Is World of Tanks Dying? An insider perspective

Good morning,

Quickybaby has made a very well spoken and detailed video on the health status of World of Tanks given that the developer team started adding bots to fill empty team slots in the servers and mainly for the past two years the company has been ramping up P2W.

Quite honestly, QB got things very right from a consumer perspective but one thing I will add is that even although P2W has been pushed hard into the game for the past 2 years, there were already signs of this turn around roughly 3ish years ago with the introduction of the Japanese Heavy line but the true give away was, in fact, the Chieftain development which happened in the same period.

The Chieftain you see on the China server (I need to point out is a separate game in a sense which is why they are allowed to have tanks we don’t), does have at least one frontal weak spot (as far as my photographic memory recalls) but it wasn’t always like that. In the initial stages, the developers didn’t even want to add a driver’s weak spot to the front armour of the vehicle and they were trying to push a tank, that was so highly requested by the community, as a massively armoured moving cancer into the battlefield.

Thankfully, for those who were aware of this situation, it turned out to be a relief when the Chieftain got delayed after it was found that the modeller team mistakenly had been building the wrong Chieftain’s Mark. type all along and the project had to be scrapped and built from scratch.

However, I did use the word delayed in the whole sense of the word because it was here that WG had stopped trying to be subtle about pushing their “P2W spam gold Ammo” meta and we knew it was just a matter of time until they introduced something else just as bad.

We can then easily fast forward to the Chrysler K GF Fochgate situation, one can say that by not adding the Chieftain into the game, Wargaming very probably saved themselves of a backlash bigger than the Chrysler’s because a lot of people, even to this day, still want the Chieftain in the game, so you can only imagine.

Furthermore, when the Fochgate happened, WoT’s Wargaming once again promised that they would listen to the community but they did not and I doubt they ever will and if they ever say otherwise you just need to look at their actions, not only Q&As stopped taking place with Community Contributors (they were quite bad and I only bothered to attend twice and the second time was after a staff member asked me badly to be there, something I immediately regretted, I did give advice and expressed how bad these Q&As were but they never listened) but we just need to look at the introduction of vehicles like the OBJ 268.

Is World of Tanks dying? Yes, yes it is. But I don’t think its yet too late if the company stops milking the cow dry until it dies.

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Is World of Tanks Dying? An insider perspective

97 thoughts on “Is World of Tanks Dying? An insider perspective

  1. My personal perspective:
    – The ASIA server is not really representative for the other servers.
    – Tiers I to V is not half of the game. Tiers VI to X are played considerably more than the lower tiers.
    – Is this really ‘dying’? Or is this just the regular trend of any online game? Nothing lasts forever and all games burn out eventually. World of Warcraft has been around for a long time and everyone thought it would die out after the second or third expansion, yet it’s still there.

    Of course player numbers will dwindle. But that would have happened regardless of what WG would have done.

    1. Take a look at LoL. Same age as WoT and yet you look at their 2018 championship in S. Korea. A huge event.

      Sure, player numbers will dwindle. But is the rate of decline a natural occurence or because the state of the game just fell off driving players away?

      You have to ask yourself that.

      1. In response to Ulysses.

        How does LoL or the other moba game appeal to more people? How does the 5 vs 5 isometric view with characters with magic somehow more appealing than tanks?

        For the Russian server, sure, you can say from the cultural aspect, tanks are very significant.

        But I feel for the Western gamers, and this includes the SEA server because Asian gamers which have similar mindset to Western gamers (I know this because I am from the SEA region), is good gameplay and balance irregardless of the subject is what is important. WoT now does not have that especially in the lower tiers when it is those crucial early tiers that will hook players.

    2. real_toothdecay says:

      When WG wanted to do E-Sports, they changed gold ammo to gold / silver , so ppl couldnt discount WG in E-Sports as being P2W. From THAT point, it went downhill, and totally threw the game balance out the window.
      So, E-Sports is gone, but instead of making things fairer, “magic 2 key” remains.

      1. As far as I can remember, they changed all the gold ammo and consumables to be purchaseable with credits very soon after release was to appeal more to the Western gamers as any form of pay to win or perception of it is an immediate turn off.

        But the use of it wasn’t so prevalent in randoms until like the last 4-5 years. So prior to that, Gold ammo mostly be used in Clan Wars. And when WG wanted to bring WoT to the world of eSports, it was also used extensively. Because who wouldn’t use a mechanic that makes it easier to go through armour.

