Hybrid Wars – Release Trailer

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Hybrid Wars – Release Trailer

6 thoughts on “Hybrid Wars – Release Trailer

  1. sturmi0545 says:

    Dear WG, you’re kinda doing well with your tank-thingy. Remember that? Please, make that whole tank-business your main thing – though I also love your Warplanes and -ships. Give your franchise-trio more love. less prammo, less doubloons (change that to shared gold, pls), less over-feeding the elite clans, less copy-paste-moneyprinters. Could you do that? Please? I’ll build you a new wing for your Cyprus skyscraper and a holodeck for SerB’s moonprison.

  2. Wright_Track says:

    The Hybrid Wars website is truly terrible. It automatically starts in Russian, it is fully of images without any proper explanation, and I could find no proper gameplay footage.
    And who designed those awful ‘operatives’? Jason Wood with his sunglasses and robo-nipples, Alex Carter who is a rip-off of every XBox fps hero out there, and the imaginativley named Ivan, who appears to be wearing some spare parts left over from the latest Russian premium in WoT.

  3. Wright_Track says:

    Oh – and that ‘Release Trailer’ – it looks like the worst Anime ever, mixed with micro-second-long ‘gameplay clips’ edited to induce epilepsy.

  4. Kyros says:

    It would be a good game if they made it a RTS game, instead of this Diablo like shit. A lot time passed since a good made RTS came out. In addition, I still can’t believe that Blizzard made WoW instead of Warcraft 4.

  5. wremisekrummels says:

    it would be really great if it would be something like a battlefield 2200,,,their you can play infanterie/tanks/chopper alike like a stone/paper/scissor game. … and from 3rd player view!

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