Interview with Maxim Chuvalov

Hello, has interviewed Maxim Chuvalov, WG’s Product Manager.

In September of this year it will be exactly 100 years since the first tank, the British Mark I. decided to contact the representatives of WG, to know how this event will be celebrated in the company and at the same time talk about the recent 9.15 update and the future plans.


This year marks the centenary of the tank. We believe you will not bypass this date?

Of course, we have prepared a large number of specials and contests. The climax of the event will be in London, where a parade will present the Mark I who was the first tank in history. More news will be coming soon.


About 9.15.

The players have embraced 9.15 very well. We can call this a popular update because the improvements were made on the basis of the wishes of the players. But of course, the community’s feedback is like a double edged sword. When you have hundreds of millions of players it’s logical that everyone will think differently and if we talk by regions, everyone wants local content. For example, the Chinese server is known for having a gold Type 59 decorated with a dragon and the Japanese always ask tanks painted in the anime style.


How do you then decide that something is worth working for then?

All comments/feedback are filtered by us. In addition, we consult with clan leaders and experienced players to isolate important subjects. They (devs) eventually began a global rebalance, matchmaker repair, SPG repair, interface changes and other optimisations.


What will be the key to the next update?

We are currently preparing to launch a test server where we will be testing a global rebalance which will affect every vehicle in our game. And naturally, we can’t make these changes without proper feedback gathering from the community.

the next update, 9.16 is expected to be released in Autumn and will include parts of the Global Rebalance which will be completed by then. We also have big plans to introduce functionalities asked by our players. In 9.15 we incorporated a lot of custom modifications, we will keep on adding the most popular mods into the game. This provides several advantages, First is security: So players won’t have the need to download from possibly dangerous third party websites. Secondly, self-optimisation and third, simplified access.


Any word you can give on the latest introduction, Czech tanks?

This branch has become very popular, especially the tier 9 and 10s. Their exceptional feature- Autoloaders with a very quick reload time, the fastest in the game. It’s not surprising that these machines would be accepted by players who like to play aggressively and most important, know how to do it.


We can’t help but ask about the VR topic, are you planning a major WoT extension into virtual reality?

The VR is currently dominating the world but no one can tell where the virtual reality will end and if the market will accept it.

We are interested but we are not rushing although we also want to be at the peak of technology and try to keep up with the times

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Interview with Maxim Chuvalov

13 thoughts on “Interview with Maxim Chuvalov

  1. Anonymous says:

    They want to be at the peak of technology? HAH! End support of Russian potato calculators that were built in the Korean War!

  2. TDMIllard says:

    “The climax of the event will be in London, where a parade will present the Mark I” I’m guessing this means a replica or something. The only surviving Mark I is in Bovington and it doesn’t run. I do know Bovington’s replica Mark IV will be going to London later this year though.

    1. One of them is still running (dont know exactly which one) but they won’t risk it anymore deu to possible damaging to the tank. It’s 100 hundred years old, so they bought the War Horse tank instead which will run fine for decades to come.

  3. Kwixis says:

    “the next update, 9.15 ” that’s the current WoT version, so it will be 9.16 and its comming out in Autumn ?

  4. Str0nkTenk says:

    Likely it will be the mkiv replica going to london from bovington, most of the original ww1 tenks at bovington will run but are not due to fragility, including the only surviving mk1.

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