IS-2M vs IS-2 Berlin

To compare the stats of the current Russian Tier VII Premium Heavy Tank and the upcoming one. The IS-2M is on the left and the IS-2 Berlin on the right. The stats are with APCR premium rounds.

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IS-2M vs IS-2 Berlin

6 thoughts on “IS-2M vs IS-2 Berlin

  1. SquishyStar says:

    How about replacing the current, regular IS with the IS-2M?

    Oh wait, logic doesn’t seem to be a term in WG’s dictionary.

  2. Charharo says:

    Just do not make it superior to normal vehicles FFS… or better yet, Wargaming, why not just give a Tier 8 Premium IS-2M with the M62-T2 gun like you suggested a few years ago. This vehicle will be more balanced at Tier 8 with that gun and be more unique than just another IS-2.

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