Is your WoT/Game Center not working?


The last 2 days I got one too many players pinging me with a current issue happening with World of Tanks in which the Game Center is not being able to connect or update the game.

Screenshot taken by a fellow CC, EdvinE20, he has reported that when he tries to update WoT an error will show or sometimes nothing will happen at all.Ā 

Unfortunately, a fresh reinstall, PC restart or “start by Admin” has been of no help but a member of Staff, Eekeeboo (EU CM) seems to have found a midway solution.

For those having the same issue, please try disconnecting the land internet cable and connect using your phone’s internet as that seems to allow the update to process, you can then pause the update and reconnect your cable and carry on patching through the standard route.

This is not a full fix but it should keep you going until the appropriate staff catches on with a proper repair.

I would still suggest those affected to contact support but please have in mind that things work very slowly on weekends.

I sincerely hope this helps the some of you.

Have a great weekend,


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