Insider Info: World of Tanks 2.0 in development


No, this is not a joke or a hoax. I already had my suspicions for months as I’ve spread my roots trough every crack but my insiders in Wargaming finally have confirmed this information.


Wargaming is currently working on a World of Tanks 2.0 with modern vehicles just like Armored Warfare. The game is in pre-alpha stage and its very likely that it will be announced this year, maybe even at Gamescon.

WG is learning from its competitor Armored Warfare, that there is enough interest in modern vehicles. The screenshots released on April 1st, 2015 as a joke belonged to a very early stage/prototype version of the project and since then the engine has received a major improve and the models will certainly look as polished as the HD WoT models.

And talking about Armored Warfare… I hope this is more than enough reason for them to wake the hell up, I still play the game but it’s very visible of how much less I’ve been writing about it. I’ve been feeling disappointed and just came out from a month break from AW, Obsidian has had many fails since game got released, most patches come delayed, incomplete and full of bugs.

I expected more from Obsidian mostly due to the games they released in the past (Neverwinter, Fallout New Vegas and even Pillars of Eternity) I’ve been investigating around and there is practically no people working on Armored Warfare that worked on the good games.

So yeah, I’m very curious about WoT 2.0 and I hope this to be a wake up call for Obsidian to start doing a better job.



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Insider Info: World of Tanks 2.0 in development

220 thoughts on “Insider Info: World of Tanks 2.0 in development

    1. _Kitsune_ says:

      they mentioned far future tanks and the one shown had a dual gun set-up.
      they also announced before that they will make a multiple barrel implementation into WoT.

    2. Anonymous says:

      1.4.2016… so yeah, so much about legit sources 🙂

      Even if they do… it will be Bigworld- ghostshell – engine…
      the good old “have 2 titans and barely scratch 100fps on some maps” thing… while having 250 on other.
      yeye… performance … sovjet russia something something

      1. Well, sounds like using a dragster to stem public traffic 😉 … i think the input latency on players machines and latency to servers are more pressing issues … i am lucky to have a pretty responsive server reticle from where i’m playing. Since its turned on i get much less problems with odd trajectories.

  1. marianr87 says:

    So a 4th tank game? I think it will suffer from the same problem WT and AW do in my case and that is the amount of time and money spent on progressing in WOT. While WOT has some flaws, the other games have their own and WOT is still superior and I don’t feel compelled to invest more time in the others.
    I’d rather wished they implemented modern tanks in current WOT than make a new game for them. They could make earning them a new goal for tier X players, as currently there isn’t much of an incentive to play tier Xs.

      1. marianr87 says:

        That depends on how well they fix the flaws and if the people that left really left because of them or because of the grind. I mean aside from the minor flaws of the game, the players themselves can be the biggest annoying thing about the game. No matter how much you reduce RNG in damage, accuracy and penetration and even if you remove arty frustrations will remain, if reduces.

      2. I left because WG EU is just milking the EU server. No good specials at all and no good sales either. Bloody hell, look at the 5th aniversary special its pathetic!!! (1,5/2 years ago that was considered a “normal” special, these days even that terrible a special is considered super awesome, cause the rest is even worse.

        I love WOT, but I am a bit tired of the grind and combine that with the above makes me unwilling to support them. (Also the fact that during the grind you’ll encounter OI and OI exp, which are massively OP and still nothing known about nerfs, reduces the fun of the grind. Cause everything below tier 8 was quite boring/frustrating already they made it worse with those tanks.)

      3. Its taken over 4 years and 2 competitors for WG to start to listen to all the complaining. I wouldnt expect to see any flaws fixed soon going by their track record. Hopefully I’m wrong but I dont see it.

      4. Teobold Tor says:

        I haven’t left WoT and don’t intend to as I’ve invested too much time and money in the game to leave it behind. I do play more AW at the minute however, because they have very good specials, far less monetisation,PvE mode and no mods – especially no XVM which brings all the toxic arseholes to the yard. *I* don’t get attacked for my stats as they’re decent, but am sick and tired of all the rage misuse of that mod brings to the game.

