Israeli Q&A with Life_In_Black

This is something that was planned for a while now but kept getting pushed back. I will be answering questions about Israeli tanks and armor in regards to possibly being included in WoT, much like the previous Q&As about Swiss, Swedish, and British stuff. No politics, I will not respond to anybody whining about how Israel doesn’t deserve to be in the game, either because of clones, controversy, politics, any other such nonsense. Legitimate questions only. So if there’s always been something you were curious about in regards to Israeli tanks, now is the time to ask. I look forward to reading your questions!

EDIT: Will probably let this run through Monday or so, to give everyone a chance to ask something.

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Israeli Q&A with Life_In_Black

61 thoughts on “Israeli Q&A with Life_In_Black

  1. Deano says:

    1 what would you expect the national traits of israel to be? and if you had to guess what would their playstyle be like?
    2 if a merkava prototype comes to the game will it be like a 105mm armed (iirc its a 105mm armed tank) fv215b? but with overall much stronger front armour (but prone to engine damage if shots do some how pen) but weaker sides?
    3 what potential lines can the israeli tree have? will they just have a heavy line or medium line or light line or td line or a bunch of lines?
    4 we know about the super shermans which could possibly occupy from i think tier 6 to 8? (could be wrong on that) if you had to guess how will they be differentiated from the french m4 revolver? (i could be wrong but i think that is essentially a super sherman not sure though)
    5 are there any unique innovative technologys which could be added to the game with a potential israel line? like the swedish tds getting the adjustable suspension.
    6 what will be the most potentially unique vehicle that would come with their introduction? and what do you think will be the most interesting vehicle to play?

    1. Renarde Martel says:

      I can answer one thing for you: Revalorise is essentially the M51 Sherman as it was the test vehicle for the latter, the suspension is pretty much the only difference as well as the engine (though we have the wrong engine in the Revalorise in-game).

      1. Deano says:

        oh yeah i remember hearing about that when it came out. something about them just nerfing the engine for the sake of it even though it wasnt needed at all. also what suspension difference do you mean? do you mean its on the wrong sherman hull?

      2. Renarde Martel says:

        No, the suspension is what the tracks are on, the wheels and stuff. The Israeli’s changed the VVSS suspension for the better HVSS. The Revalorise has the old suspension.

        As for the engine, I don’t think there’s much difference between the engines… it’s just the wrong model. The Israelis put Cummins engines in their Shermans, but the Revalorise should have a Continental. The Continental engines in game on the Shermans seem to range from 400 to 460hp, the Cummins is 460hp on the Revalorise.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What is the time frame for their introduction. Both in terms of years and in terms of other nations, for example after Italian tanks, but before Polish tanks

    1. HeyY says:

      Probably never? Can wg add something new, not a lot of useless tanks and prems, maybe new game engine, or do something with rng ehhh. Its time to stop wg.

  3. There seem to be a number of modifications to the M4 Sherman to improve its effectiveness, such as the “Super Sherman” and some SPG conversions, the. Are there any more unique modifications to the M4 we haven’t heard about yet? Also, would the FL-10 turreted version that was captured from Egypt be a suitable premium for the line?

  4. Mizutayio says:

    Hey LiB, mind if you could add me on Skype? I know that you might dislike me but i have some questions which i don’t fancy to ask here

  5. wfschepel says:

    I read an article on a potential Isreali tech tree on FTR. It appeared to me it had absolutely nothing new to add to the game. Other than the high tiers, it is basically another Chinese tech tree with a lot of borrowed tanks with ‘improvements’. Do you think the Israeli tree could add something new to the game? If so, what?

      1. Bojan says:

        Israelis never converted T-62 to 105mm, since they considered 115mm 2A20 to be better then L7/M68. Only T-54/55 were converted.

  6. Serious question

    If you were to obtain information on the 110mm gun (and it was rifled) would you propose for not only your Merkava/M48, but also the Merkava I? Literally, almost every tech tree has the same 105mm L7/M68

  7. Muhamad Adhi says:

    Discounting Arab-Israeli controversy, do you think its feasible to add some unique tanks made by Arab Nations, like Egyptian T-34/100 or Sherman w/AMX-13 turret as premium for this tree?