        Of course, such a mechanic is still considered pay to win. And when it is the main ammo everyone uses, of course in the competitive eSport scene where skill, and being able to have multiple build diversities are what’s important, of course WoT got laughed at.

        WoT had to make their own league where really on the playerbase would want to bother with. It can’t appeal to the rest of the eSport scene. And with no exposure from being eSport viable, that is a lot of potential new players lost.

        I once again refer to the LoL championships. The opening ceremony was massive. Hundreds of thousands watched tournament on Twitch. Those unfamiliar with the game would see it and think, “hey, this is such a big game. Maybe I should try it and see what’s it about”.

        WoT? Hey, lets make MORE premium tanks because the Russian players want a Russian version of the Skorpion.

  2. smileyface says:

    I discovered a very interesting f2p game now called CS:GO
    I’m really liking it, I think it’s bye bye world of tanks.

    GG, WP and adios

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      Fun Fact: They hate that people call it Gold ammo and even advised CCs to not call it that trying to distance themselves from P2W with the excuse that “you can buy it with credits”.

      1. NoComment says:

        I shall make a point of including at least one reference to gold ammo on evey officail forum post I make then 🙂 After all if they don’t like being called p2w they shouldn’t be pay to win.

      2. real_toothdecay says:

        When WG wanted to do E-Sports, they changed gold ammo to gold / silver , so ppl couldnt discount WG in E-Sports as being P2W. From THAT point, it went downhill, and totally threw the game balance out the window.
        So, E-Sports is gone, but instead of making things fairer, “magic 2 key” remains.

      1. NoComment says:

        Indeed it has but for a couple of years or so it was for money only. (so more p2w in one respect) Except that it had the effect that very few people used it more than ocasionaly and it really didnt have an impact on the game…roll forward to now…Gold or forget about being competative and have a miserable time going ding ding ding unitl that gold shell wizzes through your toughest armour and sends you to the garage. (yes that is an exageration but by and large true)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Chrysler is a joke of a tank
    I got it. Mauerbrecher is stronger!

    The front works 5050 best.
    Anything slightly to the side is a pen..

    Also the gun is garbage.
    Beneath a 30% gold loadout you better stay in garage.

    Over hyped crap.

    The defender is a bit similar
    It has T-10 armor (the t9 heavie) but that’s it. No miracle tank. Not bad…but no AusfJ as You media people claim

    1. hfo says:

      I think that was Foch’s point when he had his rant about the Chrysler. You not only needed gold to pen it but also to make the gun work – so a double gold whammy.

    2. shithead says:

      “Chrysler is a joke of a tank” – yes, yes it is!
      “Over hyped crap.” . it wasn’t overhyped, it was stated to be cancerous which is true. You have such an armor profile your regular peers most often needs to shoot gold at you (frontally), while your gun is crap so you need to shoot gold to do something (to really proof this WG even made gold 15mm of pen better than on tech trees T32, srsly legit). *THAT’S* what’s wrong with it.

  4. ….almost forgot.

    Was that it?
    The yearly is x dying talk?

    I hear that one since year 3… And we are in year 10!

    Bots for lowtiers –
    It never occurred there s a limited amount of humans and those might got past lowtiers?

    Lowtiers which ain’t Fun to play?

    Interesting mechanics start on tier 8!
    Auto n self loader….etc

    Missions on tier6!

    T10 grandbattles are made to remove those from the Q…

    You seal clubbers don’t get it eh?

    It literally takes every noob 1-2 matches to get to tier 3 … To which they don’t come back…
    While buying AND playing tier 8 prems.

    That’s not fake news.
    That’s uneducated news.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Can’t argue with maths mate. When the graph shows a decline of 20% there is no other interpretation. And we didn’t say the game IS dead. We said it is DYING. I mean when will you admit it? When they shut down the servers?

      1. Jeffrey Bangle says:

        Minor quibble – I’d define a game as “dying” when the numbers indicate to the developers that they soon will not be able to make a profit while still supporting it. Decreasing player numbers alone don’t indicate that. The developers might be disappointed by fewer customers, but they could still be quite profitable. Without knowing the financial numbers (revenue and operating costs), it’s hard to know if the game is still a long way from “dying”, or already losing money.

