If you could change 3 things in World of Tanks


Been very quiet today, its was a weird day and things didn’t went as planned, dismounted my PC to add better hardware and was taken to the hospital (both unrelated).

Ectar, a EU EN Community Manager has opened a topic in the EU forums to gather feedback from you, he wants to know, If you could change 3 things in World of Tanks, what would they be?

Let me quote his words:

“Hello guys,

Got an interesting topic I’d like to bring up with you all and hope to get some constructive feedback.  Quite simply If you could change 3 things in World of Tanks, what would they be and most importantly, why/how?

Before answering this question I need to put down some ground rules for answers.

  • No one word reasons. Please expand on your thoughts without answers like “Because I don’t like it” or “because it’s bad”. 
  • No unrealistic suggestions, please think of things like the core gameplay, UI and experience (For example: Removing arty or any other class of vehicle is unrealistic and not going to happen).

Your feedback could be related to any aspect of the game, such as Clan Wars, eSports, Matchmaking, Map design, UI and Chat, Battle Mechanics etc etc.  Again please try to keep your suggestions realistic and think of the bigger picture and how it would effect the game in general.  Things like “Make tier 9 tanks cheaper” just because you’re on tier 8 at the moment isn’t really the kind of ideas/suggestions we’re looking for (as that’s a very specific individual concern).

A good example would be:

Suggestion: – I’d like to see the ability to be create troll platoons disabled, and make it so platoons can only be made within the battle tier of the platoon leader (Like with World of Tanks Console).

Why: – As the system currently stands, it always puts the team with the troll platoon at a disadvantage. The benefit of having an extra tier over the enemy isn’t a balance for being essentially a tank down from the very start. There is never a situation where I can think to myself “I’m glad that tier 10 in my team brought his tier 3 platoon mate”.  It doesn’t benefit the game in any way and it causes frustration for the rest of the team who experience this. 

I look forward to seeing your suggestions, this thread will remain open for about 2 to 3 weeks. “

You can leave your feedback here: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/558909-if-you-could-change-3-things-in-world-of-tanks/

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If you could change 3 things in World of Tanks

109 thoughts on “If you could change 3 things in World of Tanks

    1. RagnarokBazil says:

      Id delete the use of mods and then put in the needed things in the game. Hit log damage counter and what shell is being used on you. Then Rebalance gold and silver ammo Heat deals more damage but has insanely less penaration, hile APCR has less damage it has very high penatration. And add in over penatration like how Armoref warfare had it in. So a deathstar has to use HE or hesh on lights. And finally ill include a working customer support who gives a rats ass to its community if they see a rigger they ban those rigging bastards.

      1. RagnarokBazil says:

        Adding in a new veiw for arty the arty veiw for artillery instead of the overhead veiw i forgot to add.

      2. Michael Hughes says:

        I suggested a moddrator mod app store. So people can still use mods, but no more cheats

  1. wfschepel says:

    Like I said on the forum, a very nice initiative. However, I pity the fools that have to sift through the topic. And I wonder, is it actually going to make a blind bit of difference? Still, ten points to Griff – Slytherin – for trying.

    1. Deamor says:

      There you have the most boring game ever, rng is fun and stop saying “as before” because before we had 12 arties per team w/ top accuracy and in 8.6 (arty nerf) they were more accurate than today but less people played them…

  2. Me says:

    – Remove arty, or hard cap 1 per team, low alpha, low dpm, low arc, as shitty as it was back in the day of 8.4 or so…
    – Buff accuracy, like it was before, and change everything that makes the game a luck based over skill based one.
    – Balanced matchmaking… Same amount of useless players on both sides. Achievements required to players before they are even allowed to play the next tier.

  3. Satan says:

    Maybe quit introducing vehicles a majority of players will never get (Is-5, T-22sr, obj 777, German walker bulldog, amx 13 57, M60, Obj 907, vk 72.01 k) so the community isn’t completely split where everybody hates the clan war playing no life scum.
    Oh, and can the light tank mission 15s be reduced further, like 1k spotting and damage dealt for the first set, 2k for the second set, 3k for the third, and 4K for the fourth? Those missions are almost impossible to do because of the heavily corridor style the maps have.

