IMFT 2017 images

Greetings everyone, since it’s a slow day i decided to post images from the seventh IMFT ( Internationales Militärfahrzeugtreffen 2017. Sent to me by _Chrueterchraft_.


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IMFT 2017 images

6 thoughts on “IMFT 2017 images

  1. Tomi says:

    Was there too. On Saturday. It was awesome. They have an awesome tank collection, a really great hall full of awesome tanks. The Panzer 68, the T-71 and some other vehicles on tracks were driving around the whole day (and for some extra money you could get a ride), and the Leopard 2 of the Swiss army (as well as some Leopard 1) were showing some action too (I only missed the Swiss Centurion this year, I think he stood behind the hall and for some money you could do simulator shooting in it; oh an the T-55 didn’t see any action too on Saturday, but he stood in the tank hall). Though I didn’t see the Leopard 2 and Leopard 1 move around, but during the time I was there you could just climb into the Leopard 2 and the tank commander would explain you everything, which was really interesting. The Swiss Army and Mowag also showed off their newest toys.

    Their museum is also fantastic, first I didn’t even realize that there is more than one floor (it’s basically an old tall factory hall), they have an amazing weapon arsenal on the upper floors. Seeing a V4 rocket really took me by surprise. Oh and the Tiger 2 project is also in that hall (they are restoring a Tiger 2, will be like brand new, and it already looks fantastic, they’ve done an awesome job so far).

    Many military fans come with their own private military vehicles, many people dressed as militarists meet there and you can also buy military uniforms and gears from private sellers. Can fully recommend. Entrance price for an adult was 19 swiss francs, which is like 22 euros (and afaik if you come dressed in an uniform you get in cheaper).

  2. moredetailsplz says:

    Not one tank name is given in 53 images?
    #1 Centurion 7/1
    #2 Upgraded T-55
    #3 Centurion 1…

    Just my own opinion but for those of us that are former/current/future military and/or armor fans providing an ID for the vehicles would be really useful.

    *watch this get moderated and never appear*

  3. FromSeattlewithLove says:

    Rita, you need to come to TANKFEST up in Washington State next year and check out Paul Allen’s collection…. its the best!

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