HWK 30 Supertest Stat Update

Good day everyone,

Couple of premiums seen in October of last year have been getting a few updates in testing (and have since been added to the game files). So far, none of them Soviet! I think that’s a new record. First up is the German HWK 30:


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HWK 30 Supertest Stat Update

5 thoughts on “HWK 30 Supertest Stat Update

    1. Toodlepip says:

      The view range is great on paper, but it won’t make much of a difference overall because the rest of the concept doesn’t work. Just look at the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen … 410 m view range, and what good does it to that piece of junk? German high tier light tanks are let down by comparatively poor camo and near-total lack of armour. They also suck at fulfilling the long range sniping role for which Wargaming ostensibly designed them for because of inadequate ammo. Imho, the German light tank line stops being interesting in Tier V. if you want a good high tier light tank play the French AMX’s or, as per usual, the Russians … or the Muricans, if derp guns are your thing.

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