  4. m_graham says:

    Three things
    Fix Arty
    Fix Arty
    Fix Arty
    I have over 30K games on WOT and I have gotten sick and tired of all the malarky that WG puts out about how arty discourages camping. NO it does not, all the camping fools cannot be seen by arty. Until WarGaming fixes arty, they will not get one more red cent out of me.

  5. KiwiTT says:

    Cant post on the EU site:
    1) No mods, including no XVM, etc., or Mods that don’t use the WoT folders
    2) Limited Premium Ammo (just like real tanks), e.g. no more than 10% of ammo capacity
    3) Reduced real money costs by at least 75% discount off current prices.

      1. Anonymous says:

        What about ppl, especially arty scums use it to focus best players every game or suicide rush to take out only that guy?

      2. Ish says:

        I personaly dont like how players will get targeted based only on their stats, and Ive seen entire platoons quit a battle because of a bad win %

      3. Anonymous says:

        No I’m getting mad wen in the begginig of the batle I see “Lost, because xvm sad so”, and then few tanks go practice swimming. It is pathetic.

        All mods should be banned and the useful one should be implemented in the game (if needed WG can by the code).

        I had too many games when one on one I’m killed by someone preaimed becuase I push something in the flora or the aimbots that some of my friends use that gives unfair advantage, so YES all mods should be banned.

  6. Anonymous says:

    At this point, any such feedback request by WG is pointless and only there to stall the inevitable–either WOT dies or those everyone-knows-what-they-are problems of WoT get fixed SOON! We dont need any more tell-us-what-you-told-us-before things, but actions!

    1. exocet6951 says:

      Quite frankly, WoT is still doing better than both AW and WT. AW is stagnant, and people are getting sick of core problems. WT is going the good old “spam the players with new vehicles until they forget it’s not doing very well” trick. WoT is the only one that actually added new game mods, very noticeably updated existing systems (like sounds and physics), and still had time to create new vehicles.

      As annoying as arty can be, or +-25% RNG, they’re the ones doing the most consistently good work.
      Any criticism you will find from people here will be “arty annoying !!!” or “Muh Chieftain!!!”

      As far as arty goes, I don’t think some people here realize just how static matches without arty are. Spoiler alert : they’re just as static. Arty don’t make people camp, people who camp make people camp. A team that’s a bit too afraid to move will force the other team to slow down and play statically.
      And everytime that happens, arty rubs its hands. In essence, encourage moving right from the start of the match, and arty is useless. Which is exactly what happens on open maps when a group of mediums play aggressively and do a hard push. Little cover and they’re out of it, and guess what? Arty doesn’t immediately destroy them !

      1. KiwiTT says:

        AW is still developing and can be forgiven … WoT is fishing for relevance as it continues to decline.

  7. Sturmtiger_304 says:

    1: Remove arty, why can’t WG realize this is completely ebola for this game?
    2: Balance out premium ammo
    3: Fire or replace those completely incompetent and worthless WG developers that are ruining the game.
    I’d gladly pay a sub fee every month for the above.

    1. Roland says:

      Agree on arty removal… But they won’t. They’ve implemented that class for unskilled players. Bad players and below waste more money than good ones. So, sadly, ebola stays…

  8. Anonymous says:

    At this point, any tell-us-what-you-told-us-before things by WG about everyone-knows-what-they-are problems are only stalling the inevitable—-either WoT dies or it get fixed SOON! We need actions now!

  9. x says:

    It will all land in the trashbin, WG traditionally ignores EU feedback or EU in general…. Need proof? Count the number of QA’s for the EU playerbase involving WG’s chief devs in the last 5 years. Good luck. Oh, one hand will be more than enough…

  10. Loch7009 says:

    1.Give Us all the maps that were in the game without exception due to the fact that more maps are needed in game
    2. More Open Maps with more cover and less city maps: No more god damn maps like Himmeldorf and more like Overlord
    3.Buff the arty accuracy so it is less affected by RNgesus and more affected by skill in playing it

    1. Buff accuracy (and a but reload) but then nerf dmg so no more oneshots.

      I guess if you play arty you’ll find the deal fair, as you rarely do full dmg anyway exept for oneshots, and you badly need this accuracy buff.

      French arties and Obj261 are well balanced for exemple.