    1. IndygoEEI says:

      There is alot of stuff it could be for Israel as they have a lot unique food that is recognizable to the world. I don’t know if any of the food in their culture was ever consumed in a fashion related or associated to their military. Americans got Coke because it was morale booster for them near the end of World War 2 even though it wasn’t military issue and Coke themselves supplied it. French got coffee because in WW1 they given official utilities to make it. Germans have Chocolate because it was standard issue for them and was loaded with caffeine and other stuff to make them alert. Rations are given to the Soviets because they were always hungry and needed it. Chinese got improved ones because it made them happier. British have Tea because they are Brits and they have facilities to make it in their tanks (At least modern ones). Finally, Japanese get Onigari (Rice Balls) because that was historically their ration in the military during their Feudal Era and rice was continued to be used as the main military meal some years after it.

      As for Czech and Swedish, I have no clue why they got what they got. At least for the Czechs it’s a
      popular food rooted in their culture, but the Swedish is puzzling. Coffee is practically a repeat and combining it with Cinnamon buns just doesn’t make sense either. According to Wikipedia, Cinnamon Rolls are presumed to be it’s country of origin, but they are completely different from the ones you usually see and taste in North America. Plus the North American common depiction is seen in the icon for the Ration in WoT and it is not called by it’s Swedish name, kanelbulle.

  8. Reno Stefan says:

    1. How would Israeli tanks fit in the current game meta, what kind of playstyle could be applied efficiently for Israeli tech tree..?

    2. Currently, what line could Israeli tech tree builds up from tier 1 to 10?

    3. In your opinion, what is the most unique Israeli tank that could fits in WoT’s timeline?

    Best regards, and pardon me if my questions aren’t very advanced or whatnot..

  9. Jagd says:

    For the M51 upgrades / conversions, were there more Sherman types used than just the M4A1? (Yet to see any others)
    And what were the exact changes to the M51 and M4A1? From a modeller’s perspective, that is.
    Nothing really WoT related, but meh.

    1. The M51 got the HVSS (i think its called like that) Suspention which means the only problem with the M4A1 Ravioly is addressed. the M51 is faster and much more maneuverable

    2. Wulfe says:

      There’s one photo that LiB found of an M-51 that uses a welded hull (can’t tell the exact model as the engine deck is not very visible)

  10. How much paper tanks can we expect to be in there? i can make shit up right now… a Chaffee with a long 76mm gun… and will there be more than 1 tier 10 tanks? The Merkava mk 1 and maybe a Megach can be good

    1. IndygoEEI says:

      There will most likely be no paper in Israeli tree as I did research myself and found none of the stuff they built or tested was ever left on the drawing board. The stuff they made were modifications and good ones at that. There really wasn’t any room or reason for them to leave stuff on the drawing board as they didn’t even have the infrastructure to build a completely 100% original design until the Makerva. Even with the Makerva, they still didn’t have the sufficient facilities to make it yet were pretty much forced to make it because no one would sell them anything advanced enough to fight off Soviet designs.

  11. 1. Will wot milk players for gold by selling them goats and other exotic animals like the Israeli prime minister as tank crew members?
    2. Will, if any Israeli tech tree arrive before or after the introduction of a new french heavy line or Chinese/Japanese td line that have been rumored?
    3. Will the Israeli line look like the line to the T57 Heavy with lights, mediums, and heavies all mashed together?
    4. Will there be a new map to accompany the Israeli tech tree? If so, what land marks might you consider and are there any map mechanics you’d like to try like implementing sandstorms to occasionally limit view range in areas of the map instead of bush spam?
    5. You’re running out of colors to paint the tanks of nations, what palette might be given to an Israeli tree?
    6. Would it be more appropriate to work on an Italian tech tree before the Israeli line? would it make sense that any lack luster vehicles be tested with an Italian line to kind of contribute to historical accuracy?
    7. Will the reception of the Swedish line will influence the creation of an Israeli tree? Such as if people really dislike Swedish vehicles, World of tanks might focus on map mechanics or some other field of content other than new nations?
    8. Making an Israeli tech tree would make a lot of political noise and fighting within the community. Would this drama be good for advertisement?
    9. Hard to believe a civil war in the game would break out but I don’t know if the toxicity would turn new players away from the game. Would this toxicity fear stop an Israeli line until political tensions have quieted?
    10. Will the introduction of Israli tanks implement a smoke mechanic similar to world of warship’s destroyer class? Perhaps the new mechanic can be tested out in a similar fashion to the Swedish line and later mixed with other nations as well.

