Hybrid Wars updates

Hybrid Wars – Maps Overview

There have also been Hero introductions.

Hybrid Wars – Introducing the heroes: Alex Carter


Hybrid Wars – Introducing the heroes: Ivan


Hybrid Wars – Introducing the heroes: Jason Wood


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Hybrid Wars updates

12 thoughts on “Hybrid Wars updates

  1. sturmi0545 says:

    I predict, this things dies during open beta or earlier :D… and it will be nice to never hear about it again, as it seems awfully generic and bad.

  2. really? i thought it would be a nice mechwarrier combinet with comand and conquerer in 1st-person view…. but that is just a shitty helicopter-view who could be programmed by any other devs at low cost.
    it was very fishy that they “released” the game so fast, so thats the answer.

  3. thesherbet says:

    I’m really struggling to see what this game actually offers to make it stand out in any way. The graphics look good enough but no more so that later C&C games for the most part. And there’s not a lot else to go on so far.

  4. GU-7 says:

    C&C was fun to play against the AI, but knowing Wargaming, they are either A: going to avoid AI’s like the plague… Or B!: Make AI match making worth nothing in progression, and force people into PvP matches. Guess ill stick with my C&C games, not one for PvP in RTS games…

  5. heldermartins1 says:

    This gaming direction reminds me the pain I went through when EA said “there will be no Battlefield 2143”,,, I still hate u, EA. With a passion!

    Being a hardcore BF series gamer since BF 1942, and a total mental maniac about BF 2142, was a heartbreak to know they were droping the sequel because of CoD’s new release, back in the day.

    So, Wargaming, I’m very very very disappointed if this is what u’ve been doing to captivate new and old players. You got us here with the WWII tank scent, dont go shit all over the house with this… this… I dont even know what this shit is!!

    1. redheadsg1 says:

      Idk if you know … there is a BF 2143 server so you can play it but idk how much is legal or when EA are going to take it down. Look for Battlefield 2142 Revive.

  6. Bob says:

    Proofs you can put “Wars” on the End of anything.

    It it was at least about Gas/Electro vs Benzin/Electro… -could be an interesting car industry simulator.

    Something with actual relevance in this world.

    Man I miss IndustrieGigant….great game.

  7. WG wtf ?

    You have potentially the BEST Tank game on-line in the World (I say potentially but we ALL know WG

    and you create this ‘whatever this is’ jeez what a waste of money and time
    Maps are awful ,, just like in WOT

    WG you learn nothing, ever, why?
    All this money you SHOULD have invested in your proven top game winner ‘World of Tanks’
    jeez – invest in more Maps for WOT
    and – invest in actual real and fair Match Maker for WOT

    now we all know where all our money from Gold is going ~ down the drain like shit

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