      1. Anonymous says:

        I think what should happen to arty is: removing AP and HEAT since those are the annoying ammo types also removing the ability for HE to penetrate any armor, and nerf dmg so much that the conqueror gc does 700 dmg on a direct hit on something like a leopard 1 and 500 on heavies, make it do a significant amount of module damage (mainly to external modules like tracks view ports or gun / turret) and give them as said better accuracy, a bit better reload and a large splash radius.

  11. Anonymous says:

    1: Reworked MM. Currently there are too much unfair battles, for example 3 heavys vs 8 heavys, and only med&td battles. In first step make MM to be fair. In second step make it ladder-like, where tomatoes playing mostly with/against tomatoes, and unicums mostly with/against unicums.
    2: Remove mods (and res_mods folder) completely. This will solve the cheating and the XVM problems too, and game will be fair again for everyone. Implement a WN8 counter in the service record only, so everyone can continue the statpadding, but nobody will see these stats in the battle (and an option for hiding it).
    3: Decrease the 25% RNG to 10 or 15%. WoT nowadays is like a roulette game, a random generator rules your tank and all your battles, not you.

    Honorable mention: Ignore missions with idiot tasks!!! Players act totally abnormal on ‘Kill 3 tanks for reward’ days: nobody is shooting at the enemy, because they are all waiting for the last shot, to get that kill…

  12. 1. PvE, so I don’t need to play against real people, and I can play with smaller teams…
    2. Rebalancing arty so that isn’t a one and back to garage weapon. (Kinda like AW arty)
    3. Give me a fucking FV4202 P b/c US did and I had one before… (this is me being angry at SEA server specifically, but I think the EU server didn’t do this either.)

    4… Mac version pls (never happening but I can dream)

  13. Shaz says:

    REMOVE ARTY I AM TIRED OF SAME TIER ARTY ONESHOTTING MY HEAVY TANKS. I mean come on, meds are average 320-390, heavies 400-490, tds 400-750 and then BOOM arty does 1850 and MORE. like wtf. How is this even balanced.

    1. You never ever do full damages in arty unless manage to hit the flat side or rear of a tank.

      Learn to drive better and that’ll do well.

      High tier arty does around 800dmg per hit. That’s a lot exept they take 40s to reload.
      FV183 does his 1800dmg easily to any tank even from front, is twice as accurate as arty, and reloads 15s faster.

  14. I would trade all 3 changes to change one thing.
    1. Get rid of CW2. its such a rubbish part of the game, no one is there for a fight anymore and no one wants a second job grinding out resources to keep yourself on the map.

    1. I would remove the current map aswell, Make it a global map of the current world map. makes a singular Clan wars Map for all three servers, but add global time zones according to real life times. basically, the Russians will most likely fight in the Russian part of the map as it will be in their timezone, basically you will cater for all times zones around the world, even if the russian stay up into the morning to fight another part of the map, they can or during the day whens it night somewhere else.
      Anyways, you see what I’m getting at. this will add such a huge poppulation to the CW game mode it will never die and it will fix the problem with say Australians on the US server, they can take part in CWs from any server and not worry about staying awake to all hours in the morning just to fight CWs on the US server.

      1. party1c says:

        there is a reason we have more than one server. its the latency (or ping). if you re from australia and fight a cw on eu-server against an equal team, eu team will allways win. simple.

  15. 3 things….

    1. More credit income at tier 8 till tier 10 battles.
    Reason/Suggestion: It’s to hard even when you have a decent game you i’ll get a lost in credit income

    2. Matchmaking for some tanks are to hard (for example Black Prince)
    Reason/Suggestion: Change the MM for some tanks like the Black Prince, it’s hard in tier 9 and it’s okay in tier 8 (even you have to do your best in tier 8)

    3. A lot of maps are getting removed, so the variaty is low…
    Reason:Suggestion: Give us more maps (there were good maps removed for no reason)

  16. “Been very quiet today, its was a weird day and things didn’t went as planned, dismounted my PC to add better hardware and was taken to the hospital …………..”

    Rita you should know that PCs are not designed to be mounted (unless there is a custom mod that I have not heard off) and its therefor not surprising that you had to go to hospital. Get better soon.

