Italian Q&A, ask the questions

Hello everyone,

Vollketten, who is working on the Italian Tech tree proposal, offers himself for a Q&A about Italian Tanks and the Tech tree.

After a week he’ll take the questions and give the answers. So ask away on anything you ever wanted to know about a possible Italian tech tree in WoT.

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Italian Q&A, ask the questions

84 thoughts on “Italian Q&A, ask the questions

  1. Oliver SF says:

    1 There are numerous emblems are avaliable for italian tanks. In your opinion, which will be the standard emblem paint on tanks?

    2 Number of crews in high tier tank such as OTO leopard.?

    3 In your opinion, are they competitive in global map campiagn and e-sport?

    4 which one is the most suitable candidate for tier 1 such as CV-33 and Fiat-3000. Also, is it possible to add Fiat-2000 in game?

    5 How many branch are possible to achieve tier 10?

    6 The general pos and con of italian tanks

    Thanks for answer my questions!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Can you honestly ask this:

    Can we expect any more tanks that will further brake the game’s balance and fairness from the Italian line similar to recent adds into the game? (Eg: Defender, skorp, Oi)

  3. Rivet Counter says:

    Hi Vollketten, I regularly check your Italian Tanks and Military Vehicles thread on the WoT forums and have noticed that you post on the Landships Forum too. The amount of research you have carried out and collated is very impressive. Do you think there is much more to discover in the archives relating to Italian AFVs and do you have any plans to publish your research in a book or some other form?
    I also wondered if you face many problems relating to archival research, such as uncooperative staff, accessibility, cost etc.?

  4. shadows1995 says:

    Which tanks will be top tier,as far as ive seen there were proposals for an autoloading version of the leopard 1 is it true?And,will there be a single med line like the cz have or we will finally see a more complete like with heavies meds and maybe tds?

  5. Vollketten, have you contemplated late 80s experimental Marder with B1 turret as a TD 10. There’s also a big dispute between OTO Melara MBT and OTO Centauro as MT 10. I would like to contact with you in order to join your work group.

  6. Nicola Alberto Faraone says:

    We’ll can play TD italian tech tree in game ?
    (my idea for a TD italian tech tree is this : TIER 2 = L40 da 47/32, TIER 3 = M40, TIER 4 = M42M 75/34, TIER 5 = M43 da 75/46 / M43 da 105/25, TIER 6 = M41 da 90/53 (150 mm penetration), TIER 7 = SEMOVENTE 120/44, TIER 8 = M43 modificato da 149/40,TIER 9 = ???,TIER 10 = ???)
    We’ll can play p43 bis experiment with 90/71 gun and experiment 700 hp engine on tier 8 ? or with 90/53 gun on tier 7 ?

  7. SanchoPanzer says:

    i speak fluent italian. can i join your work? i’d be very glad to serve as an interpreter and i’m very interested in italian tanks.

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