      2. The math depends on the input. If you put the player opposite of the game age, the decline is really not that bad at all and looks like nothing other than the natural decline of an aging game like every other game out there.

        And he has a point, people have been claiming WoT doom for a long time now. They said it when WT Ground Forces came and they said it when AW came out. This game has survived worse.

        Will it last forever? No, of course not. Nothing does.

      3. real_toothdecay says:

        When WG wanted to do E-Sports, they changed gold ammo to gold / silver , so ppl couldnt discount WG in E-Sports as being P2W. From THAT point, it went downhill, and totally threw the game balance out the window.
        So, E-Sports is gone, but instead of making things fairer, “magic 2 key” remains.

    2. Undertaker says:

      “I hear that one since year 3… And we are in year 10!”

      One day, one of my chief said me about a provider who seems to be in bankrupt “they are in bankrupt since twenty years”, meaning it’s just a way to work…

      But this time was the good, and the factory never get the tools they bought. And four factories in the area had the same problem…

  5. Cu_chulainn says:

    I think unbridled greed is the problem, stupidly strong premiums is just one of their methods of making money, it’s the same with the accuracy changes a few years ago, then ofc there is the tactic of buffing tier tens ridiculously so people will empty their wallets either shooting it or converting XP to get it as quick as possible. The even fucked up 1.0 removong maps and making a mess out of maps like erlenberg

  6. AkrapovicSBK says:

    My biggest problem is the stupid MM. The OP premium tanks don’t bother me so much, but the MM is killing me, impossible to grind T7,T8,T9 tanks because of 80% low tier mm. I played this game from 2011 but this year was impossible, i don’t think i have more than 100 battles all year, and i think i uninstalled the game 10 times. And u can tell by the all the offers and promotions they put on the site that the game its going down and they try to milk out every last penny out of it.

  7. Pob says:

    I give to WG at least 500€ in 5 years and I don’t regret it. But few months ago I decided to stop buying anything from WG again because of this shitty feeling they just milking us. Maybe they know that game is dying and just want to milk us to the max with all those OP premium tanks…

    When did the new MM come out? And from all this time they still didn’t fix it? WTF is wrong with you?
    I am sick of playing tier 8 tanks because I am mostly low tier and I can’t do shit. It’s not fun anymore…

      1. shithead says:

        Not really. MM is srsly fckd up and you can’t avoid it.

        The only “solution” is to play tier 9 only. Tier 8s are constantly -2 MM and when you take out TX you’re 80%+ of time in full TX so you don’t really get to enjoy “reward” for grinding through whole tech tree.

        There are other problems of the game of course, starting from gold ammo mechanics, through OP premiums (which are somewhat leveraged by said fckd up MM) up to a terrible, TERRIBLE user interface. But MM is IMHO still the worst one of them as there’s no escape.

      2. That’s just your point of view. For me, mm has not really been an issue. I play tier 8 almost exclusively, since most of my premiums are tier 8 (yes, you can call me a wallet warrior, I prbably am :P), and I’ve been top tier many times. And even when I’m not, I don’t find it all that impressive. It still means at least have the enemy team is my tier.

        Same with gold ammo usage. I use a mod to tell me what ammo I get hit by (because I’m too noob to recognise the sounds) and it’s a couple of shots in each match at best…

        Sure, both issues could be handled better (like a +1mm), but as far as I’m concerned, there are bigger issues. One of my biggest grievances is the serious lack of decent content. Because other than a slew of (crappy) premiums, there has been almost no decent new content in quite some time. People can only play the same map for so long, before it starts that get stale. It reminds me of the old CS1.6 days, when 9 out of 10 servers had the de_dust map on repeat.

  8. jakub_czyli_ja says:

    WoT is going down because of WG greed, because greed makes players frustrated.
    It’s greed that makes matchmaker based on frustration instead of skill based. Since years.
    It’s greed that causes power creep – new line is either useless, or is so OP that renders all other useless, which makes dedicated players to grind it, burning as much resources as possible, to stay competitive.
    It’s greed that drops casual players into downward economy spiral – it’s hard to stay afloat playing higher tiers (VII+) most time with +2 MM – either fire gold and lose money or die miserably and lose money.
    It’s greed that changed old Clan Wars mode to current one, that effectively requires a half-time job to stay competitive – Stronghold, consumables, Clan Wars map.
    It’s greed that introduced bonds, obtainable mainly through playing with tiers X with negative economy.
    During few years WoT@EU seems to lose about 30% players.
    WG reaps what saw.

