How to Play the FV215b


Wargaming has uploaded a quide on how to play the FV215b:

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How to Play the FV215b

34 thoughts on “How to Play the FV215b

  1. SlayerBR says:

    anyone noted the new Poland tank (at least new to me)?

    Czolg (Poland, tier IV, MT) <<<— they got images of it in the development session

      1. RedSoloCup says:

        tier 9/10 is 1/5th of the tree, the rest of the line is just plain bad. The churchill’s suck, BP is horrendous and the caernarvon is bleh. Only the fully upgraded conqueror (rip stock gun) and FV215b are worth it and that’s already spending a ton of gold and xp to free xp past the garbage

  2. Synvy (Tea) says:

    Is it just me or it is an indication of they literally not even trying the Conqueror with burster plates ?

  3. 1n_Soviet_Russia says:

    This tank is literally the best tank ever, and the worst piece of trash at the same time. It is a funky machine.

    1. zombietropa says:

      I love it how they say it can side scrap… *Goes off and laugh*

      It’s rubbish at sidescapping, either you get penned thru the idler and disabled, or they shoot at the turret ring. I find the ‘bullpup’ layout really difficult to play, and can get you killed if you aren’t paying attention.

      But when it gets going, my god it’s a great tank. A true DPM monster

      1. Burocracy says:

        in that line, as of now, the highest skill cap is on the carnaevon. Light tank armour + scout gun + Arty speed = very, VERY hard tank to play. yes, gun depression, but it’s slow enough to be killed on the way to the two/three places on any map where it can be useful.

  4. Thanks Rita, I bet you checked your e-mail for this one. Anyway, the FV215b is pretty well described in this video, and I’ve seen as many as I can find. But just think this — The premium ammo used to be like 382 mm of pen, APCR, when it was introduced. All I can say, is “Wow”.It’s now down to 327, but still okay.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Erm, it’s kind of not a fake tank. It’s just that this tank was never mean to mount the 120mm. In reallife, the name of this tank (FV215b) was actually the name of the FV215b 183

  5. Alex Knight says:

    The least those idiots could do is give us an HD version of it -.- We have the Conqueror already, just push the turret back, and done.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Indeed a tank hard to master/handle. In my opinion still to much weakness compare to the russian BIA-tanks. I’m afraid, the HD-model will get nerfed even more, like in the past with many other non-russian tanks (except the E5 wich was an accidental buff)

  7. Anonymous says:

    Indeed this tank is one of the hardest to master/handle.I just hope if it goes HD they don’t nerv is by accident like other non-russian tanks.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Indeed this tanks is one of the harderst to Master/handle.I just hope they don’t nerv it accidentaly or secretly like some Other non-russian tanks.

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