Internal Test of ST-1 02 spawn of ST-II


WoT devs have this in a closed test to trial the two gun mechanics. As can be seen the model is finished in HD. Some early info. There are two versions of the mechanic in testing one of which will go into the Game. It is also interesting that the current client is able to support this two-gun  mechanic.

Types of shooting: you can immediately shoot two guns and wait 10-17 seconds to reload, or shoot the guns alternately ever 5-7 seconds.

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Internal Test of ST-1 02 spawn of ST-II

31 thoughts on “Internal Test of ST-1 02 spawn of ST-II

    1. Anonymous says:

      B1, ARL V39, Cruiser MK1, Vickers medium MK3, Grant, Churchill, AT-7, Centurion, M2 medium, T1/M6, GroBtraktor, Indien-Panzer, Maus, E-100, Type 91, Type 95, O-I exp, O-I, O-ni, O-ho, Type 4, Type 5 are also waiting.

      1. 0gungrave0 says:

        Keep dreaming because multi turret functionality won’t help a lot of tanks and is honestly a waste of resources as most of those tanks are in the mid tiers when WG makes most of their money in the higher tiers.

  1. Nighthuntertauren says:

    It reminds me of generals emperor tanks or red alert apocalypse tanks. The twin barrel similar to the special medium sounds best to me.
    Wallop two rounds then pull back and reload

  2. Ivor Biggin says:

    So maus has 2x guns +other tanks have 2x guns…
    But they’re use is refused, until there’s a Russian tank that wasn’t rolling around, that they want to try.
    Reload time sounds a farce.
    Is tank auto loader x2 in that small turret?

  3. Anonymous says:

    So, what’s this going to be? Alternate route to IS-4? Top gun for the ST-I? IS-4 replacement?
    Kinda lame to get same thing at tier 10, just with one more barrel. But I guess we have the S. Conq, E50 and WZ-111 already anyway.

    1. Anonymous says:

      A couple years ago they said it was looking like the IS-4 would become a premium and be replaced by the ST-2. I think it was floated that the IS-4 could even become a tier 8 premium tank. And at this point, WG could even make it a new line seeing as how they have an infinite number of Russian heavy paper tanks.

      1. General_Soren says:

        Another thing they were planing on doing was planning on swapping the ST-I and the IS-4. so the tier 9 would be the IS-4 (M version as it was weaker) and the ST-II at tier ten

  4. Anonymous says:

    WG really should expand tiers to 12. Some of the newer tanks are too OP at current tiers. More tiers will give more flexibility for tank balance.

    This new tank will need tier 11 or plus.

    1. heinz says:

      why 0.1s ? did i miss something? it should be 0.0s right? i mean the two guns can surly fire at the same time like in WoWS

  5. OrigamiChik3n says:

    Nevermind the mechanics. I wonder if all the smart arses who argued that ST-I is pronounced “ST-eye” will cal this thing “ST-eye-eye”?

    1. Nopp says:

      The letter “I” doesn’t exists in the Russian alphabet (I think) so it’s supposed to be called the ST-1. But of course I like to call it the “sexually transmitted infection” so it’s a matter of preference

      1. Krenegee says:

        It does exist, it looks like this: “и”. But russian designations in this game are translated to latin letters. For example russian KB-1 is KV-1 in english, while “B” is actually “W”, not “V”, but this is still correct given the english pronounciation of Voroshilov’s surname (Климент Ворошилов in russian).

  6. beepstar says:

    Because when I play the game I find my self thinking “Damn, I sure wish there were more Russian tanks with great mobility, magic armour and ridiculous firepower in this game”

  7. Anonymous says:

    How about another twin gun on the engine deck facing backwards, like a battleship

    well if were talking stupidity
    its got to be Wargame and fiction tanks right?

    this looks like a cartoon game tank
    ………. oh wait its World of Tanks

    silly me

    1. General_Soren says:

      It’s Not fake, sure it’s another Russian heavy tank, but it was the second variant to the ST-I and yes it was planned to have twin guns and it only made it to blueprint stage

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sooooo ummm yeah…alpha damage (i was just shot by two of the same tank! No comrade you were shot by 1 tank with 2 of the same guns Da!)

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