IS-M Supertest update & Screenshots

The machine itself (IS-M) is better known as the IS-2Sh and was first introduced in  WoT Blitz. The heavy tank IS-2SH is a proposal for the modernization of IS-2, proposed by N.F. Shashmurin at the factory number 100 in early 1944. The project provided for the relocation of the combat compartment, as well as the installation of a 122-mm long barrel gun. The project did not receive further development, as the development of the IS-6 tank (Object 252) began.

Here we have Renders, Armor layouts and stat screen shots with English overlay.

Source WoT Express

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IS-M Supertest update & Screenshots

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      I’m pretty sure the Swedish line is dead at this point. They said months ago that with the release of the Swedish premium medium would be the last thing they do with the nation.

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