Hungarian Tank Q&A

Good merning everyone, since it’s the weekend and it’s likely gonna be a very slow one at that, i’ll give you somethign interesting. Hungarian Historian Karika has offered himself to do a Questions and Answers. Ask him anythign you like and he’ll answer them on a later date.

And PLEASE keep the questions related to hungarian tanks and tree.

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Hungarian Tank Q&A

66 thoughts on “Hungarian Tank Q&A

  1. Mark Bevis says:

    The most interesting what-ifs in a Hungarian line would be the 44M TAS tank, and the 45M assault gun. The former a bit like a Panther I guess, the latter a bit like a StuG with 8.8cmL56 gun.

    Are there any bigger tanks that were designed on paper after that or post-WW2?
    Also, were there any APCR ammunition development programmes we should know about?
    As far as premium ammo goes, there were HEAT rounds for the 10.5cm gun in the Zrinyi SPG. Did Hungary plan to build HEAT rounds for the 7.5cmL70 and 8.8cmL56, if so, were they license built copies of the German rounds, or new designs of there own?

    It’s a pity that WG don’t do rockets, the Toldi TD with twin 215mm Buzoganyveto HEAT rockets would be fun.

  2. AvEzi says:

    “Turan” sounds familiar to me.I’m from Turkey and Turan is the utopic land of all Turkic tribes and Turks.Is it any related to that?

    1. Anonymous says:

      If you dont mind me answering. Turan is one of the recent Hungarian tanks added to the german line as a premium (As is the toldi). Its just very unpopular because of its ordinary stats and playstyle.

    2. says:

      Turan is the Eurasian Steppe, where Turkish and Hungarian and other nomad tribes lived next to each other for a while. That’s why some Hungarians thinks that our ancients were Turanic people. And while nazis thought that Aryan people are the bad madafakaz Hungarian radical right wing parties thought that Turanic people kicks asses even harder. But history proved that doesn’t matter whoever your ancients were if you can’t produce more tanks than your enemy you lose.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Will we see the little-known but Beloved Hungarian Low-profile tank destroyers in the tree. Such as the Tas rohamlöveg, 44M Zrinyi I and variants of the Toldi rohamlöveg? If of, whats the likelyhood of a 2-10 full line? Thank you

  4. ArcaneSpirit says:

    Considering both the Hungarian tanks we have haven’t made a good impression thus far, what would you change about both of them?
    Toldi and Turán.

  5. I have high concers related to this topic.

    First, WG already introduced 2 Hungarian tanks (Turán III Prototípus and Toldi III), and both tanks were the peak of Hungarian tank development. Although there were plans about building new designs, it wasn’t possible due to the total destruction of Hungarian factories, by Allied bombings.

    The two tanks I mentioned above is in Tier 3 and 5, which means, in best case the tree could go until Tier 5 or 6. The number of other designs, which existed only in blueprints are far limited, and I’m not sure all of them are real project (but that’s why we have a historian here). Also, it’s important to note that the Hungarian tank development was producing mostly outdated vehicles, so even the blueprint vehicles can not fit Tiers above 7.

    With this source, I think it is not possible to meet WG’s “requirements”, about building up a tech tree from Tier 1 to 10. Personally I don’t like this attitude, because I could imagine incomplete tech trees in the game. Also this solution could fix the issue with unhistorical camouflage, crew members and army markings.

    The story is complicated at WG’s end as well. They wanted to introduce the Hungarian tanks as German premium tanks, but there were many problems with this. Firstly, there are too many vehicles, and mostly they are low tier, so WG didn’t want to flood the game with Hungarian premium tanks. Also, this idea was not welcome from the community, especially from Hungarian players, so WG backed off, after the first 2 tanks. WG’s latest statement is, that they put Hungarian tanks aside, until they find a proper solution to their introduction.

    I respect Karika and others who put much time and effort into the Hungarian tech tree, but one thing I should say. Altough Straussler MBT is designed by a Hungarian, it was proposed for a British project, so I find that hardly linkable to Hungary. I hope I’m mistaken, and it’s a good candidate, but the tree still has some gaps.

  6. eidoss843 says:

    Do you think WG should focus on fixing core game mechanics before introducing new nations to the game which no one asked for?

    1. ApolloF117 says:

      some ppl can’t read 😀 salt much? read why is this q&a for dipshit, if you have nothing just bad shit then go back to wot

    2. Edio, i don’t think you get the point of A: This blog and B: This Q&A, just because we post a Q&A from a Private Historian who has nothing to do with WG does not mean we automatically get these tanks, it’s a way to show the people what is out there.

