Hybrid Wars Gameplay trailer and Release Date


this is the gameplay trailer of the upcoming Hybrid Wars by Extreme Developers and Wargaming Labs:

– The release date is set for 29, September, 2016 on Steam.

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Hybrid Wars Gameplay trailer and Release Date

19 thoughts on “Hybrid Wars Gameplay trailer and Release Date

  1. Myoko says:

    Why should we care? The game looks like pure crap. Rita dont waste time on shit like this, only because its wargamming. And it seems you just throw in everything wargamming related because reasons….

  2. sturmi0545 says:

    also, it looks like WG is finally arriving in the 1990s. gj … comrade Stalin would be sad because of you not being able to copy old games well enough to use capitalism to your advantage 😀

  3. Anonymous says:

    Command and Conquer … but sooooo much more generic…. in what almost looks like Tiberium wars graphic, if its fed trough cryengine……..
    the reception overall seems to be with me.

  4. Joe says:

    Waaaiiittttt a second!


    with steam you get so much easier audience…. So its harder to kill.

    Be frank:who would load that separate? Nobody.

  5. So, I get it, mechs shoot up each other, ruining everything around them, but what is this game? This trailer is like for a 90’s game, when music and gameplay merged was enough to sell a game. Maybe telling something about the game would have been a good idea into this messy trailer…

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