    1. What do you mean they’re not designed to be mounted ?
      Unless there’s a pun I didnt get the whole point of PC over Console is mounting it with the components you want and not the stock configuration you get overpriced on big brands

  17. Koen307 says:

    Graphics: becouse xbox1/ps4 have better graphics lol. dafaq is that WG.
    DirectX 12: Becouse if they use this they can make so much more effects and it gives players a huge performance boost.
    Remove mods: Remove the possibility to use mods becouse some of them actually help you to aim better or are used to cheat/hack sometimes. and many people are getting tired of those so called “Unicums” calling their own team mates noobs. this all happens becouse of the stupid XVM GG. REMOVE

  18. 1) Make light tanks more useful, tighter MM, better view range, lay smoke, or something.
    2) Add 5 or 6 female crew for each nation, along with some girl names to choose from.
    3) Allow up to 6 crew per nation to get Veteran status, and let those Veterans keep all the training they get, so they can jump into any tank position they’ve ever had. Sort of the Premium tank concept, but turned around.

    Maybe number 1 is because I suck at light tanking, truth be told. Number 2 is pretty much a novelty that would let WG collect a little more money from the wallet warriors. Number 3 would be great for hardcore players, I suppose.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Good that WG request feedback from their customers, like it 🙂
    my 3 topics are simple:
    1. I want a Co-Op PvE mode for all tiers, like in WoWs, to relax, less spam in chat and for stock grinding
    2. privacy setting like in WoWs, XVM has more disadvantages now then advantages, so players should have the option to block their stats
    3. reduce number of city maps, increase number of country maps, the high number of city maps started to really bore me,

    I am playing more WoWs already just because of these 3 issues

  20. Good that WG request feedback from their customers, like it 🙂
    my 3 topics are simple:
    1. I want a Co-Op PvE mode for all tiers, like in WoWs, to relax, less spam in chat and for stock grinding
    2. privacy setting like in WoWs, XVM has more disadvantages now then advantages, so players should have the option to block their stats
    3. reduce number of city maps, increase number of country maps, the high number of city maps started to really bore me,

    I am playing more WoWs already just because of these 3 issues

  21. party1c says:

    1. light tanks are to strong. nerf all the guns so they are forced to do their actual work. thats scouting.

    2.bring back the old TD-camo. and bring back the bushes. sod TDs can do their actual work. thats sniping targets spotted by scouts

    3. rebalance arty like this: make the aimcircle ridiculusly big when moving it, but overall-accuracy better when fully aimed. that way you prevent arty from shotgunning lights and shooting at moving targets, but hitting campers more reliably. so arty can to its work. and thats hitting enemies who dont move.

    tldr: bring back the rock/paper/scisors-thing that made wot so popular.

    today its just: “we stop retards wo dont understand their tanks complaining about balance with making all the tanks more or less the same”

    1. I dont agree with you on the “on move” accuracy about arty : while is is almost impossible to hit a target at distance while moving (unless rng), I find it normal that it has a chance to defend itself at ranges of below 50m (and 1 shot is all that you get. Miss means dead. And you’ll miss almost all the time unless the tank goes in straight line to you).

      On long range tho, you should have no reason to hit when not fully aimed, and no reason for the shell to not hit the middle of aiming circle when fully aimed. Currently fully aimed shots tend to go at the edge of the circle half of the time (70 % chances of hitting middle my ass) but it can sometimes hit a moving target while you turn yourself from 500m…

      And on LT’s, nerfing guns has nothing to do with them as they’re scouts, not damage dealers. They just need much better camo and much bigger view range so mediums dont steal their job. But then they’d need to rebalance the recentntier 8 LT’s because they’re OP for their class. T54lw is ridiculous. Medium tank armor and gun for LT mobility, balanced…

  22. Anonymous says:

    1) remove the 445m vision cap on light tanks and/or increase their viewrange. – since the game is suffering from a case of corridoritis, playing light tanks isn’t nearly as good as just playing mediums. Make their view range way better than mediums at the tiers they face. More often than not, T8 light tanks going on active spotting runs will also get spotted by T10 Mediums at roughly the same time. Either give them more incentive to find proper passive scouting spots (Increased VR, remove vision cap at higher tiers) or make them superior at active spotting (better viewrange). This will also help with the arty situation where campers are actually the only ones who are ever arty safe.

    2) fixed MM on late hours – MM usually does it’s job on peak hours, but during the wee hours of the morning (especially in low population servers like SEA), MM has a bad habit of pitting very unequal teams against each other. as a fix, I recommend that MM look at teams it’s pairing against each other and balance the tier spread of both teams by switching players between them (without breaking platoons ofc). I wouldnt mind waiting a few extra seconds for a battle so long as one side doesn’t have a significant amount of higher tiers more than the other.