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      Though bridging the gap between times will be very difficult, considering after T-62s and the like, weapons development really got out of hand, technology that made the other advancements and armor completely unnecessary came out every other day.
      The current +/-2 MM would be lethal, and tanks like Maus and the Doom Turtle would suffer the last finisher to the wreck that they are due to gold ammo already.

      1. marianr87 says:

        True. That’s probably why they are making a separate game. Balancing some tier Xs against modern stuff would be impossible.
        If they can’t merge them, then at least there should be a close connection between the 2. Play this many tier x games in WOT and unlock this tank in WOT 2 or something like that.

    1. Anonymous says:

      no one needs the Xbox one/PS4 quality, they are hard to optimize and more than 80% of the playerbase wont be able to use it, instead they should just work actual issues like arty and prem rounds

      Graphics are second to every other issue and even then, WoT is not a bad looking game

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think you have it backwards Rita; AW has been a wake up call for WoT. Your not exactly impartial to this conversation if fact I would argue your highly biased towards WoT.

      1. Fine and dandy, AW is already fleshed out to tier 9 with the latest machines. I’m not interested in spending time grinding in Wargaming with premium ammunition for everyone.

    1. That’s quite the irnoy indeed. AW was supposed to be the “WoT killer” and now AW is gonna get burried by no other than Wargaming if they do it right.

      I rage on a few things in WoT but the game is just in such an advanced stage it’s plain better right now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That might change things to 2of5 dead WG games.

    That’s 60%…. So they might pass class with some verbal exam.

    *Unzipps pants*

  4. I play WOT complete sh*t right now. No decent maps(say Hi to large HD AW maps), very hard camping, second rate tanks. Politics make one tank OP and then nerf it to . Too much greed. Say hello paying for slots(AW slot is ”free”), initial tank crew training AW from the start player get 100% percent crew (no need to pay for that)and crew training is logical, better camouflage pattern andf variantions and You can buy ones for silver for unlimited time as well. Very hard to AW. Better stock tanks in AW . 2 good modes PVE and PVP They Obisidian listening to players … Last example Mission for Puma it was only PVP and turn it to someway similar to WOT marathons . They acknowledge player response and next one Leopard 2 AV ICE was both … And most PVE turn into players taking M113, XM800 and Fox and as one team go to cap and destroying all bots which try to prevent that …. Really good time. Aggressive game play as one team which was really good surprise for stranger team. Love it. If retards from WG game balance department and developers try do something else I would’n invest time and money in it because it’s shit what they produce now, no good customer support, no good mood from playing their tank game. If be more exact when i got in clan TS most time i heard form players who play WOT shit team, shit tanks …. I would’t want that. In free time from game i playing i would like to get great emotions which say WOT didn’t provide but AW done it even more then I expected. Good times and they fix everything fast. In end WG can’t do game dev they just didn’t know how to do it. WOT was popular because no one else done this approach … Right now is competitor AW which is better because Obsidain has professional team … not last year students … like WG 😉

  5. platoon says:

    new game or patch? my first thought is “finally some news about it!” but then I just think about WoT development and I don’t think its too possible we see it happen, just look how much they wasted time with making game modes, hd tanks, graphics, etc, etc.. I think modern tanks got more detail than the tanks inside WoT, and if they want to do that,

    it should be a new game like AW, because they have to make a tier 11 and a lot of new balances, models, material, etc.. thats why it cannot be a patch where you proceed from tier 10, also there should be a another team just to do all of that, not posible so its just a rumors and jokes I think..

    if they will make a new game I’m sure it will get stuck in half development or they will release it only to take money from people with a unfinished product just like what they do all the time..

    I think the only way to do is merging AW with WoT is looks like its not possible either..

  6. sgtkokken says:

    Question is: Do we really want to play an AW clone with that ridiculous, build in, game breaking, RNG in it??? (Not saying that AW is perfect, but at least they don’t let some script decide which side gonna win the battle.. I know, but exaggeration promotes understanding). Well, my answer to that question is: HELL NO!!!