  12. You have 4 very serious questions from me:

    1. How many vehicles could there be in the Israeli tech tree? (Including non-modified foreign vehicles)

    2. How many modified foreign vehicles are out there?

    3. How many completly original vehicles are there (Not including the Merkava)

    4. Are there any unknown-to-the-public paper projects in the archives?

    Thats all! Thank you very much!

  13. xxxtommygunxxx says:

    *Legitimate questions only*

    1. Are you going to create a full Israeli tech tree ? If so, when are you planing to relese it ?
    2. How many Israeli tanks are going to be in this tech tree ?
    3. Are there any Israeli tanks from before 1948 ?
    4. Are there going to be any new maps ?
    5. What will be special feature of Israeli tanks ?

    *Legitimate questions only*

    1. IndygoEEI says:

      I can answer question 3 right here. No nothing at all. In fact the Middle East as whole didn’t develop anything of their own design or modification until after the 1948 Israeli Independence War. Once the Arabs started fighting with Israel is when the Middle East started designing and modifying things.

  14. AvEzi says:

    1- Do you think that WG can make a Middle-East tech tree with Israeli,Arabic,Turkish tanks?
    2- What was the ground resistance of possible WoT-qualified Merkava?Was it good (because you know -Deserts-)
    3- I’m a Turkish guy,you know we purchased 200+ Sabra tanks,do you think that Sabras are still good for the middle-east environment or is it outdated?
    4- What’s the mentality behind Israeli tank creations?
    5- Israel tried various tank chassis like Amx-13,M4 Sherman etc. What was the plan? Because you know they now use Merkavas for almost everything.
    6- Rheinmetall announced their 130mm gun for tanks.Do you thinking of using it in upcoming Merkavas? Or can we see new Sabras developed for Turkey with better protection and 130mm gun?

    I hope you will answer my questions!

  15. Rick says:

    New tank lines mean less balanced tanks as WG makes a new line op to get peeps to play.They just crap ion balance so just fix the friggen game before introducing more unbalance.

  16. I’d like to see someone solve the ammunition problems for an Israeli tech tree. Having actually looked into the matter the documentation is horrible. Documenting how bad the Makava I is, is an lot easier.

  17. Will it be possible to see the Merkava Mk.1 or the Prototype Merkava in it’s place at tier 10 if an Israeli tech tree is considered? The aforementioned armored vehicles do fit within the timeframe, although the Merkava Mk.1 is stretching it.

  18. SkaerKrow says:

    Because Israel used their AMX-13s as combat tanks, and apparently never used them in any type of scout or recon role, do you think that there’s any chance that we’ll see an AMX-13 for Israel that is classified in WoT as a medium tank? Perhaps as a mid-tier premium?

  19. Anonymous says:

    I’ve always thought the M51 “Super Sherman” was an Israeli vehicle. Why did WG add it to the French tech tree as the Revalorisé?

  20. echo says:

    …this is kinda wierd, i remember that few days ago WG ppl said in some Q&A that Israel wont be implemented – cos there would be too much copy&paste tanks..they also said that Israeli tech tree would be the 1st one to be filled completely with premium tanks 🙂 But who nows, maybe in 2 years they will change opinion…

  21. Flyingmanticore says:

    There has been plenty previously written about many tracks that could be used in an Israeli tech tree, but much is of high tiers.

    Do you think there is a viable tier 1 to tier 3 options for all classes without too many clones?

  22. abusemtex says:

    WoT is a game built around pre WW2 tanks ending with tank development at the end of the 50th.
    So basically Israeli tanks would start at tier 8.

    I smell bs.

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