How to play World of Warplanes

Here is a vide on how to play World of Warplanes 2.0 by the WoWp Youtube page.

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How to play World of Warplanes

13 thoughts on “How to play World of Warplanes

  1. says:

    It became much better than it was before but I think it’s still too little too late. I gave it a second chance and while I really enjoyed the few battles I played I don’t think I’ll keep playing it for a long while.

      1. Morganator says:

        Well its just his opinion. Doesnt mean it got better but its just not his cup of tea. Although i enjoyed playing Warships, ididnt keep me interessted in the long run, so different people different opinions

      2. says:

        I’m not really into these flight simulator like games so while I think the game became really better I still don’t plan to stick with it. I have other games to play that I like more.

  2. Shayke says:

    It got a LOT better than last time I played (which was over a year ago).
    I actually played for over an hour. the battles are more intense.
    Graphics are great
    Sure, I met many bots (I think they were, they even talked to each other).
    But it’s a lot more intersting now.
    Honesty, they did a good job.

  3. Kyros says:

    They should make this kind of video for WoT players. And release it like… everyday. But in that one they should use less words because the average WoT player is not that fast in learning and understanding. They are like an old dog which can not learn new tricks, and dead old dog. Greetings to all you below 49% !

    1. Anonymous says:

      Kyros, when I started WoTs I was a 48%er, but continued to watch videos on game play and found people to mentor me along the way. Now I am approx 28k games into WoTs and 59%er.

      So to anyone below 49%, take some advise from me as I did when I had a below average win rate.

      1.) PLAY LOWER TIERS (3-5) until you really understand your tank (strengths & weaknesses), get your crew trained up some, and learn proper placement on the maps for your tank. You should also know more about the enemy tanks as well. I played lower tiers for at least 5k battles.

      2.) Try to improve your gameplay by watching WoT YouTube videos on your tank and general gameplay.

      3.) Try to friend and PLATOON with a better player, to not just play with them, but LEARN from them, and/or join a CLAN and LEARN from their members.

      4.) Listen up to any advise more experienced players on your team when playing random battles, or ask for advise.

      If you are a 45% player or lower, you are usually hurting your team, especially if you play higher tiers (6-10), and you need to improve your game or find another game like World of Warplanes, which I mess around with little to no effect on other players stats. World of Warplanes is actually kinda fun.

      1. Krystof says:

        I have a different opinion about this.

        1) Play high tiers: Maybe you can learn the basic gameplay in lower tiers but you will learn it anyhow while grinding. If you stick with lower tiers you will anticipate terrible plays because you mostly encounter bad players. The most important thing in WOT is expirience though and nothing what you expirience from lower tiers will help you in higher tiers, its quite the opposite.

        2) Correct

        3) Don’t platoon. Learn to carry games on your own. When I see platoons with one good and some lower skill players it’s always the same. Lower skill player’s play extremly passive and seem to wait for instructions from their platoonmates. Passive play loses games. Also when platooning you are getting the habbit of assuming all your teammates play as a team which they rarly do. It’s important to get a feeling for teammates, whether they are tunnelvisioning guys, egoistic or teamplayers.

      2. Anonymous says:

        Apparently Krystof does NOT completely understand how to do well in World of Tanks, and his record probably shows it.

        Two main things help your ratings. A good WIN RATE and WN8. Both can be achieved at lower tiers IF you do well.

        Krystof your logic of playing high tier games as a new player has NO LOGIC behind it. Higher tier games (6-10) are less forgiving, mostly because you will be competing with better players.

        My original post on recommendations is not a new revelation, but you will find that many of the YouTube WoT contributors recommend the same. That’s actually where I myself got the advise, and it has paid off.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think the WoWP could draw more players, and keep them playing, IF they would allow our silver from WoTs to cross into WoWPs like our gold and XP does.

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