Interview w/RitaGamer & Oneandonly016 + Blog Updates and May Patronage


before and while we are making transcripts and gathering other data I’ve decided to share the interview Oneandonly016 and I did for Wargaming this weekend at TankFest 2017:

Blog Changes

And now that the Tankfest craze is over, right before I left for the event I did some tweaks on the Status Report page:

  • The Header image now fits for mobile and tablets.
  • The Header image now directs to “Home”.
  • Share buttons were changed into icons.
  • Added Reddit as a share option.
  • RSR’s Discord server can now be found on the Right Side bar.

Future changes:

  • Personalised RSR page for mobiles for easier navigation and lighter bandwidth.
  •  Still working in image zoom-in

I also decided to bring back the list of Patrons. As you know I don’t run ads in Status Report for your viewing pleasure.  The patron money is used to keep the blog running – being able to have live support (which was required a few times) and so that my lads and I can post with Unlimited Storage Space for you.

I also, I’ve always done platoons with my Twitch Subscribers but from now on I will run Patron platoons (EU & NA servers) which I will let you know in advance by the Patron message system!

These are the Patrons of May:

  • Duncan
  • Roy Harmsworth
  • McBain
  • p4mpelmuse
  • Michael Duke
  • Tony Rye
  • Dave
  • Ste Cork
  • LibertasAnLetum
  • Irelandmann244
  • Drewscifer
  • Major Tom Bombadil
  • Tony Strandberg
  • webium
  • Joel Breger
  • Vu Nhat Tu
  • Paul”roadking442″ Griffith
  • Donovan “Ravenhull”
  • PointyHairedJedi
  • Wurstmann
  • Saft
  • Jenka Tamar
  • Tom Johnston
  • Steve
  • FattyRamsbottom
  • Feldwebel_fin
  • Saccharin
  • Peter Nordlund
  • argonaut747
  • Michael Andreen
  • Christoffer Dahlblom
  • Martin Christensen


If you have suggestions or any questions to do feel free to leave them in the comment section. I’m always glad to improve our engagement with you.

Thank you, everyone, Patrons and readers, for your support!

Best wishes,

Rita Sobral

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Interview w/RitaGamer & Oneandonly016 + Blog Updates and May Patronage

7 thoughts on “Interview w/RitaGamer & Oneandonly016 + Blog Updates and May Patronage

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      That’s because I haven’t really shared Patreon or put a button out there until very recently. RSR is mostly a service to the community and Patreon is there to keep the page running. I decided to put it back on because now I am well organised enough to be able to give rewards to patrons for their support.

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      He’s a nice guy, liked him. 🙂

      He was looking a bit nervous at the interview area and I say to him -to relax- that there are far worse interviews one could have on a black sofa! ahah

      1. Ahahaha yes, he looks nervous starting all the sentences with “so..” and mention the replay system of AW, cause no fun to Phelan 😉
        But of course seems a nice guy and i love his work.

        Tu sigue con esa alegría y sonrisa en la cara que tan bien te queda!

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