    1. Dingus says:

      Actually, there is a script in AW that decides who’s gonna win the battle. The game is even more rigged than WoT.

      1. RagnarokBazil says:

        You sir are lieing AW has no script like that been playing my terminator and reason why i win has nothing to do with a script it has to do with players not knowing where to shoot how to learn how to aim and so forth. its the stuiped 15vs15 thats getting to you in the end of it all its not the game its the person playing the game. Any scout player knows what that means. As scouting and its roll takes the best skill to master and to understand whays going to happen. Theres no script. But i do know whats in World of tanks and any other game that has mods a script to cheat the game!

    2. stormcrow99 says:

      So RNG leaves less for you to calculate and control yourself? Big deal? Well in arty it is, but besides that? No.
      RNG is the least of WoTs issues. Also AW doesn’t work on my computer for whatever reason, so this is even better news for me.

      All hail WG, for letting those who cannot afford expensive computers to stay afloat in the gaming world with toasters.

      1. Um… my toaster runs AW fine on Low settings at 25-30 FPS. So WOT doesn’t have a monopoly there. I run an HD4400 graphics processor and i3. Bare minimum.

      2. stormcrow99 says:

        Well, I have a 300€ off-the-shelf Acer, haven’t got a F’n clue what it contains, EVERYTHING tech related is utter 100% absolute gibberish to me.

      1. sgtkokken says:

        Well… yes, AW is a clone, but WoT 2 will be a clone of a clone… And I don’t know which is worse..

      2. No premium ammunition, premium tanks are the exact same armor layout as regulars, ammunition types range widely, artillery is accurate, main guns are accurate, crews and tank commanders and retrofits all help aid your gameplay… plus, my tank is already there.

  7. Wachira says:

    yeah I really looking forward to this bcs the game engine of AW is just awful. I get 40 fps on WoT but when I play AW on the same pc I get only 20 fps

    1. Renarde Martel says:

      Modern tanks take a serious leap in technology and would be overkill. Smoothbore guns would literally give 0 fucks about armour.

    2. spodula says:

      Also, can you imagine the grind… Either the tiers would have to be re-blanaced. (Annoying a lot of people who free-xp’d / put days worth of effort int getting T10’s) or it would encourage botting even more, cos its the only way you would ever get a T11 tank..

  8. John says:

    There are some things to note if they do make a new game. These things are within direct comparison of Armored Warfare, which nailed it’s development out of the door:

    What engine will be used? There is no use in using this same 12 year old engine to develop a brand new product. AW uses CryEngine, which you can’t say is exactly lagging behind in the IDE area. We know how bad the game is limited by it’s own engine. The fact that they still use ActionScript 2 which itself is also outdated in many ways.

    This leads us onto what version of D3D they’re aiming for. Older engines don’t support DED11 and onwards, which means that if they choose an older game engine, they will already be behind AW which utilises D3D11. Also note Dx12 is being developed for many games already.

    Then there’s the game features which is the most important part. The rebalance of Artillery and all other classes as well as weather they’re keeping RNG. Considering they’re in direct competition with Obsidian at this point, it would be beneficial to remove and fix what players don’t want otherwise player will just stick to AW.

  9. Dunpeal says:

    “I expected more from Obsidian mostly due to the games they released in the past (Neverwinter, Fallout New Vegas and even Pillars of Eternity)” – pff Obsidian games were always full of bugs and technical shortcommings. They’re primarily known and praised for their deep stories, characters, settings etc. Not really the best choice to develop an mmo tank game really.

  10. nothing says:

    As long as game-rigging, swearing and mods are allowed in WoT it will never be the game to return too. After 2 months I played a game and got shot on fire multiple times by a player with an autoaim bot.

    No, WG has to make the game fun again instead of introducing new tanks. Tanks are just for money making so people will buy gold to research the tanks.

  11. Der_Typ says:

    Well i don’t know how they should Implement T11+ Tanks in the current game but i know for sure that i won’t start a new game. I already play WOT, WOWS, AW and even WT but of these 4 games 95% WOT so if there is a modern WOT as extra game with separate gold, xp, credits and prem time no thanks.

