Insider Info: World of Tanks 2.0 in development


No, this is not a joke or a hoax. I already had my suspicions for months as I’ve spread my roots trough every crack but my insiders in Wargaming finally have confirmed this information.


Wargaming is currently working on a World of Tanks 2.0 with modern vehicles just like Armored Warfare. The game is in pre-alpha stage and its very likely that it will be announced this year, maybe even at Gamescon.

WG is learning from its competitor Armored Warfare, that there is enough interest in modern vehicles. The screenshots released on April 1st, 2015 as a joke belonged to a very early stage/prototype version of the project and since then the engine has received a major improve and the models will certainly look as polished as the HD WoT models.

And talking about Armored Warfare… I hope this is more than enough reason for them to wake the hell up, I still play the game but it’s very visible of how much less I’ve been writing about it. I’ve been feeling disappointed and just came out from a month break from AW, Obsidian has had many fails since game got released, most patches come delayed, incomplete and full of bugs.

I expected more from Obsidian mostly due to the games they released in the past (Neverwinter, Fallout New Vegas and even Pillars of Eternity) I’ve been investigating around and there is practically no people working on Armored Warfare that worked on the good games.

So yeah, I’m very curious about WoT 2.0 and I hope this to be a wake up call for Obsidian to start doing a better job.



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Insider Info: World of Tanks 2.0 in development

220 thoughts on “Insider Info: World of Tanks 2.0 in development

  1. Anonymous says:

    Pathetic attempt to try and regain some credibility. WOT in a few yrs will be dead and completely out of competition with AW.

    1. Anonymous says:

      hmm Weird AW is dead… WoT is dying… and Warthunder went to shit cause their developers are just power hungry prick. give it a while and these’s games will be forever forgoten

    1. Anonymous says:

      lets not and say we didnt. also pretty sure the maus never made it to a prototype so that would never be in the game

  2. kilo_india_alpha says:

    instead of fixing a working game and including quality of life improvements for the users they already have they want to develop something new. Do they believe that the players will switch? They remain because they are invested there and have friends. But after knowing of WG’s stronk preformance of non-caring I decided to not touch any other products of this company.

  3. Muddy Side says:

    IMO, it would seem that extending the current tiers into more modern tanks is the correct thing to do. But I guess the WG technical team would prefer to start from scratch: new engine, blank page, no legacy issues and so on. But surely the technical team would not take the final decision. An engine upgrade and total game re-balance to bring XI tier and higher is feasible but it would cost a lot of money and time.

  4. Thomas says:

    I personally think it would be a shame to compete with yourself, however I guess it’s impossible to have both games in one due to the size of the client… Would be nice to have a game mode which unlocked level 11-20 tanks (and at the same time locked level 1-10) and had different maps…
    That means you could just play the same game and not mix the tanks too much.
    However they are likely to want additional features without influenzing the old WoT just in case…

  5. S the K says:

    I am disappointed in Rita. She used to be a cheerleader for AW, now she’s turning on them as soon as SerB drops some gifts her way — vacations, tanks, etc. She knows which side has the better gravy train.

    Never mind that WG is a major publisher, OE is tiny in comparison. WoT is the 800 lb gorilla. AW is the scrappy upstart. WoT is rolling in cash. AW is more modest and limited resources.

    1. BlackPaw says:

      Just don’t care about her.. cheerleader that make 3 aw vid to get Chieftain MK6? and play only pve?

      Some PPL quit WOT because of WG… if the game still being WG with their management policies… there is no place in the harddrive for it.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Considering how little new content has been put into WoT the last 2 years I don’t think its any suprise to see confirmation that they have been working on WoT 2.0 instead.

    Lets just hope it has some genuine improvements and isn’t just a reskin job with modern-era tanks.

  7. Excalibur says:

    So, a Modern tank game. Neat.
    Hope they don’t have wheels that can’t be tracked. Knowing wargaming, and how they try to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, hopefully, we can have much lower requirements than AW. Personally, can run AW, but stayed in WoT since both my close pals aren’t very serious about gaming and run WoT on lower end PC that couldn’t handle AW on lowest settings.

    Not to mention, a second chance with the 5 years of experiences acquired from WoT has got to lead to a better game. As for tiers, I highly doubt it’ll be a tier 11, since grinding mechanic would mean you’ll need impractical amounts of creds and exp to grind tiers like 13~16. Instead, they’ll probably make a separate game, maybe this is what Excalibur was.

    As for AW, the player base is split in half when already it’s not as populated as WoT. On top of all of that, new WoT could rip the research system off the old one, meaning a solid system that isn’t an excuse to bypass another company’s system.

    In the end, if WG is going to make a T90 game, and it’s as accessible as the current WoT, I’m all in and would definitely try to get into the production process. It’s a promising idea that’s probably gonna be more famous among younger auduences who would rather look at sharp edges and rubber track pads than legendary but old relics of a conflict long gone.

    Best regards to the Seattle team, looking forward to a great new game, a fresh start, and hopefully share each step of the way with friends and family regardless of PC status.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am not sure if I want to start a grind on a new WG game,esspecially with their low income credits sistem,noo,I think its a foolish move of WG to even consider making another tank game,makes no sense..

  9. Sky says:

    World of Tanks is actually fun to some people. Sure there are bugs, but Wargaming will be working WITH players to give wot a little tlc. Also, the world of tanks community have been seeing, and will continue to see more and more updates, which make world of tanks more enjoyable by the players.

  10. It will be the next generation engine for WoT, rather than alienate the current user base, WoT 2.0 will be the target for all new development, bigger maps, HD and possibly even havok-style features. It will require multi-core cpus and good graphics cards. As the community slowly moves over to WoT 2.0 then it will become a test bed for moving all WoT 1.0 tank trees over, lock stock and barrel. A year or more likely, three years down the line, top end WWII tanks, tier IX and X will appear in WoT 2.0 just as AW is considering doing. As more of the lower tiers are introduced to WoT 2.0 then it will slowly take over the mantle of World of Tanks. WoT 1.0 will be retired in four years or so.

  11. leeuniverse says:

    Moron Wargaming should have instead focused on making a quality game both in UI and in performance, like AW’s game/tanks are.

    I had to mod the shit out of WOT, just to even play the game, so much so that I ended up creating a mod pack, LAMP…. I’ve been playing AW the last few updates, because Wargaming finally drove me away with their shit “Physics”…. and the T49 simply unplayable now.

    AW, I don’t “need” to mod it AT ALL….. that’s how shit WOT’s UI/game is.

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