Italian Crew Portraits

Good day everyone,

Brief post showing off the new Italian crew portraits and a few other things (MOE, consumable etc.)





Insciptions Image from Rykoszet (Polish Community Blog)

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Italian Crew Portraits

16 thoughts on “Italian Crew Portraits

  1. MemeMachine says:

    I see many pre unification and first ethiopian war references but no ww1? Or ww2? Or second ethiopian war? Or italo turkish war?
    I would had gladly taken a good “non passa lo straniero” :V
    Lets hope there at least some good emblems…

  2. Tyrud says:

    I’ve been looking forward to seeing Italian tanks in this game since the first Italian warships were introduced in WoWS. I like what I’m seeing here (little tanks as MOEs are interesting) and hopefully the voices will be good too.

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