Is your WoT/Game Center not working?


The last 2 days I got one too many players pinging me with a current issue happening with World of Tanks in which the Game Center is not being able to connect or update the game.

Screenshot taken by a fellow CC, EdvinE20, he has reported that when he tries to update WoT an error will show or sometimes nothing will happen at all.Ā 

Unfortunately, a fresh reinstall, PC restart or “start by Admin” has been of no help but a member of Staff, Eekeeboo (EU CM) seems to have found a midway solution.

For those having the same issue, please try disconnecting the land internet cable and connect using your phone’s internet as that seems to allow the update to process, you can then pause the update and reconnect your cable and carry on patching through the standard route.

This is not a full fix but it should keep you going until the appropriate staff catches on with a proper repair.

I would still suggest those affected to contact support but please have in mind that things work very slowly on weekends.

I sincerely hope this helps the some of you.

Have a great weekend,


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Is your WoT/Game Center not working?

9 thoughts on “Is your WoT/Game Center not working?

  1. United_Stealth says:

    Had that issue with the WoT Classics client. Thought it was because it ended so I just removed it. Regular client works fine.

    1. Rita Sobral says:

      Indeed, it definitely something to do with WoT Classic. I got a funky message and error myself but somehow My version of Game center managed to work itself around it, luckily still being able to connect, play and watch replays.

    1. Homer_J says:

      It’s not just the IP, usually when you switch to another ISP you will also switch DNS servers so it could be a DNS issue, in which case, if your ISP allows, try OpenDNS or Google’s DNS servers.

  2. stormcrow99 says:

    I did open Classic once after it ended, but didn’t delete and there have been 0 issues since it ended for me.

  3. Jasper115 says:

    I have a different issue, where mid update it stopped. I have since tried to reinstall with the old setup I had. It did not work. Tried with a new setup. Downloads to 100% and then says download failed. I submitted a ticket and all the solutions they have are not working.
    I have tried virus scans. All is Ok
    I tried check disk where I now have an issue. It will not run because of an error caused by newly installed software. The only thing new is the bloody update of game center. That I have since uninstalled.

  4. jrt5 says:

    I had this problem and I found the client allows to install second instance of the game. So I installed a new instance and deleted the old one. Since then there was not problem.

    The problem is somewhere in the sequence of patches which produces wrong URL and there was an 404 error in the log. I send to support the log with 404 error but the answer was if it works after reinstallation its ok and your PC is the culprit. Sigh.

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