Inside the mind of an XVM-focus arty player


ever wondered what an SPG player is thinking when it XVM focuses you? -DHP from Reddit has shared with us such deep insight:

Technically he has a point but that doesn’t make it fairer.

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Inside the mind of an XVM-focus arty player

61 thoughts on “Inside the mind of an XVM-focus arty player

  1. Cranky1 says:

    XVM is kind of a cheat mod for those who use it. Like if in a real war if you seen two Tiger I tanks and you know Michael Wittman is the one on the left what one would you shoot first? WG should make XVM a part of the game for everyone to use. Like they seem to added mod folder to steal ideas. Why by now is it not ban by WG or Added to game?

    1. GlennA says:

      My god you’re retarded…I’m guessing your stats suck to the point where you never get arty focused. I recently went on a 80k xp grindfest on my T10 and quite often I had arty focusing me more often ones that weren’t in a platoon. Knowing the stats of which player is good and focusing him with arty where you take ZERO RISK in killing him is just a fucking despicable thing to do.

      1. Anonymous says:

        how`s he retarded if he said the truth….. XVM is just mod which autists use to focus targets and nothing more nowdays since all other features of XVM are added in the game vanila client

        also, being perma stunned by 2-3 arties for like 2 mins is great fun, isnt it ?

  2. gstealth says:

    people always ask why this why that and that’s fine and all but in real life tanks have nothing to do with this stuff…

  3. stormcrow99 says:

    Unicum SCUM, how DARE he get good at this game?!
    We NEED equality of outcome!!
    Союз нерушимый республик свободных…

  4. stormcrow99 says:

    In all seriousness this pragmatism vs fair play is one of the reasons I dislike this mod.
    It’s essentially a co I mean di… rod extension with side mirrors pointing at no other to monitor your growth down there.

  5. Morganator says:

    Altough his attitude and profanity isnt the right way, his intention to focus the bigger threat is probably the better choice for winning the game.

  6. Well he might expres it in a bit more civilised way, but Im not sure what you want here.
    Should we, in a name of equality, aim alternately on red and purple players? Ban XVM?

  7. Literally the day I went blue and XVM showed me as blue it all changed. The amount of focus and yoloing that happens is ridiculous.

    I can just imagine purple and pro players….really shitty abuse of the mod by people.

    1. Infernal969 says:

      Yep, being at least blue is terrible. There’s more often than not some tomato willing to sacrifice himself and cripple or completely ruin your game. It’s not only arty focus. I wish they would ban this retarded mod already.

  8. Assaultcat says:

    I am a SPG Player too, but i dont focus on good players. Trying to watch the minimap and helping my team where they need or request fire is the only thing an spg player should do.

    1. Wahnfried.III says:

      If you dont use XVM, you are a burden to your team, shooting the unimportant targets and not the lethal ones.

  9. Would any player of light/medium/heavy/td not focus down a dangerous enemy player if they could. If arty can damage (because that’s the best they can hope for at the moment) them and make it easer for team mates to kill them while taking less damage and improve their teams chances of winning why T F not.

    {other games such as My Little Pony and Tetris are available}

  10. just a passenger says:

    though I won’t play arty like this guy and also hate to be focused by arties,I can’t support ur “unfair” argument.

    getting rid of strong enemy first is
    a solid,reasonable strategy.ofcorse being focused by one guy for entire game is totally not fun,but can u really find any unfairness about that?

    don’t get me wrong, I don’t like such playstyle and will NEVER recommend it to anyone,but since WoT is shooting game what he did is totally fair.
    I can understand why lots of people(including u) blame him, but don’t be too emotional and think rationally please.

    all I could say about his playing is “unrespectable”, that’s it.

  11. DickHerMax says:

    Recently I got teamkilled by M44 because I got up on the hill with the church on Karelia Assault (we were attacking, but left flank was losing so I kept it spotted from there). “Ebay account wn8 noob” he said.

  12. Vidar Hook says:

    I like to think that this mindset is exceedingly prevalent and representative of everyone playing artillery.

