Inside the Tanks: Tiger 131

– VR 360° – Part II – World of Tanks Console.

With Richard “The Challenger” Cutland.


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Inside the Tanks: Tiger 131

2 thoughts on “Inside the Tanks: Tiger 131

  1. Celtic says:

    I love these videos… but I really wish they’d cool it with the 360 technology. They didn’t even use it. I’m always to busy dragging the screen or spinning in a circle making sure I don’t miss anything.
    On top of that, they didn’t even do anything special with the tech this time… so I was wasting time spinning the camera around for no reason.

  2. SgtSweatySac says:

    Here’s hoping that one day we get an “Inside the Chieftains Hatch” on Tiger 131 eventually. I don’t hate Mr. Cutland, but Nic Moran does such a better job.

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