If you could change 3 things in World of Tanks


Been very quiet today, its was a weird day and things didn’t went as planned, dismounted my PC to add better hardware and was taken to the hospital (both unrelated).

Ectar, a EU EN Community Manager has opened a topic in the EU forums to gather feedback from you, he wants to know, If you could change 3 things in World of Tanks, what would they be?

Let me quote his words:

“Hello guys,

Got an interesting topic I’d like to bring up with you all and hope to get some constructive feedback.  Quite simply If you could change 3 things in World of Tanks, what would they be and most importantly, why/how?

Before answering this question I need to put down some ground rules for answers.

  • No one word reasons. Please expand on your thoughts without answers like “Because I don’t like it” or “because it’s bad”. 
  • No unrealistic suggestions, please think of things like the core gameplay, UI and experience (For example: Removing arty or any other class of vehicle is unrealistic and not going to happen).

Your feedback could be related to any aspect of the game, such as Clan Wars, eSports, Matchmaking, Map design, UI and Chat, Battle Mechanics etc etc.  Again please try to keep your suggestions realistic and think of the bigger picture and how it would effect the game in general.  Things like “Make tier 9 tanks cheaper” just because you’re on tier 8 at the moment isn’t really the kind of ideas/suggestions we’re looking for (as that’s a very specific individual concern).

A good example would be:

Suggestion: – I’d like to see the ability to be create troll platoons disabled, and make it so platoons can only be made within the battle tier of the platoon leader (Like with World of Tanks Console).

Why: – As the system currently stands, it always puts the team with the troll platoon at a disadvantage. The benefit of having an extra tier over the enemy isn’t a balance for being essentially a tank down from the very start. There is never a situation where I can think to myself “I’m glad that tier 10 in my team brought his tier 3 platoon mate”.  It doesn’t benefit the game in any way and it causes frustration for the rest of the team who experience this. 

I look forward to seeing your suggestions, this thread will remain open for about 2 to 3 weeks. “

You can leave your feedback here: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/558909-if-you-could-change-3-things-in-world-of-tanks/

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