      Besides unless you’re living under a rock you’d know that 2017 is a year of fixing and making the game better, 9.18, while controversial has brought a huge change to the game, Arty changes, new light tanks, MM and map rotation. Currently on Sandbox we have a new game mode with a 3 km x 3km map being tested and a new gamemode. And who knows, maybe WG will try to fix the gold ammo as well by the end of the year.

  7. CillianLive says:

    I have a few questions releating to the Hungarian tech tree proposal:

    1. Would the Burstyn-Motorgeschütz be a viable tier 1 candidate? If the V 3 was placed at tier 1 it would have more penetration then the historical Toldi I tank which would be at tier 2

    2. Could the Straussler MBT be divided up on the basis that it had different engines at each tier (tier 9 700hp tier 10 800hp ) with the tier 10 version also having the 120mm L1 using APCR as standard ammunition and tier 9 using the same gun with AP as standard?

    3. Would it be viable to have the TAS TD at tier 8 leading on to the Straussler MBT at tier 9?

    4. Could the Austrian SK 105 light tank be added as the top tier for the medium branch? It currently lacks a top tier for that branch on the basis that the Burstyn-Motorgeschütz would be a viable option for tier 1 as that is a Austro-Hungarian tank?

    Thanks for answering my questions 🙂

  8. Anton says:

    38M “Toldi”, 42M “Toldi-IIa”,43M “Toldi-III”, 40M “Turan-I”, 41M “Turan-II”, 43M “Turan-III”, Pz.Kpfw.35, Pz.Kpfw.38, 44M “Zrinyi-I”, 40/43M “Zrinyi-II”, 43M “Lehel”, 36\40M “Nimrod”, 44M “Tas”, Straussler V-3 \ V-4, 44M, 7,5 sm Pak 40 “Toldi-IIa”, Pz.Kpfw.I, Pz.Kpfw.II, Pz.Kpfw.III, Pz.Kpfw.IV Н, Pz.Kpfw.V “Panther”, Pz.Kpfw.VI Е“Tiger”. 8, 9, 10 tier?

  9. sp15 says:

    The way i understand it there isnt really any historical information supporting the Tas based tank destroyer, but rather the Tas td was based on a misinterpratation relating to there being two Tas medium tank prototypes under construction.

    Is this the case? and if it is how do you feel about WG adding such a vehicle when it was not historically concived as far as we know.

  10. sp15 says:

    Now that you have a viable tier 10 with the Strussler MBT have there been any progress in finding candidates for tiers 8 and 9, and how does your current branch proposal look?

  11. "Light" tank-player says:

    1. Did the Turan I use the same 40mm gun as the Toldi IIa/Toldi III?
    2. Why did the Turan II have a 75mm short barrel gun as an “upgrade” to the Turan I?
    3. Did the 75mm gun on the Turan II have anti-tank uses, or was it an anti-infantry weapon?
    Thanks for your time!

    1. "Light" tank-player says:

      Oh, I forgot one more question: Was the Toldi I’s 20mm gun Automatic or semi-automatic, and how do you think it might act in World of Tanks?
      Thanks again.

  12. vonkluge112 says:

    Will there be a heavy tank line?
    How many lines are going to be available?
    Is there a possibility for a full SPG line?

  13. István Szabó says:

    A successful tank needs steel to protect, a powerful engine and a reliably transmission to give mobility, a nice gun to fight. The Hungarian tank designers missed the steel and the engine, the heavy guns, because the shortcoming of the industry. And do not forget about the treaty of Trianon: Hungary might not have any tanks or any fighter planes or even heavier guns than 105mm. This is the reason why Swedish, Czech and Italian tanks/tankettes or licenses were bought.

  14. Tyrud says:

    I went ahead and kept my Toldi III and was close to getting the Turan because I always found the equipment of minor nations, Axis or otherwise, to be fascinating. If a full Hungarian tech tree were to come out exactly as you wanted it, what do you think would be the most interesting tank in that tree at any tier?

  15. Pzbarkhorn says:

    Did Hungary developed any tank after WW2, even if only paper projects? If yes, how would them fit in a hungarian tank tree?

    1. István Szabó says:

      As far as I know, no one. Caterpillars and lorries for military use well, some armored, wheeled vehicles too, but not tanks. There were Soviet T model tanks used.


    Will be there a tier 8 Premium Hungarian heavy tank in the German tech tree and with a limited edition Skin/Camo ?

  17. IRON says:

    Firstly, thanks a lot for doying those amazing researches on the tech tree. 🙂

    So, how should the hunagarian tech tree should look like?
    What would be the tanks, in wich tier/branches.
    And could detail what could me their engines/turrets/guns modules, with what kind of stats??

    1. The Automatic system seems to randomly hides comments. I had to approve a great amount of them, But it doesn’t appear that your questions were in that batch, try to send them again in 30 minutes.

  18. Ulysses says:

    Do you think that WarGaming will actually introduce Hungarian tanks into the game at a later date? If so, what class/classes would the line/lines be do you think?

