IS-M Screenshots on HD Maps

Just some eye candy from WoT Express. Previous article. IS-M Supertest update & Screenshots .


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IS-M Screenshots on HD Maps

13 thoughts on “IS-M Screenshots on HD Maps

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice change in soviet design. Plus its not another premium. Not bad. But wg still has to atone for what they did to swedish line.

  2. Kyros says:

    Who bets with me ? I bet it will take WG more than 2 years from today to make the vents of all tanks move.

    It’s always the small details that count the most, it tells how much devs really care about their game.

    Or that T30 can do no dmg hits to light tanks sides at flat 90°, just small details 😉

  3. Kyros says:

    Jerry or some other Author here. Please look into Clicker DMG. I did a 1140 DMG Hit on Skorpion G with B-C 155 55. B-C 155 55 has a 750 Dmg Gun, which means I did more than 50% of it’s actual Dmg.

    Did I miss some Patch where they added +50% RNG for clickers or is this a Gamebreaking Bug ?

    1. Pierasso says:

      most probably you just hit the enemy right after one of your teammates hit it. It gets added and it looks like you dealt that damage.

    2. Did that happen in Ensk? I clicked away a Skorpion G, standing near its base at the center line, one or two days ago. I think you got hit by direct fire of other tanks simultaneously there.
      PS: Sorry for noobclicking 😉 … but when holiday specials throw too many 42%-WR-“people” in my team, I overreact by playing arty 😀

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