    1. Rammsch says:

      This is my exact opinion too. I won’t start a new game just for this, if they are implemented as T11+ tiers, it’s okay… otherwise I won’t spend my time mostly on a reskinned, recharacterised half-made “new game”… and I definitely won’t spend any money on that…I tried out WT, it’s superior in airplanes, not in tanks… AW is worse than WoT in my opinion…and there is WG again with superior tank and ship game, failed with cards, and airplanes… I think they gonna fail with WoT 2.0 if they don’t implement it into…rather make it a new one for said reasons.

  12. Rick says:

    Wot already perished when WG began producing other games, such as WoP and WoW. All funds directed elsewhere. Wot lose a lot of players away. All the games will have to be broken.

  13. Anonymous says:

    might explain the amount of premium tanks that are appearing in game,
    We have these tank models made better use them while we can.

  14. fighting_falcon93 says:

    I just don’t get it why they can’t make MM +/- 1 or even 0 and then introduce these modern vehicles as tier XI, XII, XIII, XIV and XV etc. The game is actually called “World of Tanks”, not “World of WW2-tanks”…

    1. stormcrow99 says:

      It’s in their basics that they are specifically aiming for the early WWII – Cold war era vehicles. Considering this it makes perfect sense to make another game.
      Let’s be honest, you’re just salty because you bought a new tank and it sucks to play stock in +/-2. There there, one day it’ll be fun playing that tank.

      1. fighting_falcon93 says:

        LOL you’re funny. Yes I’ve played since 2013 but TODAY I realised that it sucks to be stock in bottom tier *facepalm*. No, the reason I mentioned +/- 0 MM is because tier XI would introduce smoothbore guns, and with these amounts of penetration basicly all heavies would become completely obsolute.

      2. pixywing says:

        +2/-2 MM causes tanks to be unbalanced as they are forced to play such a spread of tanks. Playing a tier 3-4 tank against 5-6 causes players to quit (l tried with 7 different people and they all quit by tier 4).

        +1/-1 MM would involve a complete overhaul of most tanks but would result in a far more balanced game although I WG isn’t anywhere near competent enough to pull this off considering they left the KV-1S alone for 2 years and the Waffle still is OP and left with only 1 nerf.

    2. Tier 11 would be a Leopard IA5 or something of those sorts. For the Americans it would be a M60A3 or A4. For the Russians it would be a T-62. For the brits, it would be a Chieftain Mk. 10. For the Chinese it would be a Type 80.

      It can very fit as tier 11 well. The smoothbore on the T-62 had mediocre flawed APFSDS with about the same performance of the current 100mm on the T-62

  15. GuzganuRozaliu says:

    basically Wargaming have decided that fixing World of Tanks is not cost-effective so they decided to bury it and create a new game! :))))))))

  16. Anonymous says:

    so you will have ‘modern’ tanks, with more accuracy, fighting from increased ranges as modern tanks do, shooting smaller weakspots on better armored tanks. i have to say i am not overly confident and anxious to see this development.

  17. Marcel says:

    This is so pitifully xD
    All go to AW & now WoT 2.0? HAHAHAHAHA
    Need WG more Money? x’DD
    Or Have WG Fear than all Players go to AW Because it is better? 😉
    This is so Pitifully hahahahahaha

  18. Tier 11+ for moderrn tanks wouldn’t work, you’d have to grind all the way up to T10 first just to START playing modern MBTs – and then fit all the modern tanks that are under T10 back into the standard Tiers. CVR(T) Scorpion?

    On the good side, maybe they’ll introduce wheeled vehicles this time…

    1. fighting_falcon93 says:

      Please no armored cars. It’s looks way too silly. Just look at AW, these rediculous plastic toys don’t belong in a tank game.

  19. TheZebrok says:

    I really hope that it doesn’t “End” the current game we have now and that it is like the same game but obviously these vehicles can’t meet the vehicles we have in 9.14. I love the current game and I would love one with modern vehicles but I would like both to be completely healthy, popular games or the same game.

