#IAMCOMMANDER contest Postponed


the highly controversial WOWS “I am Commander” contest has been postponed until next September until Wargaming learns how to do maths. Salt throwing aside, this was very much the right thing to do and I am very glad they acknowledged how incredibly flawed the system was.

I know the lads at Wargaming never intended for things to go this way but they really should have prepared this contest much better and ahead.

For those unaware of what took place, this was a contest aimed at CCs that quickly turned sour, the winner would have his face featured in the game as a Commander.

The first rules they implemented were not perfect but there was still a decent fair competing chance for winning. Soon after the contestants posted their entries, the WOWS team in charge of the contest had a massive “Big Shaq” brainfart and decided to change the contest ranking rules after things were already in motion and that’s when the contest turned really sour. The mathematical equation was incredibly biased towards WOWS-only channels so even if you still only produced other Wargaming.net products besides WOWS, you would still be penalised for it. Besides that, the numbers just didn’t add up properly, at one point, in order for Jingles, who nearly has 600k subscribers on youtube, to have the same points as a small WOWS podcast channel, every one of his viewers would have to spam at least 12 comments in his video to equal the points from 1 comment from a small channel. That is a major discrepancy and the whole thing turned into a massive travesty.

I mentioned Jingles as for obvious reasons I was keeping tabs on his numbers, this has nothing to do with him winning or not given that the equation was also unfair for the other lads like Flamu or Isolate but I feel incredibly bad because I was the one that convinced The Mighty Jingles to participate. I was the one who dragged him out of the house, put a navy hat on top of his head and got the camera rolling because this whole ordeal sounded, initially, like a lot of fun!

My advice to the WOWS lads? Please take your time. I’m sure there will be plenty of mathematicians out there more than glad to bring you a fair system.

I do definitely want to see this contest back! I mean, who wouldn’t want a Mighty jingles Captain? 🙂


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#IAMCOMMANDER contest Postponed

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