[ISU-152K] BL-10 Coming back to Tier VIII but as a possible Premium Cash grab


so yesterday WG EU announced that there is a Tier VIII Premium ISU-152K with a BL-10 gun  making its entrance in Supertest,

It is important mentioning as well that this information was not shared with the EU Community Contributors, instead, they published this information on the WoT forum yesterday at 12:10 PM, only a day later, at 3:44 PM the first Community Contributor noticed what was going on.

It is now 8PM as I’ve sat down to write this and not a single response from the EU Staff has been given (effective as of article publication) of why they did not share this information with us so we are left for guessing, are they being incompetent or are they trying to sneak this vehicle as quietly as possible afraid of mass discontentment?
The latter sounds more plausible given that the totality of only 5 players that bothered to comment in the forum have all expressed a negative reaction, this also corroborates my usage of the word “sneak” as it very much shows that the EU forum has had better days and it is fairly dead now.

But why are people upset about the ISU-152K?

Well first things first, statistics:

Since their forum publication, full statistics have been leaked (and they seem to have given us initial incorrect reverse speeds):

Statistic differences for the “TLDR” readers:

ISU-152 ISU-152K
HP 1200 1200
Penetration 260 / 292 / 90 286/329/90
Damage 750/750/950 750/750/950
DPM 2666.4 2469.9
Reload 16.877 18.219
RoF 3.555 3.293
Shell Velocity 1050 1100
Accuracy 0.393 0.393
Aim Time 3.26 3.26
Gun Elevation -6/+18 -5/+11
Gun Traverse 16 20
Turret Traverse Speed 27.1 18.8
Hull Traverse Speed 21 22
Power 700 600
Power/Weight 14.23 12.72
Speed +43/-12 km/h +40/-12 km/h
Terrain Resistance 1.0/1.3/2.2 0.9/1.0/1.8
Weight 54.4t 52.6t
View Range 350 360
Signal Range 625 730

“All in all, the ISU-152K is very much like its tech tree ‘relative’. The differences with the researchable TD are subtle: the horizontal firing arc is a bit wider, the armor penetration of the gun is a bit higher—at a cost of slightly lesser mobility and a slightly longer reload time. You don’t have to adjust to this vehicle as its play style is familiar to the majority of tankers: an ambush TD with high one-time damage.” – WG’s statement

And now with that out of the way…

For those who are new or don’t remember, the Standard ISU-152 used to have a 152 mm BL-10 gun which was removed back in 2017 in the 9.20 patch and replaced for the D-4S on the basis that its penetration values were OP and for historical reasons.

Now, 3 years later, we see the BL-10 gun with the same penetration values as it did before but with overall better penetration than the D-4S making a return to tier VIIIs but instead as a Premium vehicle and people are really not having it!

Let me know in the comment section what do you think, I would love to read it.

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[ISU-152K] BL-10 Coming back to Tier VIII but as a possible Premium Cash grab

29 thoughts on “[ISU-152K] BL-10 Coming back to Tier VIII but as a possible Premium Cash grab

  1. WG in 2017: “This gun seems fairly overpowered for it’s tier and here are the reasons why”

    WG in 2020: “Lol here’s the exact same gun but with a different name, have fun nerds and also pay us”

  2. Sefhyro says:

    I wonder, no, I bet those f…ers know they acting “deceiving” this way, there will be players that will buy this tank, honestly, I’m waiting for this game to die by they’re own hands…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh just what is needed….another Soviet tier 8 Premium vehicle…..it just shows that this well is never gong to dry….there are only 18 Soviet tier 8 Premiums already…whats another to milk the whales afterall

  4. Babe_Plz_Dont_Report_Me_from_Asia says:

    I’ve been a SR reader since 2017, I liked a lot of your work Rita.
    But not this, no one is working for free. This kind of stuff that WG is making may get someone feel bad, but we’re not forced to buy any of those.
    Me personally, I feel totally fine with it, BL-10 or not doesnt affect the game too much.
    Ppl are screaming about balance, but do we need to scream about anything that WG does?

    1. Robert says:

      Absolutely agree.
      If WG would sell this tank double price on EU server than anywhere else – sream loud and call it cash cow. If other servers get this tank via marathon but EU only with real money – stand up and fight.

      But to call this cash cow is just polemic wording – of course WG wants to make money. It is the players who decide whether they buy something or not. And IF players buy this, then well done WG. The tank does not look overly different to existing ISU-152, so what?

      Only thing which annoys me is that ISU-152K according to Wikipedia was just an upgrade version of the normal ISU-152, while this one should be named ISU-152-2 (if the article is correct).

      1. Babe_Plz_Dont_Report_Me says:

        I think ppl are making that BL-10 cannon so freaking iconic.
        In fact with this tank I assume WG wants to make money with a bit different tank to the Techtree one.
        If we call that cash cow then we should have been screaming for years with those tanks like Primo Victoria – a total clone of the Centurion I just different paint job.
        But everyone is fine with that tank.
        I feel so ridiculous we scream about a CANNON :/

    2. Jurrunio says:

      1. That’s how much we like the BL-10
      2. What we have problem with is the double standard on tank balance. BL-10 is ok on a premium vehicle but not on the standard one?

    3. LevelZer0 says:

      Yes, it is neccessary to scream about anything that WG does, because with this vehicle they show us again how they disrespect their players and the community they are living from.

    4. Rita Sobral says:

      There are many ways they can monetise, I never said that companies must not make money but given their actions they well knew what the playerbase’s response would be to this, to take something out of the game (from tier VIIIs specifically) just to add it back as a premium. They took the gun out of the basis of historical accuracy and because it was too OP just add it back and this is what is making people angry. And ofc there is always the argument that people dont have to buy, which is… OBVIOUS, but buying or not doesn’t stop from having to fight against it in matches. This is why people are not happy and this is why people are calling it a cashgrab, which, like I siad in the tittle, it will be possibly be one.