  13. I always say, that XVM is the worst cheat of all. When SPGs focus only on you, watching your every move, just because you have the potential to carry, now that’s not normal.

    Plus, it gives information, that can give u or your team advantage. Knowing which player is more dangerous, than others, is definitely something which changes player behaviour.

  14. OopSAA says:

    It is a good strategy to kill key/important players/tanks asap. It increase your chance to win…. But the cheating?!? …. Unless he knows the player in person, I think it’s asumption that he cheats because he is a unichorn, so that’s utter bullshit

  15. Ever wonder why there is massive hate against Arty players? It’s because of posts like this. You feed into all the negative notions/excuses for performing badly by players that prefer to blame and not to improve. KILL THE UNICUM is a must in any game if you want to win! Leave a unicum alive for last is a good way to lose the game because they are good players and will be one of their teams most effective players. This kind of crap leads to stupid team kills. If unicums do not want to be targeted, no wait, their are on the enemy team (gasp!) then do not be a unicum – get over it. I play to win and YES – I target them with whatever tank am playing because if I do not shut them down, they will find a way to win for their team. Rita – you are a part of the problem with posts like this.

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      Funny thing, -people that watch me know- I play arty and I found his comment that Unicum are pussies and cheaters amusing.

      I play it for the missions, usually when I got food in and only got one hand to spare.

      Also, I do not have XVM, haven’t for about 3 years so even if I wanted I won’t target a particular player before a battle starts and my first priority is enemy arty tracing.

      Honestly, being able to target people even before a battle starts by stats shouldn’t be allowed, you not only fire safely from the back with a whole team between you and the target but you gotta nitpick as well? Yes, targeting someone who plays better is a fair advantage but arty players should figure that out with their own eyes /without the xvm aiding them of who that player may be.

      Arty players do have it too easy, if you play the class do expect and accept to take some heat.

      1. CharlesBronson says:

        “Arty players do have it too easy, if you play the class do expect and accept to take some heat.”
        “Unicums have it too easy. If you play that good do expect, and accept, to take some heat.”

        The problem is XVM, not arty using the information. All tankers that use XVM are likely using it to gauge the threat level of the enemy. I say: ban XVM (and all other mods).

        I tend to target the enemies that seem to know what they are doing, regardless of me playing arty or not. I don’t use XVM, but I can’t blame the players for using an allowed mod. Ban the mods, then we even the playing field (for everyone).

      2. Shiva says:

        Can we get some videos of lights, meds, heavies or td’s drowning or quitting game due to XVM?
        Those are out there, atleast in saved replays.
        + maybe some matches where the spg’s do not drown themselves and win the game when rest of team fails?
        Those are out there too, I know that.

        And…. I do have to agree with what Bill writes on his last sentence here.

      3. “Arty players do have it too easy, if you play the class do expect and accept to take some heat.”

        You make my point for me. You have arty-phobia. How many more nerfs will it take? As it is now, arty can’t even defend itself – even if you put a round into the face of the tank via direct fire – all you get is a stunned tank killing you instead of a non-stunned tank, when you are lucky enough to get first shot and hit in direct fire mode.

        No – I do not wait and do nothing while the purple or blue guy is not spotted, ( I have uploaded a multitude of games if you want to check that assertion.) YES – I will shoot them if I have the choice of targets – again, shutting them down thru either suppression or kills or forcing him to relocate is EXACTLY the point.

        What is the reverse? XVM Farming the red players because you can and then hope someone else kills the better players for you? I’m pretty sure you community contributors have poo-poo’d that as well.

        Better players think better, spot better, shoot better, have better ping, and usually have much better crews that improves everything they do. Treating them like the red player next to them with a likely <100% crew is idiocy.

        Here's another way to look at it – If I die in the attempt to take out the good players, then the rest of my team has a real chance at winning, instead of becoming meat for one of those 10-kill videos you guys like to post, laughing at the poor performing players as you comment.