  19. What was the Hungarian tank design goal? Curious what new play style we might see ie. the Swedish tech tree focused on gun depression/siege mode or the Czech line was a blend of Russian and German tank design.

    How did the Axis powers influence Hungarian tank design?

    What is your favorite Hungarian tank(s)?

    What is your least favorite Hungarian tank(s)?

    What was the most loved tank by Hungarian tankers?

    What was a Hungarian tanker’s greatest fear? if not a tank, what was the most feared tank?

    Are there enough tanks to make a mixed tank class line and tank destroyer line similar to the Swedish tech tree or even half of a half medium/tank destroyer line that converge into modern vehicles like the Japanese medium line?

    If there are not enough tanks, would there be enough wheeled vehicles that could fill in the gaps?

    What is a a favorite treat for hungry Hungarian tankers? 🙂

    1. Tompika1963 says:

      Favorite treat? Let’s pick some of chicken soup, gulash soup or fish soup. Followed by stuffed cabbage/paprika, some meat roasted or poultry. And as dessert crepes filled with jam/cheese, bukta (like by the Czech) or some little pastry. Something which could been made with easy.

  20. Anonymous says:

    do you think we will we ever see unique decals like the hungarian roundels or unique camos for the existing toldi 3 and turan 3 like they did for that aussy cruisers?

  21. Wanderer_Typ101 says:

    There are obviously a series of tanks that fit; Toldi 1-3, Turan 1-3, Nimrod 40 and 80, Zrinyi 1 and 2, 44M Tas, Tas Rohamloveg, Toldi páncélvadász, Straussler V4, Czech T-21.I’m quite interested in Hungarian tanks and can see plenty of potential for the two Tas projects and the Nimrod 80 with its choice of 80mm guns, (29/44. M 80mm L/58, 18. M 80mm field gun [likely actually an 83.5mm cannon]). My question is what else can fit in a Hungarian tech tree that is relatively unique to Hungary. Obviously there are German, Czech, Swedish and Soviet options, but are there further Hungarian options (I understand that they would almost certainly be only paper projects). Are there potential heavy tanks? High-tier options? Lights after the Toldi series? Artillery? Premiums (excluding for example the Tiger or IS-2)?

    1. That won’t happen just because that cross was the symbol of the Arrow Cross party. The army was ‘Royal’ likewise the country was still kingdom till the end of the war. For the third and last time in the history a kingdom without king, led by a Gouvernor.

  22. Anton says:

    Hungary tanks. LT/MT/HT: LK-II(GER), Carden Loyd Mk VI(UK), Fiat 3000B(ITA), Pz.IA(GER), 35M Ansaldo(ITA), Straussler V-3/V-4, L-60(SWE), 38M Toldi, 42M Toldi-II/IIa, 43M Toldi-III, Lago(SWE), Pz.35(CZE-GER), Pz.38(CZE-GER), T-21(CZE), 40M Turan, 41M Turan-II, 43M Turan-III, Pz.IVH, 44M Tas 75mm, 44M Tas 88mm,Tiger-I(GER). TD: Toldi pancelvadacs 75 Pak 40, Marder-II(GER), 40M Nimrod 75 Pak 40, 40M Nimrod-II 80 mm, Zrinyi Prot. 105 mm, 44M Zrinyi-I, 43M Zrinyi-II, 44M Tas AG.

    1. I’ll translate Dexter’s question and my answer for the Q&A answer part, but I guess he’s not that good in English, so I’ll answer it in Hungarian for now.

      Echte magyar SPG nem volt, csak a csehszlovákok építettek át pár elfoglalt Turánt a háború után önjáró löveggé. Német 105mm leFH18 ágyúkat raktak rájuk. De azok cseh tüzérek voltak emiatt, nem magyarok s a játékban is inkább a cseh arty ágba férnének be emiatt.

  23. Anonymous says:

    How much would already implemented Toldi and Turan mess tech tree?
    Is there potential for more than one branch? (even for czech tech tree SilenStalker proposed 5 or so totally viable branches)
    Is there something that Hungarian tech tree can offer? – two mentioned tanks had not become popular and were “too ordinary”

  24. Oliver SF says:

    1. Which one will be the tier 6 MT candidate? Are there some Turan modernization other than the Turan III in game?

    2. How would you solve the problem of lack high tier candidate?

    3. The emblem of Hungarian tanks.

    4. The premium consumable.

    5. The tank crew hamlet of Hungarian, Czechoslovakian and Italian are quiet similar, could you explain their relationship?

    Thank you for answer my question!

  25. Anonymous says:

    What’s the difference between the 38M Toldi I and the 38M Toldi II? Is the Toldi II is the same as the Toldi IIa but with a different name?

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