    1. real_toothdecay says:

      When WG wanted to do E-Sports, they changed gold ammo to gold / silver , so ppl couldnt discount WG in E-Sports as being P2W. From THAT point, it went downhill, and totally threw the game balance out the window.
      So, E-Sports is gone, but instead of making things fairer, “magic 2 key” remains.

      1. Level_Zero says:

        Do you have anything other to add to this conversation?
        Repeating your point over and over again does not make it better, in NO way.

        I guess I am not half through this discussion, but you added this wisdom at least 5 to 6 times already.

        Go learn some other sentences.

    2. Adam Smith says:

      Greet, greed, greed. Spare me the whining you sniveling socialist. There are game imbalances that need to be improved. Aping the word greed repeatedly to virtue signal doesn’t do anything other than make you sound like sheep in Animal Farm. Let me know when you a build a game for free and work full time at it for no pay.

    1. Tachenk0 says:

      Strongly dissagreee. Since the last micropatch MM for me got better, and FINALLY when in platoon of 2 players you dont end up as the low tier 90% of the time!

  9. As above the bots are a server specific issue and certainly people around here will go lo tier for fun, to recapture the enthusiasm they had for the game when they first started to play and more importantly to troll and stat-pad. “Is XXX dead/dying/over/lost it way etc.” is a standard tactic to pull something like a story out of one arse. While in some cases the demise may actually be on its way, most of the time it is not.

  10. stormcrow99 says:

    Honestly saving the game would just require the one and the easiest thing ever.
    Listen to the players.
    But they don’t and won’t, ever.

    You know the story with the goose that laid golden eggs and the farmer cut it open to get all at once and got nothing

    That’s World of Tanks. Only difference is idiots STILL FOR SOME REASON GIVE WG MONEY, the goose is split up and still shits out gold.

      1. whitesample says:

        Whats even worse is that in the current state of the game it feels like they cater to only russian players. You either play russian overpowered tanks who have no dispersion, stalinium armor and best terrain movement stats or dont play.

        Therefore the game isnt called World of Tanks anymore but Tanks of Mother Russia.

        I agree, some nations are okay (german TD line, skodas, batchats etc, but still somehow every Russian tank is good. Especially their mediums, they are broken, Too fast, too armored, 330 pen, too much dpm, better softstats than a real life Leopard 1. Why play anything else?

        I expect that this year we will see a GLOBAL REBALANCE OF ALL TIERS 1-10:
        Obj264v2 shows why buffing armor without giving it weakspots IS RETARDED. With the levels of armor it has, just reduce its speed and traverse to t95 levels.

        The type 5 with its current armor its annoying. What if it had tiger levels of armor and it played like a second line battery (like you are supposed to do in the tiger 1) that uses its HP at the end of the game?Just my opinion.

        Arty is annoying, remove it.
        (just give up ITS NEVER GOING TO WORK as it is right now)


    1. Wot Genius says:

      Listen to the players? The players are idiots who live in their parents basement and have no idea how to make a living. What should they hear? Profiting from the game is evil and they should all do this for free while their families starve? Lootbixes are evil and those who don’t want them want those who do want them to be barred by the police from buying them? 90% of what the players say is drivel.

  11. jerryatrick53 says:

    Also the blunt and steadfast refusal to rebalance the tiers below 5 that have been power crept so as to make progress for new players less painfull has done nothing to help.

    1. real_toothdecay says:

      When WG wanted to do E-Sports, they changed gold ammo to gold / silver , so ppl couldnt discount WG in E-Sports as being P2W. From THAT point, it went downhill, and totally threw the game balance out the window.
      So, E-Sports is gone, but instead of making things fairer, “magic 2 key” remains.

    2. nrnstraswa says:

      Exactly, powercreep is the main reason I don’t as much as I used to. Their are so many underpowerforming tanks of all nations and tiers and the balancing department is moving way too slow to address them.