    3) Auto-ping enemy arty locations on the minimap – RNG based. The bigger the caliber, and the more shots you take without moving a significant distance between shots (maybe 20, 30 meters), the more likely your position in the minimap is going to get pinged. It won’t show where you are exactly, but enemy artillery skilled in counter-battery will be able to guess your position in that square and destroy you; and lights have a general idea on how to hunt you down more easily.

  23. Ectar: No “remove arty” comments please.
    90% of suggestions: “remove arty.”

    I have suggestion.
    Learn how to read, that will make this world better.

  24. 1.after X number of games tier 1 see’s tier 2 and even 3 for the trade of triple x.p. and credits

    Because people do love there tier 1 but should be encouraged to ether move to another tier or take there tier 1 play to the next level and being out gunned but still able to pen most tanks reflects what happens between tier 3 and 8.

    2. tier 1 players should get a % of team killers credits at the end of the game (right now they cost nothing to repair and get no Credits for getting team killed.

    because it may help players move to the next tier and reflects the play of other tiers.

    3. MoE Should be achievable for all tiers

    because it would be fair to all players.

  25. Winterx says:

    1) Bring back maps fun and large (larger) enough for scouting and sniping (i.e. get away from “corridor” maps). That should also fix a fair ammount of thecarty “problems”.

    2) Split Arty branches into
    a: mobile, fast reload/low damage, bad aim, turreted and
    b: cumbersome, slow reload/high damage, good aim, turretless.
    Right now artillery tree progression is a mess.

    3) Add cluster server technology as promissed long ago and make one single clan events global map server. Too many players are discouraged or lose interedt in the medium run due to horrid Clan War time schedules and a limited, regional map accessability. Personal example: European playing on US server: CW time = my 4am. Also consider allowing players to migrate and carry their account to other servers, if no cluster tech is ever to be introduced.

  26. ….No unrealistic suggestions, please think of things like the core gameplay, UI and experience (For example: Removing arty or any other class of vehicle is unrealistic and not going to happen)……

    question: what kind of idiot writes “remove arty!” after reading this?
    i will not write the answer, because it is already inside the question.

    this is why WG keeps ignoring that arty-haters. many of them are as idiot as they cannot understand what they read…

  27. Anonymous says:

    as of now, make the rampage mode cheaper to run, i would love playing rampage but even when i did 5k damage in one game and only lost one tank, i still lost credits.

  28. seanpwnery says:

    Well, seeing as how NA will NEVER do this – maybe someone could ferry these types of suggestions over on the EU thread.
    * 10 more tiers with slightly more modern tanks – gotta keep up with your competitors, and this is the only feasible way I suspect I’ll see my Object-279 in thegame
    * Map sizes increased to 25km x 25km or even 50km x 50km instead of 1km x 1km – this has been one of the biggest problems in WoT in general. By making the map bigger, you can have larger teams, by having larger teams, you can have longer battles – by having longer battles, you can cover more distance – and you can potentially earn far more exp per battle than zipping through fast battles on tiny maps. I would much rather win a 30 minute battle and make 12k exp, than play two 15 minute battles and possibly make 6k exp on two doubles.
    * Cross platform integration – Bigger maps, more tanks on the field, how bout some air-cover? Save WoWp by throwing them in there. Imagine a clan war with 30 tanks per side and 15 planes per side. This could/would necessitate AA tanks (yes, yes – they can shoot horizontally with their high-velocity, lower caliber guns – think high pen, low alpha). Starting to sound like the competition game? Well, maybe it should be. Sometimes keeping up with the Joneses isn’t such a bad thing – competition brings competitive development.

    ..and there you have it.

    1. seanpwnery says:

      …on and to expand on the bigger maps thing – it doesn’t mean remove the other ones, you can tier-limit them for the tiers notorious for slower thanks if you must; they don’t all have to be WTHuge, but the smaller ones will still have to fall back on the smaller team sizes… that or they could do two battle modes (they seem to love adding more modes under the battle button). “Standard Battle” and “Large-Scale Battle” or something.

      1. pixywing says:

        AW has some fantastic larger maps, as well all maps don’t have to be square as you can cut off areas such as on AW’s PVE to make the maps more dynamic.

