Italian Tanks on Supertest tier I to VII

Hello everyone,

Here are the official Tier I to VII tanks as leaked by WG on the WoT forums.

Fiat3000L6 40M14 41M15 42P26 40P.43P.43 bisP.43 TER

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Italian Tanks on Supertest tier I to VII

21 thoughts on “Italian Tanks on Supertest tier I to VII

      1. go ahead and post that on the rest of the comments here while you’re at it. what would wg change if no one gave their opinion on supertest stats? the community has to give some sort of input

    1. Anonymous says:

      Historically italian tanks were rather shit through WWII so this does not surprise me much. Got to suffer damn near the full line to get to the funky simi-auto loader. Not sure that will be worth the grind.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Thebhigh tiers should be dirty. They can use improved ventilation and gun runmer so the first shot will be a normal reload. Then when the HP gets low on ur enemy, release the a quick burst of 4 shells and then run away to reload. If played right they’ll be a real challenge to take on. Granted, HE shots will still do a lot of damage to them. But I’m excited. Just gotta suffer through the BS to make it to the top.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Most likely it will appear before polish tech tree which is rumored to be implemented for their national independence day (11.11)

  1. Nameless says:

    All hail the 0.4x accuracy master race!
    If you thought you could miss your shots from point blank range, then look no further! The Italian tanks guarantee you to miss even before the shell leaves the barrel! In case of failure, report to your nearest Russian Pasta store to get a free ticket to a Gulag in sunny Siberia!

  2. Partybooper says:

    If you really wonder about that HE pen on the tier 7… It has an extra 1 in the front, obviously. Remove it, and it’s the correct value. If it’s not obvious enough.

  3. YES, A new line of fantasy tanks drawn on napkins at ruling elite dinner parties, and saved from the rubbish bin by the servants, while the real men, women and children were dying in the cold or the heat of battle, for said ruling elite.

    1) if the tier 8 premium is 212mm penetration of AP, then thats a joke vs tier 9 or 10, any tier 8 premium tank now needs a minimum 240mm AP pen to be a contribution to a team, (I would expect APCR), thanks to the new russian buffs and 1.0 maps which cater for turret peekaboo warfare, and

    2) don’t trust anything that gets “super tested”, got a broken mouse, it was released broken, it STILL IS, and we shall never forget the $hitlerpanther 88, nor the JPZE100 which the super testers demanded be nerfed upon release, to be followed by the 183, released OP. Do I need to list the russian Op tanks, coz its a huge list?.

    I would not be surprised if the italian napkin tanks have gravy stains for camo.

    Thank you for your freedom of speech, the name $hitlerpanther 88 is a ban offense on my server.

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