keeps you from cringing when you are in a tier 10 match.

  3. ステトガイ says:

    Mutz. I love how it is faster and has better penetration, makes it much cheaper to deal with higher tiers… which I seem to get a lot. As well as training my German medium crews.

  4. Joe C (Darklighter_Rogue) says:

    I love my Mutz. I have played the Ripper but found the gun handling so poor compared to the Mutz. I never worry when I am in a tier 10 match in my Mutz.

    1. Snoregasm2 says:

      You’re an idiot. The one thing the M46 KR has over the mutz is far superior gun handling. The KR has the best gun hnadling at tier 8 and one of the best in the game.

  5. wfschepel says:

    I like the KR better than the Mutz for two reasons: KR has got more hp and the mutz has two points with impeded gun depression. The better penetration on the mutz does not mean much. In practice, whatever the mutz pens, gets penned by the KR as well and whatever the KR does not pen, doesn’t generally get penned by the mutz, either.

    That said, they are both good and nice to play. It is the difference between a solid 8/10 and a 8.5/10.

    Also, the KR looks better. But then, I am more of a cat person than a bear person. Meow. 😛

    1. A lot of tier 8 heavies, mutz can pen an is3/is6 for example quite reliably with standard ammo, patton kr cant, but I completely agree otherwise, the KR is pretty sweet and its the best looking tank in the game period 🙂

  6. I have IndienPz, M26 and Ripper, havent play Mutz yet but seem like that tank are mobile version of IdienPz, which i very enjoy to play.

    Turret armor and turret traverse speed on Ripper are pure sh*t compare to M26, and some time Ripper mobility are annoying , so im still prefer Mutz than Ripper

  7. Ultrasonic2 says:

    I have 3 marks on the mutz.. its the most OP t8 by a million miles.
    Because of mobility, gun handling, good acc/pen, -10 and armour that prevents HE.

    The KR is just junk in comparison so i hope lots of people buy it lol

  8. Loch7009 says:

    The Mutz is an alright tank in my opinion. However it is on a level playing field with the “My Kitchen Rules”. The Mutz has the edge in tier 10 battles due to it’s mobility, pen and sheer camo. The MKR is better in tier 8 and 9. It, to me plays like the Jumbo, very stable, with an alright gun that trolls upper tier enemys, however not to the same extent as the Jumbo.

  9. I had a panther 8.8 for my german med crews but I replaced it with the Mutz. It has ‘mutz’ better gun handling and way better gun depression. I also have the ripper. It is an ok tank but I like the Mutz more, it seems to perform overall slightly better than the ripper.

  10. that_f-in_guy says:

    Being half Korean and a American and Brit driver I need the KRpatton in my life. But the mutz looks pretty cool.

  11. that_f-in_guy says:

    Being half Korean and a mostly American driver I needs a KR Patton in my life. But the mutz looks pretty cool, I do like the bear camo.

  12. siralexice says:

    P58 Mutz is clearly a support tank that needs to stay back and snipe the enemy.
    M46 KR is neither a front line tank like T26E4, though it has good gun handling it is not a sniper due to lower pen and slightly higher dispersion.

  13. M46KR; so I can either put the 600% crew from glory days of 2012, or train any other crew from 5 US&A mediums I own.
    IDK about Mutz, but M46 is better snapshooter than SPershing, better armored than CDC. Lacks the mobility of regular Pershing or T69’s burst but overall a solid credit maker.

  14. lafie says:

    I think they are both excellent tanks, and see little point in saying one is really that much better than the other.

  15. KermitWOT says:

    Yet another vote for the Mutz from me. Although the Patton KR did teach me how to play my newish Pershing better – and showed me how much better the Pershing is than the Patton KR.

  16. StumpyDaPaladin says:

    Both are fun tanks that do well for training a person to play better in the lines that they are associated with.

    KR makes more credits
    Mutz makes me better@tonks.

    THe KR is alot like the Fury to me. In that its ability to reliably hit the target aimed for while on the move better than its peers is very much how i like to play american mediums since the M4. (jumbo is an exception) and the focus of my game play with the tank.
    It makes me the Biggest Pile of Credits with that DPM.
    in a mostly tier 8 or less game its pure Beast Mode (roar!) In games where i am mostly moving from one hiding spot to another trying not to lose 450 damage to one shot from a tier 9 medium … well lets just say im glad i know how to passive scout…

    The Mutz; however, does a wonderful job of making tier 9-10 matches Bear-able. I treated it like an Indien panzer that trades “the need for turret armor because rough aim time”… for a gun that can aim for a weak spot, fire and is back into cover in the same time that a CDC has broken cover selected target and burned through maybe 2/3 of its aim time.
    This tank is so flexible and fun Yes teir 10 is still a challenge but at least its a manageable challenge now. Its good to have a proper trainer tank for the leo line.

    If it had any MoarDPM the #RussianBias would kick in and turn it into the Panther88.
    Interestingly enough… Playing the Mutz for a while has bled into how i play my Panther88. I still play P88 like a Stealthy DPM machine. But now i am willing to be a far more mobile, Stealthy DPM Machine. I do find myself not only doing second line support but also moving to 1st line support ranges to exploit flanks of distracted targets. And doing better/surviving longer when I do so.

    I can go back and forth between these three tanks for an afternoon and evening and make credits measured in the millions.

  17. luckypat says:

    As I served on the Pz 68 in swiss army I prefer the Mutz. It’s my beloved tank and just playing it makes me feel like 30 years ago when I was a tank commander.

    Besides this the Mutz also gives me more joy. Imo it’s the very best allrounder med at tier VIII and the gun is just amazing. Gold ammo is obsolete even against tier X and therefore it’s the best creditmaker ever.

    And last but not least: I did my very first Nichols medal with Mutz – in a battle where I was the only tier VIII with enemy superunicum tier X platoons and something around 20% chance to win. And I din’t only steal those four kills.

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