  29. Major Rager says:

    Fix MM
    Try something different other than vehicle weight and the current tier spread. Vehicle type or # of battles, same tier or +/- 1 and reduce RNG and ban XVM.

    Reduce RNG
    RNG is WAY over the top and frustrates players when compounded with negated game mechanics such as Aiming timers negated by snapshots, Aiming at weak spots negated by Premium ammo and Camo negated by Removal of foliage since about 8.5.

    Ban XVM
    This XVM does nothing more than promote Racism (paints a target based on color and community status). Interesting how we punish players for racial remarks yet allow XVM punish your players. It is a foreknowledge cheat of information prior to the match. In fact since you cannot control nor regulate mods fairly across all servers then eliminate mods all together so everyone uses the same tools.

    Currently these three combined are complete morale crushers.

    1. seanpwnery says:

      Your first suggestion is 100% dependent on server populations. The problem with +/- 1 on the NA server for instance is that there isn’t enough of every tier in the queue at any given time to be able to put together the teams in the given queue time. It is possible on the RU servers simply because of the hypersaturation of each cluster, but on NA/EU – it’s damn-near impossible.

      I’d subscribe to your second suggestion, but only if they would implement dud rounds and misfires – which would technically be more realistic and far more frustrating to deal with. As much as I hate RNG, this is the fairer of two evils (the second being the duds and misfires).

      Banning XVM is next to impossible – the mod itself simply displays requests to the server for readily available information that could otherwise be pulled up post-battle on an individual basis. As a half-yellow, half-white person, who plays blue (I guess in a racial sense, I’m choking) – the racism thing doesn’t hold any water. To belittle players for poor play or crap play would happen regardless of a few colored numbers, or simply watching a new player yolo-charge into 5 enemy tanks. Sure, it might be easier to identify, but then again, just being gone from tanks in the last year has revealed how shockingly poor the new-generation of players have become. I don’t see it as an open field of people to make fun of, I like to see it as a “Target Rich Environment” when they’re on the other side. On the flip side, if I see a fellow blue or purple on the other side, that’s generally the focus for me to knock out before they can manhandle my team’s reds.

  30. Laserguided says:

    Here is my two cents.
    1. I’d like to see credit bonus every time your tank is hit by a premium ammo. WHY: I don’t mind gold ammo spam actually, however this will help the players who do mind. Plus, this will give people incentives to drive slow but well armored tanks.

    2.I’d like to see a league mode where player’s rating is effected by win/loss. You win rating points by defeating other players; you get more points by defeating players with highers points. This will be done in 1 on 1 fashion in a special arena map. WG can even offer special elite tanks for this mode. WHY: I am tired of seeing players bashing each other based on WN8. Let’s just have a way for players to test their skills. Plus, this will be a nice way to help new players to learn a thing or two.

    3. I’d like to see tanks positioned in a particular way in spawn points. Tanks will be positioned in rows with LT at front followed by MT/HT, than TD and SPG. WHY: I have seen too many traffic jam at the beginning of match; some even resulted in TK. Plus, this will help scout tanks get into position quickly.

  31. Sorin says:

    1. Give back to the td’s the accuracy and the camo
    2. The difference between EU-NA to be removed-for ex. the mission for FV 4202…. for me it’s not a problem, I did the mission….but what about the rest??? Many of players did not have enough time to finish it …… Not fair NA players to get something for free, or almost ,and for EU players to fight for it….at the end it’s only one WG….or not??!!
    3. Damage panel and all stuff from XVM to be an option from the settings…..I just have XVM -don’t laugh :)- only to replace the six sense icon , damage panel and the futures of mini map….the stats of the players,really, not important.
    4. I will like also to bring back the gun sounds from 9.13….not with a mod….only from WoT.

    1. Anonymous says:

      “Give back to the td’s the accuracy and the camo” and say hello to the big OP/camp/bad players + if you do that arty will be buffed

  32. pixywing says:

    1. Remove mods from the game, many mods are extremely overpowered (aim bot is legal, glad I know not to spend money on this game ever again), or the cancer that XVM causes, leaving players have to turn chat and PMs off to avoid the toxic “good” players.

    2. Remove premium ammo and re-balance all ammo such as the introduction of high penetration lower damage shells. Armoured Warfare has a good approach to this. Spamming APCR to get through tanks is boring as it reduces diverse game play, and sucks when the game puts you down two tiers and forces you to.