  12. Infernal969 says:

    Let’s be honest, old WoT died years ago, when the development was lead by gamers and enthusiasts, the original founders of WG. Now it’s just one big scam ruled by the marketing team. Awful MM, horrid grinds (except Russian ones, of course), no balance, removal of weakspots, p2w premiums, everything crafted to make you spend money on credit generation and free exp. Half of the new people working there seem to have no idea what a good video game is, they just maximize the profit like it was a shitty mobile game. Last time I had fun in WoT was in 2015 and that’s the last time they saw my money.

  13. Yes this game is totally dying for sure. it will always have a certain amount of players but not only are alot of the veterans quitting, its not getting any new players either… its just a pain in the ass to play it as a noob.. And the game has become way too much p2w recent years

  14. Anonymous says:

    i`ve been telling for ages about wg shady practices, they copied from EA text books… even after fochgate they went full lootbox on the christmas event making it a fucking retarded grind fest even just to achive the hollidays cammos… they are retarded has usual… and ill say it again even since i stoped pllaying warshits, they will fuck that game up too

  15. ShimithDomencio says:

    Wot community is toxic af i have to say and combined with WGs money grabbing mobile game philosophy and overall awful game decisions this game is not very enjoyable anymore.. its very much doomed to die sadly

  16. real_toothdecay says:

    When WG wanted to do E-Sports, they changed gold ammo to gold / silver , so ppl couldnt discount WG in E-Sports as being P2W. From THAT point, it went downhill, and totally threw the game balance out the window.
    So, E-Sports is gone, but instead of making things fairer, “magic 2 key” remains.

    Think about my post, as I got my 7-year stuff from WG.. Joined in June 2011, so I know what I stated above as facts.

      1. AW us the busiest it’s ever been. Granted it’s not saying much but it’s improving all the time.
        Whereas WoT has been in steady decline for 5 years.

  17. The bots are on AUS/NZ server as a TRIAL. NOT on the SEA HK server afaik.

    1) this server doesn’t have enough players to fill battles for new players to try the game for tiers 1-5.
    2) the bots help introduce new players to our wonderful game
    3) the bots help reduce “seal clubbing” of new players and their uninstalling of WoT.

    4) if the game was P2W, I should be winning every single battle. QB DOES NOT help in this department, as his “review” videos usually feature him in a new top tier premium tank battle, running a 5+ skilled crew, shooting gold, using food, in a battle where as if by magic, any SPG’s COMPLETELY IGNORE HIM. IF, there are ANY spgs at all in his battle. With all the xvm around, what team with SPGs is going to completely ignore a purple rated player!!!!???.

    Then he’s gonna be running every other bonus he possibly can, WTfast (connectivity boost), top spec hardware, improved bonds equipment (saw a vid the other day he had at least TWO improved equipments mounted and showing), any little thing possible to increase % of any stat by even 1%. This is NOT a good example, many players watch his videos and emulate him in their servers. You can see his active xvm mod.

    5) QB in his review vid of the elc even 90, stated the gun sucks, but he was still hitting everything while sniping, he actually states that he suspects he has been “gifted” improved rng to try and “sell” the tank for WG. is this proof that WG can easily manipulate coding such as rng and mm with simple one key inputs?.

    6) WoT is actually a game I can still play and be competitive as I get older. Playing other titles that require you to be under 30 years old are just too fast for me these days. COD forget about it, BFv I do ok, but not great.

    7) What do I want to see to improve WoT?.

    -3x SPGs per team is TOO MUCH. There is a lot of hate for SPGs (and invisible TDs) that slow the game down from a fun filled action packed tank fest, to a “lets sit safely behind these walls and break out the guitar and sing kum-bah-yah, for 15 minutes, then do it all again and again”.

    -better anti cheat program, one that runs full time, live, in every battle.
    -removal of xvm and all mods. xvm gives a player additional information outside of the vanilla game client, therefore creates informed decision imbalances.

    -the russians are definitely too strong, however devs have stated already in reddit q and a that rebalances to ALL trees coming 2019. NO nation should be “press w and click left mouse to win”, there should be a bit more skill involved.

    8) reporting back on the +1mm on SEA, it’s the best thing WG have ever done thus far, the rest of you are going to LOVE it. My tier 8s still see the odd tier 10 battle, but it’s very uncommon. You will still need gold ammo in +1mm, I’m sure WG have already adjusted this….

    Lastly, if you made it this far, apologies for the long report. Tanks for reading.