      4. Holy mother of…. thats so dumb… “being able to target people even before a battle starts by stats shouldn’t be allowed” yeah, not that they have to be spotted, and have to be lead as a target, and then fired at, with RNG. Nah, you can just shoot them at the start of battle.

        Here, let me change your statement so you can review it and see how rediculous it is; “being able to target people even before a battle starts by clan name/vehicle class shouldn’t be allowed” Do you see the fatal flaw in your logic?

        Nothing says “I love the playerbase” like marginalising and abusing a certain selection of it. Arty players do NOT have it easy. Arty players face the worst kind of vitriol from other players, in and outside of the game (this article and comments proving just that), being judged with rediculous scrutiny by people on some imaginary moral highground.

        Nice to see that your videos don’t reflect the statements posted h… oh wait, nevermind.

        I’d also like you to diversify your meaning of “arty players” – because you seem to make out that calling them players of a certain class means that they’re incapable of playing anything else. You don’t get better at a game by only playing a small section of the content.

        That said, I’d like to point out that you’re hardly in a position to comment on how artillery is played, having a staggering 3% of your games played in said class (the majority of which are in high RoF artillery at tier 5 and 6). I like how you’ve tried to play off how we’re pointing out that you’re part of the problem by falling back to “oh it’s okay, I play artillery as well” – Nice meme. Nice to see a new take on the stereotypical “oh i’m not racist, I’ve got lots of (insert nationality/race/creed here) friends” comment.

  16. On the reverse side – I tend to support unicums on my team because I know if I can keep them alive, they will be effective for my team and my teams’ chances of winning go up. It works both ways. Of course when unicums play auto-loaders and move up to clip someone, then run off to the other side of he map (e.g. Quickybaby) and then leave me (or anyone else that was with them) left to deal with the enemy that is really pissed of and blood-raged for revenge – get who eats that? And then when you say to the unicum that ran off on you, they say “reloading” which basically means “sucks to be you” ( e.g. Quickybaby) Next time you see quickybaby – remind him that his team is not a pool of HP for him to expend while he farms XVM.

    1. Why single out QB? lol
      Support the team unicum but don’t sleep on the job. If it looks like he’s using you for spot or shield is because he is. GTFO ASAP and use HIM as spot or shield.

    2. Wahnfried.III says:

      But the value of 99.9999999 percent of all of your teammates does never reach above being a bullet sponge. Surviving WOT is at least 30 % of convincing other people to take the shot for you. You would be hard pressed to find a replay of a successful WOT player that takes one for the team.

      No serious WOT player believes in teamwork. Do so at your peril. And fully expect that ALL of your team “mates” consider you a juicy hitpoint pool to be sacrificed at will to the enemy.

  17. Salty_Mike says:

    I don’t have XVM but my buddy I platoon with sometimes does have it, and it changes my playstyle quite a bit. Its like having secret info and you have to focus on taking out the biggest threat ’cause winning is awesome, but teamplay suffers.

    Without it, I read the map and look at which flank is weaker and support them or push with a stronger flank, and the good players show up soon enough through their actions so I’ll try to then stall them and I like that game play a lot better, creates good action and fair team strategy
    So give everyone XVM or better yet, remove it!

  18. Never mind says:

    NOW you see why XVM should not be a part of the game. or any outside stats for that matter. That asshat has his mind set to wreck that guys game, and im sure he did all he could every 22 seconds ro so.

  19. Gordon Weedman says:

    I personally hate XVM so damn much. I’m just playing to have fun, and apparently I’m good at that, so because of that I should have less fun? Because people just keep tunnelvisioning on me. It’d be great if WG added a feature that blocked XVM and anything else from looking up your stats that you can enable or disable yourself, but enabled by default, so you can show off your e-peen at your own risk.

  20. Makes grinding low tier tanks impossible for me. I had games where arty would target only me in a tier 4 match while grinding through the M3 Lee to get the Sherman. Was worth it in the end though, M4 is my favorite tier 5.

  21. Cranky1 says:

    XVM helps target the better players first e.g. that old saying ( Cut the beast head off and the body will die ) kill the unicum’s then your left with the noobs at the end of battle = more chance for victory.
    Why does WG not deemed XVM unfair to non users?