  20. Anonymous says:

    *WG is learning from its competitor Armored Warfare, that there is enough interest in modern vehicles*

    The players don’t want only modern vehicles. They don’t want fucking mods and cheats, as in “Mods and Cheats of Tanks”

  21. Funny Farmer says:

    Wouldn’t it be better to have a second domain in WoT for modern tanks? Call it eg. tier 11 to 20 but separate it from the other tanks.

  22. wfschepel says:

    As long as wot 2.0 is part of the unified account thing… No way in hell I am going to pay for yet another subscription. And, yes, I do hope this makes AW get their act together.

    1. pixywing says:

      WG has to get their act together as this year they have encouraged players to rig for tanks as they only give them 1 week bans and let them keep their tank they cheated for, the fail patch 10.0, and WG EU said aimbot is legal.

  23. Anonymous says:

    If Wargaming uses the same RNG and MM in this new game, I don’t think that I’ll be interested in playing. they have to start fixing WOT 1 before going into another version of the same game. Armored Warfare is much more enjoyable to play, even though it’s still in Beta, mainly because of the community and honest information given from the developers. The only thing missing is the number of players,at least in NA, which makes their new MM difficult to implement presently. Hopefully, after its full release,that will be resolved and we’ll see how it is really going to work.

    1. wfschepel says:

      The community? Wait, what? That bunch of retards that went to Aw because they suck at WOT? One of the main reasons I mothballed AW is precisely because of the community of redline camping/hiding idiots.

  24. WOT has it pluses and minuses, but instead of a new game why not adjust the new moderns to 11? What I’m worried they will do is let the current WOT die on the vine before putting in adjustments and new maps. Relax the focus on HD models and super duty eye candy, a lot of people play old games simply for the game play itself.

  25. I don’t know if people are getting that this is not going to be a completely separate game from WoT. We will get a patch that will be titled 2.0 that will introduce tiers 11 through 13 (or whatever max tier they come up with) that will be modern tanks. It won’t be taking away from the game that is already established or something that is like WoWS or WoWP. I have been seeing a lot of comments that are talking about “I hope its not taking away resources from the original game”. That’s is what I took away from this post. If I am wrong I hope Rita can clarify it for us all. 🙂

    1. 21Blackjack says:

      The question is if they implement a 2.0. Will it be seperate or in current WoT? Will smoothbore fight rifled? Reactive Armor? Point Defense systems? Missiles? Smoke Grenades? Will Modern Tanks be fighting on 800mx800m maps?

      Considering the low spec requirements WoT goes for, I’m not sure its such a good idea, especially complicating a game style already apparently too complicated for most players. “Look at map, take defensive positions, shoot enemies”

  26. Anonymous says:

    I got too sick and tired of being promised French tanks that never came, the constant nerf the tanks I love to death, the refusal to nerf russian tanks that were OP, and how bad the community can be at times. Switched to AW and the only problem I have with the game is that I’m too excited for new French and Italian tanks to wait.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Another WG tank game…no thanks. Well let me clarify, another game done by the main WG office no thanks. If it was purely in the hands of the console team, it might have a shot.

  28. So you think that any WoT2 will somehow not come with delayed patches full of bugs, of course, not that Wargaming have ever had those problems a lot too, or even like the laughable Rubikon, abandoned forever because they were so bad?

    From a company who constantly whine ‘when its done its done’ about bugs that have existed for years being fixed, or ‘there is no issue’ ‘its all your computers/net connection/misperception’ on the ghost shells issue that they eventually admitted was real – not that it was fixed even then – a second game coming out before they have even fixed the problems with the first is almost certainly going to mean two bugged games with neither getting full priority – lets not forget, World of Warplanes and Generals were both complete abortions for different reasons, one just awful, the other just not viable as a commercial product in online gaming. Companies often match a product from competition to kill that competition, WG first said there was no market for Cold War tanks, then put a lot in their game – highly biased towards the Russian vehicles compared to reality – see the wars in the Middle East 1950-1992 for examples – and now want an entire game devoted to them. If it works I would be delighted, I played WoT for years and spent well into four figures on it, but WG is now milking everyone on the one server to actually have many paying players and offering shitty rewards at high cost to them, and good offers and rewards to the less profitable servers!

