Italeri Gamescon Discounts


only now came to my attention but for those who like building models, Italeri still has some discounts active from Gamescon in their store:



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Italeri Gamescon Discounts

6 thoughts on “Italeri Gamescon Discounts

  1. qqq says:

    If you want a proper model don’t bother with those kits. For similar price you can get eg. Dragon kits that declass the Italeri ones (At least the tanks, dunno about the ships). For example, that Sherman is a rework of a kit that dates back to 1960…

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ll just stick to 10mm wargaming scale. I’ve got dozens by now (anyone know any manufacturers of 1:144 or thereabouts KV-13?)

  3. Lancer J27 says:

    Only reason to get these kits is for the premium tanks/ships code.

    If you dont mind a sub-par quality model and want to justify buying a premium ship/tank as “it was included in the model”, this one is a defenite recommend.

    Otherwise, you might as well head to the premium shop.

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