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      Analysing data and and concisely tell people of the things that were happening behind the players back is not drama, Avalon.
      I would love you to learn the difference but you and I have had a couple of conversations like this before and we both know how you blindfold yourself. You know, it is okay to love a game but still be able to be critic about it.
      Still sending you love.

      1. Bill the great says:

        Wow thx for the post.
        If u posted that in the EU forum, the fan boy shills, would mercilessly troll u, till the end of time
        +worst of all, admin would support them
        +you’d find your wr “randomly” taking a nose dive

  18. duhbuhyuhgeeizdumb says:

    Describes every single fucking Russian ebola rectal cancer herpes tank in the game at tier 9+:
    In the initial stages, the developers didn’t even want to add a driver’s weak spot to the front armour of the vehicle and they were trying to push a tank, that was so highly requested by the community, as a massively armoured moving cancer into the battlefield.

  19. Anonymous says:

    whit 68k games I am done whit this game.Biggest problem is the new mach making whit +2.All the time you play tier 6 you are the low tier shit in the game and in tier 8 you play in tier 10 and you are low tier shit.i have spent 5k money to this game butt no more anymore.

    1. Bill the great says:

      Wg have assessed u as capable of swinging a game +then placed in mm, so u can’t create a win, when they try to create a loss

  20. ChrisTheViking says:

    Lot of ranting here, some valid, some not, but entertaining nevertheless.
    Anyway, I still enjoy the game and play on a regular basis. What I don’t understand are why they don’t adress the issues with MM. It’s quite easy to fix the template for the MM we love to hate these days. And while they’re at it they can look at the teams after the MM has picked players. I think it’s an idea to balance the two teams to avoid those roflstomp 15-2 matches which are no fun for either team. These fixes may not save the game from dying, but it would certainly improve the fun-factor imo. And that’s why we play it in the first place; to have fun (and not be aggravated by silly MM).

    1. Anonymous says:

      Funny thing is they have fixed it. The mm in ANZ server is awsome from what i have heard. I don’t know what they are waiting for to implement on all servers but then again wg staff is not known for their high level of intelligence…

    2. Bill the great says:

      Mm is working as intended by wg.
      Look @daily wr +7day wr
      +you’ll be able to see, that 15-3 losses are purposely created by wg, to reduce or increase wr around the 50% rate

  21. ShimithDomencio says:

    For new players only maybe they should make it possible to play random battles exactly like it is but with bots that arent completely useless from like tier 1-3, they will keep their progress. So they can get somewhat knowlegde about the gameplay and test different tanks before they jump in with sealclubbers and get totally fucked over and over again and ragequit.. but well something needs to change atleast because this game is not getting any new players who enjoy it.. feels like this game needs a complete overhaul

  22. Jan Hogstrom says:

    I’ve been playing for 4+ years now and I don’t mind OP tanks, the MM and all that stuff so much. I just figure it’s the same for all players so it’s an even playfield in the end. So, the game is still fun for me, when I’m improving my game and getting better. 😀

  23. just dumb says:

    Asia server has the NEW +1 MM and its awesome , only took WG fuckwits 8 years to figure it out, guess it will take them another 8 years to do other stuff

  24. George Raptis says:

    futile conversation is my opinion all change wg was made was to rip off the players and it works more and more shooting gold more a more players pay not to win bat to have a fair change i am 7+ years player and my opinion is valid

  25. BlacKHeaDSg1 says:

    I left the game around 0.8.8 or something like that, it was a while later when Japan tanks were introduced. I still remember when a big gun on KV1S was a huge problem. Good old time, sucky current times.

  26. hm6 says:

    If this game was competitive then you’d see more than 95% russian tanks in clan wars, gold league and ranked battles etc. etc. etc.

  27. Wim Schepel says:

    For a dying game, there sure are a good many people playing it. Sorry Rita, but your ‘concise analysis’ is anything but. It is gut feeling and a blatant disregard of facts. Is the game less popular than it used to be? Absolutely. Do people disagree with the direction the game devs are taking the game? When are they not? The game has been dieing since I started playing 5 years ago. People have always been highly vocal about various elements of the game. I have been, and still am, as well. Fun fact, I am still playing it. I am still spending money on it. That really is the only thing that counts. And you, Rita, are still earning your money by reporting about the game. If you truly believed this is a dieing game, you would stop. Today. So, please, stop repeating a false sentiment which you must know to be false.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Do you know why we complain about the game? Because we love it. Because we want those tools at wg realise that they ve lost 20% of the playerbase and more will follow. If Rita and most of us didn’t care we would be like ” Who gives a crap about this game it’s not like I have invested anything in it”. But we do. I want this game to be around for years and years to come. But it won’t if they follow this path.