    At least AW has put up some really good offers like winning the ICE Leopard II AV – when could the average player last win a WoT top half tier tank just for playing, they even limit where you must come in the team for basic missions!? Then of course we have the bots, something so impossible to clear out until they remove a few every now and then, though this is better now than two years ago.

    Finally we have such outright cheating, often used by top clans, the well know Warpack Mod’ that has allowed such things as removal of all vegetation for users so even if you hide in a bush you will appear – think low graphics option from War Thunder on steroids – and anouncements whenever any scenery on the map is destroyed (and its location too for good measure) even when nothing is spotted, leading to clans knowing al cover in the enemy cap or near it is intact of not almost from the start. Why isnt it banned? Maybe because you need to subscribe to it, and to do that you must pay in Gold, obviously something you must purchase from WG themselves. Think of kickbacks? Im sure its all just an accident, but too many ‘top clans’ and players uses it – some even made it a condition you used it to be a member!

    We could even look at the T-22sr mission rigging rife in top clans, with no life bans, just the tank removed, though when it is reduced from being so overpowered it will be seen little anyhow. The response varied greatly, and was hardly a unified one. Yet now we are to expect a good new game from them, and all before they fixed the first one? Yeah right.

  29. Shrike58 says:

    The big question regarding WoT 2, if it comes to pass, is will WG leave the folks playing on toasters behind. Don’t get me wrong, since I basically played on an underpowered computer for the first year I played WoT, but many of the limitations of the game comes from that reality.

  30. alex says:

    ive played aw and its not as bad as you want to be rita.i know that you and jingles,qbby and rest of you are promoting wot instead of aw.and if you look carrefouly at wot today you will find bugs,crap maps,mm,fake rng etc.

  31. lameminator says:

    WG now has the chance to build a game from the very beginning using all the experiences they’ve gained from WoT, also the competitors like Aw or WT. I doubt they’ll screw it up.

  32. Thunderbolt747 says:

    I love reading the hate by all the groups of players
    AW fanboys: “the game’s gonna be broken and inferior to AW!”
    Tomatoes: “I’m not playing with that MM and RNG!” (Even though its perfectly balanced )
    Unicums/other: “ugghh, not grinding another game.”
    Me and a bunch of other people: well, actually that’s a decent Idea WG. Go ahead and do it. Don’t listen to all the people in the wine and cheese party above. They could never be happy with anything.

    And to all that say AW is perfect, it’s really not. AI are buggy, tanks are unbalanced and in PvP 2/3 of both teams camp on the edge of the map with ATGMs. And to the rest of you, if you don’t like it, vote with your wallet/time. Don’t bitch about it on Rita’s very nice blog.

    Ok, done my rant.

    1. I don’t think it’s going to be broken or inferior to AW. I just prefer AW and modern tanks because that’s what I was trained to fight in. As for AW’s issues, they are addressing them. The bots are smarter, more accurate, and there are plenty of them. In PVP, you need to have a team of like-minded individuals to make it work. Sometimes it does, sometimes not.

    2. Rita posted about AW, that “Obsidian has had many fails since game got released, most patches come delayed, incomplete and full of bugs.” which to be honest is laughable given the patches WoT have managed, also full of bugs, incomplete, or delayed so much as to be abandoned totally. As the basic WoT is still full of problems, cheating, and bugs they refuse to fix even after years of saying ‘we are looking at it’ and ‘its done when its done’, to say it in such a way as to suggest AW is somehow unique in this regard is far from accurate.

      I like both periods, and have spent far too much in money and time on WoT to abandon it totally, but there are so many problems now with power creep, unbalanced tanks, people openly cheating, a report system that is useless, that there is little point in playing it for the 1 in 5 enjoyable games you do get, and even then the chat is pure poison. Wargaming should fix the games they have out already before trying to remove competition.

  33. Just like my reaction to AW: Not interested in modern tanks, thanks.

    I’d rather play something like World of (fictional) Space Ships compared to modern tanks. Or probably make a strategy/RTS game?

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