Italian Cruisers in WoWS, VIII-X and a premium tier V

Good day to you all. Following on the heel of the news from yesterday, we have now been given a sneak peak of the top tier Italian Cruisers. For those wondering, they are all ahistorical designs but they are set to be interesting, with the top ship having 15 main guns, most likely 203mms, so here are the ships for all of you curious people.

Rank VIII – RM Verona


Rank XI – RM Torino


Rank X – RM Milano


Rank V Premium- RM Genova


As of today we have no further information on these ships so stay tuned for further updates on ship specifications. I wish you all a good weekend and I shall see you next time!

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Italian Cruisers in WoWS, VIII-X and a premium tier V

2 thoughts on “Italian Cruisers in WoWS, VIII-X and a premium tier V

  1. I get the feeling that these ships are not the same leaked a couple of months ago, at least 1 or 3 seem to have changed
    did they perhaps “remove” the Ansaldo large gun cruiser designed for the Soviet Navy due to whinning from the Russian playerbase who wanted her as a premium?
    and I thought the Super Zara was also leaked, although it might have been a premium, either way I am not sure of anything anymore besides them being different

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