Inside the Chieftains Hatch: Stridsvagn fm/21

The Chieftain is in Sweden, this time covering the Stridsvagn fm/21.


(Note: Life_in_Black noticed that the “Super Conqueror” makes a cameo during the tank lineup, seen here)

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Inside the Chieftains Hatch: Stridsvagn fm/21

11 thoughts on “Inside the Chieftains Hatch: Stridsvagn fm/21

  1. zombietropa says:

    Going back to the Conqureor renders posted a couple of day ago, the Conq in this intro has spaced armour.

    Hmmm, the intrigue continues…

    1. Ion7 says:

      Leads you to wonder where this conquer render emerged from and why it’s the same as this video. I don’t know the most about 3D modeling and video rendering, but the model could have been pulled from this intro’s making?

      1. zombietropa says:

        I the guy who made the original render isn’t an employee of WG. But the renders he did were removed from his site. Now a simliar looking render appears in an WG vid. Prehaps WG brought the renders or something, I dont know. (the renders were up on his site before this video came out btw)

        But I wont hold my breath about see Conqs with spaced armour anytime soon, knowing what time frames WG works on.

  2. Sigh.. I’ve been pretty annoyed about how this would be a pointless change to the conqueror, there are so many other more important issues other than remaking an already existing HD modeled tank. It looks cool, yes, so here’s me throwing the towel in, fine throw it on the conqueror, I’m sure it will stop a jg pz E100’s heat shell from penetrating the turret cheeks. But what’s the price? Because no buff or new premium tank is free on anyone’s wallet or the game’s ecosystem.

    Otherwise, cool video from the chieftain, the tier 1 is a pretty cute idea, sure would like to see what tank he talks about next in the swedish tree.

    1. zombietropa says:

      If I recall correctly, the Hellcat has had two HD models so far. The IRL Conq, in times of war, would have spaced (or “Buster”) armour fitted to it during times of war. Since the Conq (thankfully) never had to duel T-10’s in Europe, you don’t really see that armour fitted in pictures. On further reading (, about half way down), I think the only place that the Buster armour would have been fitted would be the upper glacis, and not to the extent of the recent renders, to combat the HEAT rounds fired by Soviet tanks.

      Would 20mm of spaced armour on the glacis of the Conq break the game? Most likely not, since most people aren’t going to be firing HEAT rounds at the front hull, it’s pretty thin to begin with. If they do decide to fit spaced armour to the turret, its so angled and well armoured that even HEAT rounds don’t do that much to it either, so the spaced armour is just going to be a lick of paint.

      1. any armor buff to the upper glacis plate is appreciated and would make the change worth while for the conqueror. The render only showed the extra armor being applied to the turret and I figured that the hull armor in the picture was being reinforced with reactive armor of sorts due to the even rectangular shapes.

        I would only expect a slight gun handling nerf to the conqueror if they buff the upper plate by even 14mm so as to ensure that tier 8’s have no hope of penetrating it on equal ground.

        You are right about the hellcat getting a second HD model, I really felt the change especially the spaced armor bonus the soldier packs hanging from the sides of the turret did for the tank. I get all the bounces there.

        You have a good point about the effect of heat rounds on the well angled armor. Thanks, was fun reading your reply.

  3. Hotpointius says:

    Now that we’ve seen the spaced-armour Conqueror turret appear in official wargaming material somehow I suspect it can’t be too long until we see a “Bat-Chat versus Super-Conqueror” Ranzar cartoon. :-p

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