      1. Wim Schepel says:

        The game will be around in three year time. Whether WE will be around is a different question. I hate the current MM, and I strongly believe WG needs to open up maps and bring back weakspots. All ammo types need to be reworked to allow for meaningful choices. May or may not happen. However, whether you or I dislike the game doesnt translate to: GAME IS DIEING!1!1!

        Rita is just lazy and, if anything is dieing, it is RSR. The quality has gone downhill for a while now. I understand driving real life tanks is much more fun, but I hoped for more and for better when it was first launched.

      2. Anonymous says:

        You would have a better point if this was a slow linear decline over the years or even a few years.

        However the numbers presented show a 20%+ decline on the EU server and even the beloved RU server is down 15% over the last twelve months! You really think that is a natural decline of an aging game? Especially as its numbers held fairly steady year on year up till then.

        They are now reaping what they sowed with a mixture of arrogance and greed over gameplay.

      3. Bill the great says:

        Their will be many salty tears from all the live less shills, as they realise all their wasted time supporting corruption
        +others, all the money they spent, on something with no value or possibility to retain possession of

    2. Anonymous says:

      sorry – can’t agree
      I have seen 2 of my clans meanwhile completely diasappearing. Funfactor = 0. several players with 20k+ games and a lot money spend – would even continue, but

      I find myself starting the game, asking myself “will I really get fukked by +2MM?” No! -> quit

      Playing with other friends? Nada, unless you like to get fisted as low tier for a whole evening.

      Even on lower tears (3-6) you find a lot of very good players that sealclub newbies. With this game experience they quit instantly. If you still believe this is good for a “multiplayer game”, go ahead


      1. Bill the great says:

        My solution to both those things, is to roll out in something with a 15cm gun +snot enemy with my dying breath
        Yes wg are corrupt, they do not admit to programming that thousands of independent observers have reported

  28. Macbeth says:

    I understand the frustration with the MM and gold ammo spam. I feel it too. The thing is it’s impossible to listen to player base. Not to their solutions anyway.
    Everyone wants to be the top tier tank in battle. So everyone is playing tier X. So you have waiting quee full of tier X wanting to be in a tier VIII battle.
    By 3-5-7 and 5-10 MM spread they have tried to address that. It is working, statistically. If you play around 40 to 50 games, you are a top tier in about 8 of them:
    3x in 3-5-7
    5x in 5-10
    So you end up as a lower tier in cca 22 games.
    And in approximately 10 to 20 games the whole team are the same tier.
    This may differ and the same tier games number might be higher depending on how many players are online.
    There are multiple reasons to the MM issue:
    – Not many new players means less people grinding lower tiers.
    – Lower tier tanks except for few exceptions are painful to play.
    – Not much motivation to play lower tiers once you have tanks higher in the tech tree.
    I don’t really see one simple solution to this but I will try to speak my idea.
    I personally like a challenge of being tier VIII in a tier X battle, just not that often. So I would switch the MM priority to games consisting mainly of 5-10 MM then same tier games and about only 20% of 3-5-7. Yes, that would also mean you would have drastically lower chance of being top tier in +2 game but that’s the way it should be. Sealclubbing tier VIIIs with your tier X should be only rare, occasional.
    Make playing lower tiers more profitable especially when they meet higher tiers.
    Make it possible to train crews of your higher tier tanks in your lower tier tanks in the same tech tree line faster.
    This would also solve the situation with increased credit income from lower tiers, as people would be buying back lower tiers and not wouldn’t sell them for money and you (WG) would milk them for gold for garage slots.

    As for the gold ammunition spam:
    – In the same tier games set a limit of how much gold ammunition can be taken to battle (2-8 rounds depending on alpha).
    – In 5-10 battles allow gold ammo for lower tiers only and also with a limit (max potential damage of all gold ammunition of one tank to be approximately half the HP of the strongest enemy higher tier tank)
    – In 3-5-7 the lowest tier might carry more gold ammunition than middle tier. Top tier can’t carry none.

    There would be some exceptions to the system like ISU152 in 5-10 MM tier IX game wouldn’t carry any gold ammunition.