  22. Yeah We are all warpackers, Me, Dph, Knit ect… We play Esl together & all play with Warpack XXX V6.9

    Im being sarcastic if you cant tell… (we do play esl though)

  23. Anonymous says:

    I don’t used XVM at all and it mean nothing to me. I played spg, light, medium, heavy, and td tanks. The real things that everyone’s should know that anything can happen in the battles on any given days.

  24. i always focus on good players when i play arty. especially when i see a reroll account, that one is my only target until he dies. because he rerolls for being “blue” on that list, and this is the price for being “blue”

  25. Wahnfried.III says:

    Like most whines about XVM you are simple missing the main point. The fucked up matchmaking. It is the matchmaking that insist putting Quickbaby in the enemy team while my team is only average.

    The threat level of a good player increases by magnitudes in the late game. It does not help that those players tend to drive the latest op or at least meta tanks available, usually 100 % goldonly of course.

    The brutal reality is, that it this player does not DIE ASAP… you WILL LOOSE!

    The issue is matchmaking. A Matchmaking that creates teams that if 2/3 of your team sacrifice themselves to nuke that one blue player in the other team that your winchance still quadruple after his death. That is the problem. Not XVM.

    XVM merely helps mitigating the unfair discrepancy in team balance. And it does a poor job at that, or all those 60 % winrate whiners would not have those 60 %.

    When some players on the enemy team are significantly better than the others, logic dicates that their are destroyed at any cost and as soon as possible. Anything else is a safe way to defeat.

    XVM whine is also so hypocritical. Almost all of the XVM whiners use it themselves. So, an advantage that is only used by the pros is completly fair but wait.. now the lesser players are also using it… and that is a sacrilege?

    Get real. WG should make the mod part of the game. For everyone. In the meantime I will XVM focus every single time I believe it to help me achieve victory.

    Victory at any cost…. isnt that the credo of all of you goldspamming P2W wh. anyway?

    Deal with it.

  26. This is the same bullshit argument that gets used against people who don’t support or follow the tactics from high skill players. Can’t have it all one way. Also. LOL how pathetic that you’d attribute fairness to a competitive game. Winning is winning.

  27. Anonymous says:

    The main problem is that people use XVM to absue. Some people ( like me ) use it to determine if I can lean on my team for support. If I’m playing with little tomatos ( no offense ) then I know I can’t / shouldn’t rely on them. I had many games where a small group of GOOD players kicked butt and it was all due to the fact that XVM showed they were capable/reliable people.

    It also helps to see whom you should stay away from on the enemy team, and who you can YOLO rush, because you know they will be the type of player who turns the hull and turret in opposite directions…

    XVM is not the problem, it’s stoopid people using it badly.

  28. PUNISHER989 says:

    God I love it when I get Hackuzations. They always make my night and then the fun begins to see how far you can egg the guy on. WOT is really a diverse game ;D. hahahaha.
    But I have a heart soft and normally cant keep that up and I end up showing the player how too, if they concede and let logic prevail that anyone can do it.

  29. suffywuffy says:

    Anyone saying that this arty is doing the right thing has obviously never spent a day playing light tanks being yolo’d and arty focused by every mong with xvm installed.

    Arty should be forced to use their own brain and initiative to work out which target is the biggest threat and who is having the biggest impact on the game because of the tank they are playing, the position they are occupying or the damage they are doing, not because some mod tells them before the game has even started that this guy is purple, shoot him no matter what he is doing. Seeing that the purple player is over there and just pinning him behind a house all game while his team still destroys the arty players team is so much fun.