    5. jakub_czyli_ja says:

      Notorious power creep and releasing one OP premium after another isn’t the way I as a possible customer, appreciate.
      I’d rather would like to see a game that encourages me to pay (premium account is a kind of voluntarily subscription) with features, than a game that encourages me (some could use a word ‘forces’) by implying, that without subscription I’ll be fucked up.
      When game (read: publisher and developers) want to fuck me up, I simply leave the game.

      For a few years WoT fuck players up more and more, with endless stream of OP premium tanks, or tanks requiring gold ammo to play effectively, and with worsening economy, matchmaker – more or less everything.

    6. Babe_Plz_Dont_Report_Me says:

      Guys you got your points which are understandable, historical, OP-ness and so on.
      1. As a player, I can say that I’m a quite experienced one. Those 2 guns only feel differently in tier 10 battles. In tier 8 battles if you choose the Premium ISU you actually get a worse tank. Reason: you still have more than enough penetration, but worse mobility, worse gun handling.
      2. I’m not a fan of history so about historical thing I cant say anything, WG forces you guys to pay if you want a BL-10 gun. I guest you can be angry about this.
      What I wanna say is why we must be angry with such tiny things that may happen anytime?
      Yes we have right to speak out to improve our games. To be angry with these tiny things… I wont say it is toxic. But it wont make life easier guys.
      Peace! 😛

  5. I think its more about the hypocrisy displayed by WG over the years.

    Everyones point of view is askew from anothers as we all occupy a different space in time and the universe.

    From my point of view the total tragedy here is my ISU130 completely sucks donkey dick, whilst this abomination is looking pretty damn sweet.

    STILL waiting for my wfte100 to be returned to me, after SPENDING SOOOO much money and time getting it.

  6. Michael says:

    Just drive a light tank, it doesn’t make a difference what shoots you, it’s still going through (unless it bounces off your rubber tyres!)

  7. Jurrunio says:

    Tbh no one’s against the idea of a premium that’s essentially the same as the tech tree vehicle, as long as it’s a real icon like the ISU-152. I mean, KV-2(R) worked well didn’t it? Just being able to use the old crew while keeping them trained for whatever vehicle you’re on is already an incentive to buy it.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Have u been reading the comments on here for the last few years? Most arguments I’ve seen r the opposite. They want premium tanks to be weaker then the regular tanks.

  8. CrispyBacon says:

    The BL10 was removed for „historical“ reasons – in a game full napkin designs that were never build or fielded.Now it returns and magically the „historical“ design of the vehicle doesn’t matter anymore. This inconsistency is quite annoying.

  9. Anonymous says:

    WG are greedy but I think the real problem lies within the raisin brain players with the argument that “duuuur, players decide if they buy it”. Really? Yeah, I don’t care who buys what, the thing is when the tier 8 games get filled with Defenders which have tier 10 armor and tier 8 EBRs which are superior to any other tier 8 light, the game becomes unplayable.

    Instead of the players standing up and saying enough is enough, they continue buying OP sh*t so they can maintain competitive. That’s not the way. You should start protesting. This Christmas you gambled and received the overpowered double gun 703, but guess what, it most likely will be out of the meta by next Christmas when they introduce even more OP stuff. Just like Liberte and Patriot kinda got out of the meta.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Could be this years well deserved reward. Think about it. 2 years ago we got a removed tier 6 tank the T-50-2. Last year basicaly the pre-nerfed version of the Hellcat at tier 7. So in that line it would be logical to put in some tier 8 this year in a pre-nerfed state.

  11. siralexice says:

    “Your Wargaming.net account has been temporarily blocked due to the cancellation of a payment for the purchase of an item in the Premium Shop.”
    Extortion and blackmail to give the client back access and use to his other paid goods and items.
    And it is not temporary, their website lists the ban as permanent. The ban is for all their games, including games for which you never cancelled payments.

      1. siralexice says:

        Did you not knew what WG does as standard procedure when players cancel payments using chargeback?
        They lock the player’s account, deny access to it and all premium tanks, gold and premium time bought.
        Then they proceed to extortion and blackmail to force the player to pay them back in order to recover his account.

        Thank you for contacting the Wargaming Player Support.

        Your account was permanently suspended because you’ve initiated a chargeback of a payment.

        This restriction is due to the fact that the goods from the payment in question arrived to your game account, but the transaction has been cancelled by your financial institution or the payment provider.

        In order to unlock your account, you will need to make the same transaction again directly on our Premium Shop:

        You must pay 365.640 RON. Here the easiest way to do it :
         ​‌‍‎‏ ‭
        Then, please buy the exact amount of gold for 365.640 RON here:
         ​‌‍‎‏ ‭‭‬‫‪  ➞ Buy any amount of Gold here

        You have to follow these steps, don’t buy a different package. If you buy a different purchase, that is not resolving the chargeback issue, we will not be able to unlock your account.

        Any premium time lost during the ban will be reimbursed.

        As soon as you do so, please contact us again, so that we can unlock your account. The gold will then be removed as well as the ban on your account.

        I wish you a wonderful day and we are waiting for your reply.

        Kind regards,”

  12. ChrisTheViking says:

    And totally off-topic:
    I think the guy doing the milking looks like an old Quickybaby. Guess we just have to wait and see.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Am so sick of this Wg theres on op tank in the tech tree remove it replace it with a much worse version, then wait a year most of the players pissed by this will of either gone or we got those suckers anyway so its op premium time and time to dance around serbs wallet.

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