    Also, gold ammo limit would bring out new problem with the superheavy tanks that seriously needs rebalancing/adding weakspots.
    Still, even without rebalancing superheavies, limiting gold ammo would increase the need of team play and tactics and also, armor of the tank will matter again. Enough of light and medium tanks using their DPM with gold ammunition frontaly engaging heavies. That’s not the way it’s supposed to be played.
    Also slightly decrease pen values and view range of some mediums thus give back some reason to be played to lights and TDs.

    I am not saying this is the key to success. Probably far from it. Feel free to discuss, oppose or criticize but please, do it in constructive matter. I am a player like you who don’t like where the game is heading. Let’s try to do something about it.
    My WOT account name for chat or platooning or for just saying I am wrong:


    P.S.1 Enough with russian premium clones
    P.S.2 Sorry for my english (not an english native speaker)
    P.S.3 Sorry for the long post.

  29. Mikosah says:

    For a very long time I was waiting and waiting for the simple but important fixes to be rolled out. For example, the ammo system could have been fixed so easily by just making the premium shell keep its high pen, lose alpha and module damage, and be sold for reasonable prices. They could have made MM far less ridiculous by just making the 5/10 template more common than 3/5/7. And the corridor brawl meta would be so much more dynamic if the armored tanks had frontal weakspots. And hey, Frontline was great fun, surely WG could bring it back at some point this century.

    And to top it all off, WG made all this fanfare about version 1.0 and how amazing it was going to be. That would have been a golden opportunity to make changes like the above and otherwise build massive hype. But in the end all we got was aesthetic fluff. That moment was a colossal disappointment.

  30. Hello everybody. I leave you here with this pearl of wisdom. The game has been dying for 5 years. Its not new news. Suddenly a huge drama because QB made a video about it.
    My advice is if you want a tank game come to AW. It’s fun and balanced and pretty much fixes every gameplay issue WoT has.
    It has its own problems, it’s not perfect. In fact the most recent patch has a lot of bugs that require fixing.
    You are all invested into WoT. Time or money or both. But to use that as an excuse to continue is illogical. The earlier you move the earlier you will save yourself from even more investment into a broken and dying thing.
    Somebody earlier summed it up perfectly with the golden goose analogy.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Simple fix for Wargaming to “stop the bleeding” of active players:

    1.) Fix the match making system, and go back to something like we use to have. Apparently its being “tested” on the Asian server. Why not test it on the NA server?

    2.) Reign in and reduce the RNG effect on the game.

    3.) Bring back ALL the maps removed, without “reworking” them. Every time the devs rework a map, it seems to not be as good as the original.

    Those three steps alone would be a HUGE improvement to the game, and get us back on track.

  32. Jabsters consience says:

    Match manipulator, is never going to be corrected, when the owner/designer have grown up under a dictatorship +think freedom is the enemy of your country +life

  33. Edward L Koch says:

    World of Tanks dying??? Ohhhh shocking! Hell. A blind man could have seen this coming. Why were all NA Teams banned from competition? Why have tens of thousands of NA players uninstalled the game? Why did the other NA servers die? And why is the last NA server dying?
    Because even players who like the game (like me) have gotten fed-up with the eat cake, fuck you peasants, bullshit attitude of the people running the NA servers. Oh sorry, my bad, SERVER.
    Don’t tell me that third party software that clearly gives an unfair advantage is, or ever has been, illegal. It has been in the game from the beginning and is still just as much a part of it today. If you won’t even list “illegal” mods and you do absolutely nothing to scumbags who even post online their own replays using “Illegal” mods….
    YO People, that’s called a CLUE.
    I seriously doubt that third party companies are writing these so called “illegal” mods. Consider this; What’s the difference between selling Premium Ammunition and selling “illegal” mods? Especially if (as I suspect) the same people are writing and selling both.
    The Fan Boy Trolls with Premium Accounts, Premium Ammunition, Premium Tanks, spending more $$$ to buy Gold for Equipment, Gold for Crew Skills, then paying even more $$$ for “Illegal” mods are the only ones Wargaming seems to listen to. They may as well just put a banner on their website saying, “Fuck the cheap bastards if they won’t even buy a Premium Account.”
    Summary: World of Tanks is a Free to Lose, Pay to Win, Shit-show.

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