    Also removing xvm would solve the problem of the whiney idiots who quit as soon as they see their team is 50% red. Funny thing is though those people are normally green at best

  30. Here’s an example of a mind of another Arty player. (From the WoT Forum.) An EXCELLENT summary of the recent Arty mechanics, my hats off to “Wrath of Conn”


    I have applied to the Sandbox as a tester. I am an all arty player and I am an above average player (WN8 1086, 20K games Recent WN8 of 1460). I want to be part of this development as it stands a very great probably to effect my entire gaming experience. I have watched the YouTube video that your developer’s have commented on these reclassification of arty. I have clan members in the sandbox and received their feedback on the redevelopment of the arty functions. I am concerned that not enough arty players are in the sandbox. My concerns are in order of importance:

    1) As arty I will no longer be able to defend myself at the end of games. When lights particularly arty hunt. With the reduction in alpha and this stun mechanism, arty will not be able to kill anything that is coming in on it. NOT a great gaming experience.

    2) At tiers 8-10 arty currently does have a place in clan wars. With this redevelopment of our capabilities, there is no reason for a clan to bring a tank that already has smaill HP life when the tanks Alpha is reduced. I have talked a with top 100 clan (Triad) and many lowered ranked clans (my own clan is ranked 432), and strategically and tactically there is not any perceived benefit to bringing this “new” arty to clan wars. NOT a great gaming experience.

    3) Counter battery is obsolete. There is not any point in stunning opposing arty. One of the key roles arty plays is counter battery. Removing enemy arty is one of my primary roles as it allows my team to be more offensive. The reduction of the alpha means I can not kill an arty with one shot (thinking of the T10 Bat Chat arty) and stunning is a moot point because my forces are too far away at the beginning of the game to take advange of the stun. NOT a great gaming experience.

    4) I have spent approximately $2000.00 USD over the past two years for gold and premiuim accounts for my husband’s account.(Green_Griffin WN8 1189 clan TRIAD) gifts to clan members for good performance, and my own account. I invest in this game. I am being made ineffective by these changes and can not add any value to the games I enjoy, clan wars, advances, detach. These changes I believe are meant to pacify the public matches. Your developer’s state that this is a means of having pub teams include arty more in their strategy and game play. You are not in touch with your game. Pub’s do not form platoons very often. Most platoons come as platoons from the MM. Pub matches aren’t very strategic. It is more a straight up tactical battle with tanks (hopefully) going to positions that best suit their particular tank. Again, this will NOT promote arty inclusion to public play. NOT a great gaming experience.

    5) The arrogance of the developer’s in your You Tube video was just staggering. Yes, they know how much arty is hated. Yes, they are going to deal with arty mechanics to pacify everyone. This may not be a direct quote but the staggering arrogance of a company to address a class many of us love and have invested in is appalling. So you understand, I can only one shot a full health heavy if they are at least one tier down from me, usually two tiers. I have to run a premium shell with splash to do it as well. These heavies are usually sitting still in the open, ie, they dont play their tank well. I do admit that on rare occassion I have one shot a light on the run, but, I truly believe that has more to do with 4 perks skills on my crew, good rng, and some level of skill on my part than as the single attribute of the tank class I am in.

    6) I do not know if I will get the standard reply from you on this ticket (Thank you we will investigate) or if you will get me in the Sandbox where I can legitimately provide my feedback to your developers) I can not just sit and wait for my game mechanics (Arty) to so drastically change, without trying to be part of their development.

    7) With these changes I can pretty much forget about getting a Top Gun, High Caliber, Bombardier, Radley Walters, or Kolobanov’s medal every again. (Yes, I have all of them).



    4/11/17 Note
    We will no longer get to play with clan members. This is insane. It is a social game and now I will not be able to toon with my friends, clan members. WG should have just taken arty out of the game. This is just arty being sh!& on by wargaming. – Wrath

    “No artillery in Platoons. You were vocal about mismatched scenarios, when a Platoon of three SPGs was placed at the top of the list and the team ended up with three long-range support fire vehicles as their main strength. The other frustrating issue was frequent cases of arty giving its all to support fellow Platoon-members and totally neglecting the rest of the team. To eliminate both problems, we decided to stop SPGs from forming and joining Dynamic and regular Platoons. Removing the option to play in Platoons should facilitate team cooperation and aid the matchmaker in creating balanced teams. Individual Battle Missions were updated accordingly. We removed Platoons from their conditions.”

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