    3. +1/-1 Match maker this will make tanks easy to balance as they now see a lower range of tanks, as well as making balancing ammo easier. As well bring backing 10 tier only games, as these were skill intensive and fun unlike yoloing my IS-7 against 3 stock Tiger 2s who can’t do anything about it. In this situation, I don’t have fun playing my tier 10 and when I’m the tier 8 in this situation and have a bad crew and stock gun, I just want to uninstall or go play AW. Heck even when I’m maxed out as the tier 8 spamming gold and losing 30k credits isn’t a lot of fun either especially getting out mobilized, armored, and damaged due not to a skill difference, but a tank difference.

    I don’t know if this would be enough to make me play tanks again or spend money on the game, but it would be a start. Wargaming removing gold when you get a second copy of a premium tank in exchange for credits and then handing out E-25s costed me $25 USD and now I won’t ever buy a premium tank until I get $25 in gold and the policy changed, although more likely never. The T-22 rigging where they handed out 1 week bans on the NA server and let them keep the tank really has shown me how little they care about the players and it will take a LOT for them to change this.

    Over 3 years I have spent around $1500 USD on the game and shelled out $100-200USD a month easy 2 years ago, but I have yet to spend any money on the game now for 14 months and counting, with my premium time running out in April, and there only being one good weekend special a year and other weekend specials only getting worse I don’t see me playing this game at all, as I have not played since the FV marathon and the rental tank hand-outs destroying tier 6-10 game-play such makes it hard to want to play through that.

  33. slotracer says:

    What a completely pointless post. They don’t care what we think. The community managers have NO power. They don’t serve to do anything but sustain interest in the product. They won’t pass along suggestions and if they do they won’t be listened to. This is today’s “outreach on social media” to make it look like work is being done and they care what we think. It’s sound and fury meaning nothing…

  34. Not on EU so cant vote, but for me:

    Map design. BIG ONE. Corridors kill the purpose of med/light tanks. all concealment was removed in a MASSIVE overreaction to the old dominance of TD’s. Currently, there’s maybe 2 maps in the game that aren’t good for heavies, and nearly all of them suck for light tanks.

    Re-balance light tanks:

    Partly because of 1st point, but even if you fix that, mediums still out spot them, get better mm, and pretty much replace them. The scout mm also confuses newer players, causing unintentional fail platoons. I’d like to see light tanks lose the scout mm, always have best at tier view range, in exchange for losing some gun power since they’re going down a tier.

    Arty not getting full xp/credits:

    Along with the arty rebalance they’re planning, I really hope they fix this one. Arty never gets full credit for the damage it does, as 95% of the time it’s not spotting its own targets. This makes grinding them the slowest class in the game, and getting a tier 10 takes damn forever.

  35. SMGJohn says:

    I hope they do something about gold ammo preferably make it available only for gold again because THOSE days were awesome, remember how you would fight tank vs tank on corners bounce armour on your stronk front while looking for weak spots? Oh man those were the days, remember flanking? My God almost non existent today.

  36. 1: More and bigger maps.
    2: PvE mode. That would mean you dont get the little children whining about facing a good team, while those of us who are a bit rubbish can develop our skills a bit.
    3: Take the garage filters from XVM. There simple and really useful.
    4: Limit the amount of gold ammo a tank can take. (33%?)
    5: Nerf the stupid low-level premium Panzer II J. You get one of those top tier on the enemy team and you may as well wander off and do something else for 5 minutes.
    6: Dont make female crew a special. Find something else as a mission reward. This is the 21st Century for gods sake.
    7: Increase the draw distance.
    8: At higher tiers, Nerf arty Damage/splash in return for slightly better accuracy. (Seems to be less of a problem below about tier 6)
    9: I like AW’s idea of arty pinging with more accuracy depending on how often you have fired between moving..
    10: Arty accuracy starts bad, but if you shoot at the same target repeatedly, you zero in on it.
    11: Alt Arty rounds.
    Smoke has been mentioned,
    How about flare rounds? increases chance of detecting hidden tanks in (say) 250m area?
    Rounds that do minimal damage to tanks, but have a large spash to destroy cover.
    TBH, Arty as a class has a lot of potential, it just seems to be wasted at the moment, and causes a lot more problems than its worth.

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