Is World of Tanks Dying? An insider perspective

Good morning,

Quickybaby has made a very well spoken and detailed video on the health status of World of Tanks given that the developer team started adding bots to fill empty team slots in the servers and mainly for the past two years the company has been ramping up P2W.

Quite honestly, QB got things very right from a consumer perspective but one thing I will add is that even although P2W has been pushed hard into the game for the past 2 years, there were already signs of this turn around roughly 3ish years ago with the introduction of the Japanese Heavy line but the true give away was, in fact, the Chieftain development which happened in the same period.

The Chieftain you see on the China server (I need to point out is a separate game in a sense which is why they are allowed to have tanks we don’t), does have at least one frontal weak spot (as far as my photographic memory recalls) but it wasn’t always like that. In the initial stages, the developers didn’t even want to add a driver’s weak spot to the front armour of the vehicle and they were trying to push a tank, that was so highly requested by the community, as a massively armoured moving cancer into the battlefield.

Thankfully, for those who were aware of this situation, it turned out to be a relief when the Chieftain got delayed after it was found that the modeller team mistakenly had been building the wrong Chieftain’s Mark. type all along and the project had to be scrapped and built from scratch.

However, I did use the word delayed in the whole sense of the word because it was here that WG had stopped trying to be subtle about pushing their “P2W spam gold Ammo” meta and we knew it was just a matter of time until they introduced something else just as bad.

We can then easily fast forward to the Chrysler K GF Fochgate situation, one can say that by not adding the Chieftain into the game, Wargaming very probably saved themselves of a backlash bigger than the Chrysler’s because a lot of people, even to this day, still want the Chieftain in the game, so you can only imagine.

Furthermore, when the Fochgate happened, WoT’s Wargaming once again promised that they would listen to the community but they did not and I doubt they ever will and if they ever say otherwise you just need to look at their actions, not only Q&As stopped taking place with Community Contributors (they were quite bad and I only bothered to attend twice and the second time was after a staff member asked me badly to be there, something I immediately regretted, I did give advice and expressed how bad these Q&As were but they never listened) but we just need to look at the introduction of vehicles like the OBJ 268.

Is World of Tanks dying? Yes, yes it is. But I don’t think its yet too late if the company stops milking the cow dry until it dies.

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